Monday, September 28, 2015

Pray, Cry, Go Away

I'm no way Catholic, but I guess I would have hit the streets to watch the pope go by, if I could have given him an appropriate gift along the way.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Linda Blair "Exorcist" doll featuring a spinning head.  No matter, the Vatican is probably well-stocked with similar paraphernalia -- you know, for demonstrations, like when you learn mouth-to-mouth in EMT classes?

And wasn't it confusing when the pope spoke before Congress and departed, and then Speaker John Boehner spoke before Congress and announced he's leaving, too?  For a moment there, I wasn't sure which actually had a seat in Congress to give up, until I realized the pope's the one without a pink tie. 

So let's put this into perspective:  Boehner's ulterior motive, consciously or not, seemed to involve inviting the pope to speak before Congress, after which he and his family could receive personal papal blessings -- while the rest of our souls remain in extreme jeopardy, untouched and blessed not by so much as a hamster on the wheel.  And now the great Boehner, whose leaderless leadership allowed the Obama bunch to get away with pretty much its every desire, even as his concentration focused upon slamming Tea Party conservatives at every turn, is abandoning his elected position in the House, betraying the voters who put him there last election.

A job well undone, Mr. Speaker -- now, ride off into the sunset and have a good cry.  After all, that's apparently what you do best.

Senator Mitch McConnell:  The next GOP mannequin out the door?  This task might be a lot tougher, since the Senate wolf pack traditionally tends to circle the wagons and protect one another.  That is -- they're esteemed senators, and they can do no wrong.

The Obama Bunch:   This politburo should have faded into bad history long ago.  Will voters be smarter in the next election?  Once the dust settles, will Obama cult members be charged with treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, or plain old incompetence in some cases?  Isn't Marxism a tad incompatible with the presidential oath?

Want to stop Obama's plan to bring 200,000-plus Syrians (and likely terrorists) to the USA?  If you're mean and obviously a crackpot and a racist like me, and you just hate everybody who isn't you, then you'll want to pay attention here:  The organization, suggests phoning all of the following GOP budget planners and demand that they exclude funding in the fiscal year 2016 budget for resettling Syrians in the United States.  Call now, don't delay, this is the last week to call.  To do otherwise says you can't wait to have Sharia law in your neighborhood and you love the smell of disarticulated body parts in the morning.  Here's the list:

                                HOUSE SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER -- (202) 225-0600

                                HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER KEVIN MCCARTHY -- (202)

                                HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP STEVE SCALISE -- (202)

                                HOUSE GOP POLICY CHAIR LUKE MESSER -- (202)

                                HOUSE GOP CONFERENCE CHAIR CATHY MCMORRIS
                                RODGERS -- (202) 225-5107

                                SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL -- (202)

                                SENATE MAJORITY WHIP JOHN CORNYN -- (202)

                                CHAIR SENATE GOP CONFERENCE JOHN THUNE -- (202)

                                VICE CHAIR SENATE GOP CONFERENCE ROY BLUNT --
                                (202) 224-5721