Friday, June 24, 2016

Two Definitions of "Packing"

It seemed deplorable enough when the Democrat side of Congress held a "sit in" this week, its participants writhing, squirming and twisting on the floor, as if either mimicking children at a day care center or re-enacting a mob scene from  Planet of the Apes.  Worse, however, was the stunning observation that these folks, sworn to uphold the Constitution, were blatantly attempting to hack into its Second Amendment -- and the fact that veteran civil rights champion Rep. John Lewis appeared most vocal in this effort to actually squelch the meaning of a specific, guaranteed civil right of Americans in 2016 led to plenty of outrage among conservative Republicans and others.  Chants of that old fave, "We shall overcome" degenerated into an unspoken spirit more akin to, "We shall overcome your constitutional rights."  No matter that the Senate itself had already rejected what these folks in the House craved as a useless re-do vote.

This shameful congressional conflagration of mass moronics, taking place as Americans by the thousands, further troubled by the murderous antics of a dedicated Islamic extremist in Orlando, went shopping for guns, was followed by an event far more significant than foolishly clowning around in Congress:  Great Britain's vote to amputate itself from the evil empire known as the European Union.  Had it not been ever so helpful when Klaatu Obama visited England weeks ago to instruct Brits on how to run their country, believing his always-hypnotic charm would seal the deal?

For us in the States, watching England's failed Cameron promising to resign in a few months (and wishing we might see similar and more instantaneous results at the White House), the "Brexit" vote held a special meaning -- the roaring and no longer ignored indignation expressed by Western European people of many countries who demand both their own identity and an end to mass immigration of Islamic followers intent upon conquering the very cultures they invade, whilst riding in on the Trojan horse of European Union compassion.  Germany's Merkel belongs in prison for the ultimate in complicity.  Today.

In other words -- Obama's, and now Hillary's impassioned plea for more and more and more Middle Eastern and North African refugees (Hillary wants to increase numbers by more than 500 percent!) has just taken on a big, stinking load of hell-no, condemned by lessons tragically learned in England, France and other countries ruled/destroyed by socialist/progressive rule, determined to somehow solve problems by infecting national borders with a 7th century disease more virulent than the Black Plague.

The winning politician?  Donald Trump, unwavering this time, firm that Great Britain should exit the European Union, whatever that is.

Meanwhile -- hmm, what's this?  A five-year-old girl in an Idaho apartment complex, raped and urinated upon by a group of boys -- allegedly Muslim immigrants?  We don't believe we saw this on the evening network TV news, maybe we were just dozing when it appeared.  Aren't we Americans always dozing off? 

Pseudo-lawmaker Obama's Executive Order goes down:  As Americans, fed up after Orlando's gun-free zone calamity, continue rushing to gun stores to purchase a cure otherwise known as rifles, shotguns, handguns and the like, the 4-to-4 Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that the president cannot make law -- regarding immigration, in this case.  The absurdity here is that Obama, on numerous occasions, publicly admitted that it wasn't in his power to make a law to appease illegals and amnesty wannabees -- yet, he produced one anyway.  Following the Court's decision, Obama blubbered angrily on TV about the decimation of his Executive Order -- which shouldn't have existed in the first place -- and seemingly blamed Congress for not supporting the "law," spawned solely and irrelevantly by himself.  Talk about a "straw man!"  If a conservative can ascend to the Supreme Court, and if a Republican with conservative gonads becomes president, throngs of people here illegally should be sent packing and spending zero time criticizing the USA for treating them "unjustly."

Truth is, as England speaks, so does the USA.  We have long been the "welcome wagon" for the world's refugees, and we take in more than any other nation on Earth, but the Islam folks are another story, a majority wishing for the outrageous establishment of Shariah Law and government overthrow by throwbacks of our established national cultures.  By conversion or death, there is no third choice, and sometimes there is no choice but death under Islamic rule.  Nobody in the West with a rational mind wants this -- and thus, England's far-reaching choice, the only action they could take if they did not wish to lose its culture and dissolve into a society of filth and regimented hopelessness.  The good people of England have already had a taste of a potentially abominable future dominated by Islam and United Nations fools, and they said go to hell. What follows will be interesting to watch.