Friday, October 2, 2015

Apprehend, Try and Convict NOW

 I'm nobody special, just a flawed human, like some / many / all of you.  As you know from my earliest blog years, our primary concern was UFOs, and I spent considerable time and space putting up documents acquired from decades of files.  Even as a teenager, I quickly realized that expressing a deep interest in the UFO subject -- and speaking out publicly about it -- easily attracted labels from "normal" folks whose instant impressions were often far from sympathetic.  Lunatic!  Hoaxer!  Liar!  Fraud!   A long time transpired before I dropped the hard edge which caused me to respond angrily or enthusiastically to such charges, and ultimately I discovered somewhat sympathetically that, indeed, you can lead a closed-minded human to the water of scientific mysteries, but you can't make him drink or swallow even a drop.  In fact, I sometimes took to signing correspondence with the words,  Sincerely, Robert Barrow, Prominent Local Crackpot and Noted Public Alarmist.  One skeptical newspaper editor, not entirely ready to buy UFO evidence raw and uncooked, at least got a laugh or two out of my sign-off and told me so. 

I don't do much, of course, with UFO information in this particular blog anymore, not because the story doesn't continue, but because I have little access to sources which used to be abundant and rife with documentation.  Far better it is to let others take up the cause, for my efforts are neutered, and these days echoes of whatever meager written contributions I made turn up as brief notations in occasional books authored by others who take up the fight.  If you have taken the time to read my blog entries all the way back from their inception in 2007, you know all there is to know about my attempts.  Well, most of it, anyway.

The thing is, however, that I never intended to write about anything beyond UFOs and a paranormal event here and there.  Yet, here I am -- going damned nearly bonkers POLITICAL, dwelling in a place I never, ever thought I would occupy.  In my wildest dreams, I never anticipated blogging about my utter contempt for a presidential administration.  Never did I think the nation in which I grew up and served militarily would someday be summarily weakened by an administration so evil, cunning and/or imbecilic.

And now Russia and Putin are very much on the scene, touting a new world power, if Putin has his way, and all of this occurs as President Obama & Co. continue to sit on their hands and cower in fear, stupidity or worthless pensiveness.  The deed in Syria is done, dude, done.  The only person looking presidential is Putin, and that ain't funny.  While Obama and Kerry entertain some weird concept of peace through negotiation and endless blah, blah, blah, Putin eschews speech for action, and as a result the Obama bunch grow even smaller right before our eyes.

I wonder about some things.  I wonder why the bigger players in the UFO research arena don't join the battle and publicly denounce this White House bunch in between writing or speaking about UFOs.  If they truly believe that this Democrat (and GOP, where applicable) nightmare currently occupying Washington like rats in the mist is about to dump a pail of  UFO "disclosure" on the carpet, I'm afraid they're sadly off the mark.  Remember, The Most Open Administration In History has become more secretive than any previously, and unless something drastic occurs, the only place open government has to go is down and away.

With Putin appearing miles more presidential than the failed president we in the states are stuck with, as segments of the American economy, military and society atrophy and decline, as of October 2, 2015 it cannot possibly be more clear to those who will look and see that Obama, H. Clinton, Eric Holder and other players in this grand Washington fiasco known as the administration require some serious legal attention.  Apprehension, arrests, trials and, could be, conviction?  No, I'm no attorney -- but I'm perked up enough as a mere human to realize the new U.S. normal ain't right, and that those who violate their oaths and discredit sacred official positions must be held accountable, stripped clean of any ol' boys network ingrained to protect the guilty.  A little treason in season?  Unacceptable.  If only security personnel, government and otherwise, could just get a new attitude and arrest some of those whom they protect -- those who are actively taking down the nation, brick by brick. . .and executive order by executive order.

Don't look to the Secret Service for help in this regard, however.   Some, too many members of this esteemed agency, appear embroiled in scandals regarding sex, hookers, bad driving and now unauthorized retrieval and reading of personal stuff they aren't supposed to access under penalty of law (. . .penalty of law, ho-hum, yawn -- who cares about that law stuff anymore?).  Maybe some agents fell off the honor wagon because they know the whole system is rotting to pieces.  And, good grief, just look at the swine they're forced to protect every day.

Calcium supplements may cause merely a little death:   Yep, it happened again.  All those calcium supplements your doctor insisted you consume for years reportedly don't do a thing to build stronger bones -- but can prematurely calcify arteries and put millions at risk for heart attacks.  NOW they tell us.  Yes, I also once had calcium horse-size pills foisted upon me by the medical establishment -- and even then I thought, wait, stop the music -- how do "they" know where calcium goes when you ingest it in pill form?  Now  we know -- calcium goes to all the wrong places and can cause Really Bad Effects, such as the perpetual six-feet-under syndrome.

The shootings at a community college in Oregon:  I'm reminded that gun-free zones are like taking a bath with no socks on (see what I did there?).  Were I back in my college days, I'd feel the need for speed in the classroom -- speeding bullets, that is, and far from blaming guns AGAIN, it's time for wussy legislators to develop the gonads to fully honor the Second Amendment and let young adult folks carry protection.  And we don't mean condoms.

Gun control, Mr. President?  You already have that in Oregon, and look what good it did you.  Go after mental illness?  Sure, but since news reports are filled these days with the tip-off that there remains a serious psychiatrist and psychologist shortage, looks like folks will just have to continue reliance upon those voices in their heads, the ones telling them to kill, destroy or run naked through the streets.  Some probably even believe they're President of the United States, and my dilemma might be that at this point I couldn't differentiate them from you.

Interesting, too, that the president emerged from his lair to vocalize sweet nothings regarding the college shootings, while otherwise remaining silent about Putin's single-handed emasculation of the invisible Obama foreign policy.  Now you see it, now you didn't.