Thursday, June 30, 2016

A White House Infested With Leftist Bullies and Thugs

Oh, poor Robert!  All those years he wrote about nothing except UFOs, so dependable, and now he's just whacked out, turning most of his attention to rumors of the radical destruction of his own country from within. . .

Do Americans know how much trouble we're in?  At the very basic level, free speech, practice of religion, gun rights and other liberties we take for granted hover precariously on a ledge constructed primarily by the political left.  No longer is the Democratic Party populated comfortably by inmates possessing at least a modicum of reason -- now it's radicals from end to end in the upper echelon, and these are people who have little to no interest in preserving the nation we've known since its inception.  Some of the rest of us have learned to cringe when we hear terms such as progressive, social justice and diversity training, because they have nothing to do with our basic freedoms and everything to do with extracting or chipping away at everybody's guaranteed rights. 

Will the young, schooled in progressive lies and historical inaccuracies by liberal hack teachers and professors throughout long years of "education" ever be able to recover from mass zombification?  If they plan to vote, we surely hope so.

Every rational mind should hope, even if it doesn't happen until after a new presidential administration takes charge, that President Obama, his hand-picked associates, henchmen and minions, complicit in the disasters of "hope and change" and the "fundamental transformation" of the United States are arrested, tried, convicted and punished accordingly via legal statute.

How can a President take an oath to protect us and then knowingly allow in thousands of people, both legally and illegally, carrying and therefore re-introducing diseases (such as TB, now super TB) that were all but wiped out in most of the USA long ago?  Today, we learned that Homeland Security's Jeh Johnson is assuring air travelers that airport security has been stepped up substantially -- yet he says nothing of the continuing influx -- invasion -- of throngs of illegal people through the borders every day, quite likely bringing along unknown dangers.  How -- how is the President protecting Americans?  He isn't, and the government is not.

Transgendered military:  Great, more medical procedures the government will have to pay for.  Gays in the military?  Yes.  But the transgendered folk, as we've observed previously, often bring along an alarming amount of psychological baggage, not the least of which involves deep depression and  suicidal tendencies.  I know I'll be slapped around for this but -- don't seat 'em too near the nuke buttons, okay?  We already experience enough trouble with UFOs around nuke bases, let's not add transgendered uncertainties.

Great Britain:  Congratulations for respecting your heritage and identity.  Daniel Hannon of England's Parliament seems to be your hero, certainly a hero of proper and inspiring English language.  Beware of the USA's current dirt bag political leadership, which wouldn't be adverse to throwing a wrench into the EU separation deal, hand in hand with the United Nations and the European Union's most devious thugs.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met in an empty airplane on an Arizona runway. . .and discussed what?  Sweet nothings?  Sorry, but I find it difficult to accept that the female version of Eric Holder and old Bill didn't bring Queen Hil' into the conversation.  Good grief, we hope the FBI director truly is an intensely honest man in Washington when it comes time to hand up damning evidence on Queen Hil'. -- and loudly informs the American people if chicanery and truth-burying occurs at the DOJ.

The most more or less kinda scariest thing we've heard all week is the Idaho case of teenage Muslim immigrants sexually abusing and then urinating on a five-year-old girl and putting it on camera.  Now, according to a Breitbart news organization report of June 28:

The refugee program in Idaho has been in the news recently after it was reported that two young refugees from Sudan and one young refugee from Iraq were arrested and charged with sexual assault of a five year old girl at an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho.

“Police Chief Craig Kingsbury of Twin Falls, Idaho, confirmed Monday that three Sudanese and Iraqi boys allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl, and that two of them have been sent to a detention center after allegedly brutalizing the American child,” Breitbart News reported of the incident that allegedly took place in early June.

Breitbart News asked IOR’s Reeves if he could confirm or deny that the suspects arrested in that case had been resettled in Idaho as part of the refugee resettlement program, but received no response.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho, Wendy Olson, however, has not been reticent in offering her comments on the alleged sexual assault.

“President Barack Obama’s top legal appointee in Idaho is threatening to prosecute Americans who criticize the federal immigration policies which enabled Sudanese and Iraqi Muslim migrants to perpetrate a vile sexual attack against a five-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho,” Breitbart News reported last week.

Say what???  Ms. Olson, while this is still at least a shell of America, we'll continue to criticize anything we wish -- especially the policies of a rogue presidential administration whose associates (like maybe you?) deserve and, we hope, will eventually encounter close encounters with a truly American justice system.  The federal immigration "policies" causing everlasting chaos in this country cannot and will not stand, for the Idaho case in question obviously underscores an almost sociopathic predilection for importing and placing among the good people of the United States a plethora of insects disguised as humans.  Seems to me that a "vile sexual attack" against a five-year-old girl, at least in more thoughtful times, called for a party where refreshments of bullets were served to the heads of the guilty.  How much longer must we suffer the pinheads of this administration?

As Independence Day approaches, we yearn to be free from excessive rules, regulations and the Executive Orders of tyrants.  That's really the only "hope and change" we need.