Monday, July 25, 2016

A Sailing Ship Full of Turds

So, nomination domination nears completion. Political conventions usually come off like bad vaudeville, but without pies in the face, slapstick, pratfalls or even marginally funny jokes. Having concluded the GOP extravaganza, presidential candidate Donald Trump is now characterized in social media as everything from a new Mussolini, to Hitler himself, to a sociopath, or to the savior of all humanity.  The Democrats, on the other same hand, face the unenviable task of passing Hillary Clinton off not as an unindicted federal criminal, but as a misunderstood little flower who became caught up as victim in a brutal, unfair political system through no fault of her own.  Having seen all the eager young faces in her audience on numerous occasions, I'm all but convinced she stands a good chance of becoming president merely as a benefit of appealing to these profoundly uninformed mainstream media fans who wouldn't recognize a legitimate news story if it bit 'em in the ass.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns as Democratic National Committee chair.  Isn't it peculiar how some folks, nevertheless aware of their actions, wait until the last minute to check out, as if hoping all along for some miracle to save them or to keep damning information out of public view?  Too bad Bernie Sanders, his campaign destroyed by dirty tricks customary for the Dems, is keeping a stiff upper lip and supporting what probably ranks as the biggest enemy of his political career -- the Democrats.  In our opinion, Hillary Clinton's chief strategist, Joel Benenson, appearing on various TV news programs, has to reach pretty far to explain away the dirt circulating throughout his political party.  No matter -- the usual cascade of movie, TV and rock stars scheduled to appear at the DNC convention this week will do exactly what they're supposed to do -- look pretty and charm away rancid odors emanating from the tried-and-failed Democrat agenda. 

Never forget, these are the Democrats whose ancestral party originated to rid the plains of those troublesome Indians AND to assure that slavery continued far into the future.  Can you say Andrew Jackson?

Every time presidential elections roll around, I almost get weepy over the disaster of 1964, when conservative Barry Goldwater did NOT become president.  How could he, when his own GOP did little to enhance the options?  Of course, a ridiculous campaign film progressing from flowers to a nuclear explosion -- seemingly guaranteed in a Goldwater administration --    sealed the deal.  Nonsense, of course.

A bonus for, particularly, those of the millennial generation reading this:   Goldwater had no problems with gays wishing to serve in the military, and his statement can be found on the Internet.  Among his own words -- He didn't care if a soldier was straight, only if he could shoot straight.  All of this came out at some point before Goldwater died, when the gay military controversy served up heated proportions publicly and in Congress.

Again, I refuse to join worshippers at the UFO information "disclosure" altar of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.  You want government UFO files?  Should have boosted Barry Goldwater into the Oval Office when we had the chance, because I still believe he provided the best opportunity for anything resembling disclosure. Letters abound from his long years as U.S. senator from Arizona, from his very office, explaining to constituents and others that even in his position as a high-ranking Air Force officer he could not access UFO data and, in fact, was forcefully denied such information via the highest channels.

But one cannot elect the dead, can one?  Yes, we can elect the dead of mind and soul, and often do and may yet this time around, but not the finally, certainly, forever dead.  Instead, some of you are banking on Hillary and Podesta, clinging to promises initiated as political winds blow strong.  True, nothing invigorates the senses like a nice, fresh breeze of presumed integrity, yet even the most pleasant zephyr can experience a "fundamental transformation" into a giant smelly fart.

And speaking of the Obama we know, so fond in the past of blaming obvious Islamic terror in this country on "workplace violence," we simply ask the obvious question:  Since Obama never held an actual job throughout his entire life of high privilege, how could he possibly recognize or pronounce  judgment on anything happening in a "workplace?"  Can he even spell workplace?

Magician Senator Ted Cruz gives Trump the finger without actually showing it:  There may be fault on both sides, but despite everything we hope Cruz eventually can set his sights on a nomination for a Supreme Court position. More likely, however, is his quest for the presidency in four years.  Unlike "the smartest woman in the world" named Hillary, who apparently is not, Cruz is gifted with a brilliance absolutely in tune with American rights, laws and values.  No, I'm not waving a flag here, just being honest.  Too bad that Donald Trump reportedly plans to help arrange funding to defeat Cruz and others he deems enemies.  Looks as though The Donald might like a copy of Nixon's enemies list for Christmas so he can start a new column.

Speaker Paul Ryan:  On whose side is this guy?  He talks a good talk, but did he not just sign off on admitting 300,000 more Middle East refugees into the United States?  At the GOP convention, they booed Mitch McConnell, and perhaps should have done the same to this slippery fish.  Does anybody care a whit about what the American people want -- and don't want?  As for Ryan, news reports today indicate he was in no mood to meet with mothers who lost children to murderous illegal aliens.

Professional wrestlers looking to sue the WWE:  Oh, good grief, how is it that wrestlers, football players and all the other athlete types who spend their lives getting their heads pounded NOT realize from day one that what's happening to their brains may not be pretty?  We assume you folks are smart, since you were smart enough to get as far as you did -- why act the victim now?  Is it the money?  What is it?  Ya get hit on the arm and there's a bruise.  Ya get hit in the head hard and. . .what?  Marshmallows and puppy dogs are gonna rise up in those skulls and make everything all right?

Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam:  Considering Farrakhan's blatant calls for the killing of "enemies" -- and we know exactly whom he references -- how is it that he isn't in jail right now?  Isn't there a little thing about inciting violence?  How much longer must common sense spin in turmoil?

Erdogan in Turkey:  Watching news reports of Turkey's president rounding up thousands of those he perceives as enemies must be a real tear-jerker for the Obama bunch, who probably wish they could stage a reprise in this country.  Hang on, guys, if Hillary gets in. . .

Trump?  Well, far as we can tell, his decisions haven't been responsible for murders in Benghazi or anywhere else.  But Hillary as secretary of state, well. . .