Friday, June 17, 2016

Washing Away the Blood with Damage Control

So he -- President "Klaatu" Obama -- took to the podium in Orlando early Thursday evening, shortly before boarding Air Force Spaceship One so he could be whisked away from this tragic place.  After all, he has a lot of American transformation to effect as his potentate months wind down.

Of course, it's no mystery that Democrats in the House and Senate rose to the Orlando mass-murder occasion earlier in the day, blaming guns and asserting, insisting, that something MUST be done.  Gotta have that something so there's a place to start in one's quest to delete the Second Amendment in total.

Hours before Obama spoke, CIA director John Brennan warned us that ISIS is growing, will infiltrate the refugee population and will be a threat to the entire West.  Yep, that's us, too. No matter -- in Orlando, Obama again promised that ISIS is on the run.  What???

How strange, though, to see the President offering a tribute to the dead, when his own policies are at least partly responsible for the current carnage -- and, true to the script, he wasn't about to dwell on the radical Islam thing, which is so, so "old hat" by now.   Heck, Omar Mateen did what came naturally to his radical lot and, we assume, now enjoys an eternity with 73 raisins (some researchers believe martyrs receive a gift of fruit, not virgins -- joke's on you, Omar).

Yes, the U.S. abounds with Muslims who chose a life of peace, but our gaze drifts to the other side -- and how does one tell the difference?  Generally, the knowing about who's who comes just after you're dead.  Statistics indicate that 99 percent of Afghan refugees want Sharia -- and 50 percent of all Muslin refugees want it, too?  What the hell is going on in this criminal administration?

Isn't it bad enough that media darlings are out there this week adding the human factor to the shooter, making him less evil and more "troubled?"  Gay America:  If you ever vote Democrat again, there's something seriously wrong with you.  Conservatives of note are correct -- People on the left will never, ever explore the truth on the other side, determined at all costs to drink the progressive fantasy guaranteed to bring the USA to its knees.

Despite all the warning signs, how is the FBI supposed to do its job efficiently when it was the Obama bunch who deleted references to radical Islam from department manuals, thereby making Islam almost irrelevant whenever a crime most likely involving Islam was on the horizon?

This dangerous and absurd policy and the branches sprouting from its roots probably have a cozy relationship with the fact that Mr. Obama has members of the Muslim Brotherhood placed strategically throughout his administration -- yes, the same M.B. deemed illegal in Egypt, and if Obama's Brotherhood members journeyed to Egypt, sans immunity they would be caged like criminals.

If the Obama bunch really want to help potential victims in a country whose pockets of violence spring up like weeds in spring, and because police cannot be everywhere and often show up only in time to draw chalk lines around bodies, they would encourage governors of all states to allow gun owners with carry permits to also conceal.  As you know, the Orlando club was another gun-free zone.  As is usually the pattern.

Not at all coincidental was the push for gun control in Congress Thursday, and it seemed Obama and the Democrats were chomping at the bit to re-introduce memories of the children gunned down at Sandy Hook by a calculating, evil young man -- anything, it appeared, to avoid putting a laser focus on the man who killed 49 and injured dozens as he professed allegiance to several entities wrapped up in radical Islam.  The press even obediently threw Dylan Roof into the anybody-but-Islam discussion of the day.

And then there's Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security, who stated with total seriousness that Americans of the far-right wing are as dangerous as ISIS.  ???  Well, if I have to make a choice. . .oh, and thanks for keeping us consistently unsafe (shhh -- it's those pesky radical Islam folks) and treating Americans like criminals at the airport, Mr. Jeh J.

Donald Trump is having his troubles, brought on mainly by Donald Trump, but we must keep our eyes on the Supreme Court.  Whomever chooses its members may inadvertently determine whether Sharia Law and the wild, deadly escapades of the jihad boys and radical Islam's covered women get a substantial hold in the United States.  It confounds one to realize that few Americans seem to appreciate that saying goodbye to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself becomes less far-fetched all the time.  Let's start by kicking the Muslim Brotherhood's finest out of the White House and other crucial areas of government, and most definitely voting Democrat will not accomplish this goal, as Hillary Clinton stands ready to bring in far more Muslim "refugees" than Obama hustled in.

A tragic year for. . . animals:  If it's not somebody's kid jumping a fence to connect with an endangered gorilla destined to become endangered only one last time through protocol, it's people wading in water on Disney digs in Florida where "No Swimming" signs clearly state the obvious, except several alligators need to die to avenge a two-year-old's termination by 'gator. Disney plans to put up "beware of alligators" signs, presumably, we trust,  not going "Peter Pan" on us with additional signage regarding the cartoon crocodile who swallowed a ticking clock, Captain Hook's heritage, etc., etc. Parents, please protect animals and children by putting collars and leashes on your kids every time you visit places where land and aquatic critters dwell.