Monday, June 13, 2016

Look to the White House, Not to the Rainbow

I tend to be blunt about some things, and doing so can draw me into trouble with people who interpret my impudent comments as either a moronic rant or the claptrap of an uninformed jerk.  Fair enough.  But why change now?

First, let's have 15 seconds of silence to honor, not only the dead, but yet another "gun-free zone," where the criminal or the demented can easily pick off victims like toy ducks at a field day.  Though we're about to be inundated by Democratic Party bombast about more senseless gun control, wouldn't it have been great if a few people had been packing and augmented an opportunity to become heroes?  In this situation, a single enforcement officer at the door wasn't the answer. 

Omar Mateen, dead at 29, many dead and injured too late, chose the "Pulse Nightclub" in Orlando to do his mind's violent work.   He was divorced and had a current wife or girlfriend and child, and apparently beat his first wife enthusiastically.  His father -- Omar was a citizen of parents who came from Afghanistan -- of course claimed no knowledge of his son's intentions, but did offer that Omar was angry about seeing two men kissing in Florida.  Dad also believes homosexuals should be killed. Perhaps Omar's anger arose because somewhere in his explosive head he wanted a gay kiss, too?  Wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened.  Maybe Omar was a secret rough trade candidate who might have reversed the letters in his name to a gay street a.k.a. of Ram-O.

As investigative and medical personnel busied themselves at the scene of Sunday's tragedy, President Obama, the podium personification of Klaatu himself, made a brief statement of sympathy, predictably implementing just enough measure of speech to blame the gun over the perp, then nothing more.

One wonders how many of the dead and injured voted for Mr. Obama.  Most, I'll bet.  They believed in hope and change, and maybe they took him at his word when he pronounced ISIS merely the "JV" squad.  ISIS, which bloomed exponentially despite the casual dismissal of Obama, happened to be exactly whom Mateen pledged allegiance to in a 911 phone call just before his carnage began.

So here we are, and the words remain the same:  We must rid ourselves of hate and guns and come together, etc., etc.  A significant number of those who mourn and those who ponder still don't get it, any more than they did after 9/11.  The words are  radical Islam, and radical Islam has no room for expelling hatred, no appetite for shedding guns or explosives, and the concept of "coming together" means that this is what body parts do when people are blown up and pieces torn asunder.  The  religion of peace  is all too often the religion of death.  How many mules need to kick us in the head before we drop the hash tags of friendship and love toward those dedicated to murdering us?  When will specific furnaces of hatred called mosques be put under surveillance like insects or dangerous bacteria under a microscope?

At the White House, as we've seen time and again, its slender occupant, who never held a job in his life, but instead consumed the years filling his head with progressive sugar plum fantasies, again evades blaming Islam itself for the latest death plague.  Indeed, he -- and Hillary Clinton -- displays every intention of bringing even more Islamic trash into the country so they, too, can reproduce human-like flyspecks taught to hate and kill in the name of a throwback monkey religion incapable of reformation.

How can the FBI and other agencies possibly keep up with this chaos, this treasonous insistence upon destroying the U.S. from within, thanks to a president in violation of his oath of office?  This is one more black mark on his watch.  Obama's legacy.  If terrorism can be effected physically, it can certainly also be fostered merely in the speech of a president who refuses to speak the truth and instead carpet-bombs the people with government policies untenable to a rational mind

Meanwhile, the organization, C.A.I.R. condemns the Orlando horror.  We'll say one thing -- they always show up pronto to express sorrow and defend what they defend.  How's about C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood get the hell out of the United States, since this country isn't exactly their cop of Koran?

Which reminds me -- the Dalai Lama advised Europe a few days ago to get the Islamists out before they take over, and they surely will take over if not curtailed now.

Anybody expecting that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats will provide a solution to Islamic violence against gay people must understand that these folks embrace the so-called religion of peace at every turn, and to leave the fate of the country and innocent meeting places in jeopardy, totally at the mercy of terrorists because guns may become even more unavailable to law-abiding citizens, is absolutely unconscionable.  Democrats, while in the embrace of or embracing Islam, seem incapable of acknowledging publicly the horrible ways gay people are killed in Islamic countries -- thrown from the tops of buildings, stoning, being skinned alive. . .must we go on?

Too bad this White House and its buddy Hillary Clinton aren't overly concerned about invasions at the borders, where guns, explosives and terrorists are likely transported routinely with administration blessings.

At any rate, gay people now have their new and historic "Stonewall," this time drenched with blood and death, courtesy of the "religion of peace," and one can only hope they realize, as the clock ticks away, that a vote for Hillary in November is a vote to keep radical Islam in this country and overseas as happy as a clam.  Hillary, you see, wants to bring in tons more of Islam's finest crustaceans. 

Democrat LGBT voters longing for a way to go conservative can always join with the "Log Cabin Republicans."  They're still around, aren't they?

Gay folk:  Do yourselves and the country a favor.  Bite hard and vote conservative Republican next time around.  If Donald Trump is the choice over Hillary, choose Donald, maybe.  

A few more of these incidents, and we suspect some communities will take things into their own hands and ride the irrational path, burning mosques to the ground.  Panic begets panic.  It doesn't take much when a society labors under a presidential administration which persistently violates federal laws and exhibits extreme favoritism toward the worst of society's worst with careless abandon which really isn't careless at all.  Indeed, deep and long-term political planning abounds, and we can only hope that arrests, trials and convictions with extreme penalties will eventually decimate one of the most divisive and dangerous administrations in American history.  Who ever could have imagined that the words, "Never again" could be borrowed from the Nazi era and applied to our current political realm in the United States?

The greatest option one day soon might be legal action taken by federal security agencies against the Obama bunch, but the very fact that unions would probably be involved rather sours that possibility.  How so many of these agencies and military personnel must be counting the days until a new president brings at least a modicum of respect back to the White House.

Particularly vexing about these radical Islamists, who refuse to have dogs, cats or other pets in their homes because the creatures are seen as "unclean" obviously got it wrong.  Animals are far and away cleaner, smarter and more innocent than Muslim minds infested with the filth, ignorance and caveman fury that should have been cleansed away with the ages.  Clearly,  the cure for this disease won't be found in any psychiatrist's office.

Best wishes, Orlando.