Monday, October 19, 2015

The Faithful, The Fickle, The Flubbed Up

(ReadersThis was posted only briefly on April 17, 2008 and then withdrawn by me for reasons I cannot recall; maybe I had an attack of sensitivity, conscience or perhaps a hot flash of second-thoughtivity.  Anyway, there was a different pope then, a new pope now and quite likely there shall be more popes to come in the future.  What I wrote may also apply to that concept known as, "the ages."  Am I Catholic?  Heck no, you think I want to risk ex-communication at my age?  Communication alone is challenging enough, without the risk of getting ex'd.  The thought here involved UFOs, and why some things which seem outrageous are readily accepted. . .while others are most definitely notWhy is there no room in the bus for UFO evidence?)

I hear that the Pope is in town. wow.

Jesus rose from the dead, so the U.S. had to spend loads of money for security during the Pope's visit. Jesus rose from the dead, so you can bet there were
back-door financial dealings between our faith-based President and holy pickpockets concerned with stealing away Americans' funds for their own devices. Jesus rose from the dead and made future dreams of fame and wealth come true for a cottage industry of true believers.

Jesus rose from the dead, so The Church is entitled to deny intensive family
planning and birth control education to the world's peoples, who are doomed to
continue overpopulating in wretched excess while experiencing the obligatory
starvation, malnutrition and deforestation required of them so that The Church
can remain dominant and indispensable to their miserable lives. Building
hospitals and health care facilities internationally looks good on the surface,
but expanding the need for such services simply demonstrates that the status quo
required to institutionalize and assure perpetual human suffering is alive and
well. "Go forth and multiply" is a sentence with words missing at the end, and
those were likely removed long ago to guarantee the eternal assembly line of
human agony.

Jesus rose from the dead, so it was acceptable for ancient people to combine a
little history with a lot of fiction and fantasy to scare the stuffing out of
the gullible masses, thus assuring fear and obedience to the patriarchy from
generation to generation. The inventive fictional character Elmer Gantry was
nothing new, he merely acquired his talents from a very large and old extended

Jesus rose from the dead, so it doesn't matter a whit that runaway growth, like
any aggressive, self-respecting cancer, is eventually a deadly prospect.
Prolific human reproduction and our preponderance to destroy everything in our
path, while dismissing environmental objections with the words, "Hey, that's
progress!" kills voraciously.

Jesus rose from the dead, so that makes it okay to force-dump centuries-old
dogmatic poop on the heads of all people, not just those of one faith. As if
e-mailing spam to the unsuspecting. An old story. Compliance. Oh damn, the
compliance and obedience a religion and its leaders gain simply by taking young
brains barely out of the womb and messing with their thought processes virtually
from birth. And to think parents allow it, just as their parents had. Tradition,
freaking archaic monster thought-homicide tradition. We are screwed and religion
is the screwdriver. The world's masses, the world's inescapably ignorant, the
world's hope for an afterlife. We call this year 2008 and all of our mental
essentials are trapped as centuries of the past continue to dictate our future.
Human overpopulation is the cause of major ills, yet we dare not address the
dilemma and its various solutions. No, better to experience and nourish the
agony of it all.

Jesus rose from the dead, so all the non-human creatures of our planet must
suffer our torture, our appetite and our whims because humans possess "dominion"
over the animals. Yet we, late-comers to a world abundant in other forms of
life, address ourselves as the foremost and compassionate of all that is

Jesus rose from the dead, so here in the good old USA religious organizations
claim more and more territory in the health-care and elder-care industry so they
can keep everybody alive indefinitely while doing the money grab from
individuals' bank accounts and estates, all with the assistance of the
pharmaceutical industry and our increasingly pathetic faith-based government.
The incessant lobbying of faith-based organizations assures that the suffering
of the elderly and sick will continue far into the future, and any talk of one's
right to pre-arranged euthanasia vs. the living hell the faithful believe
everybody must endure is squashed. By the way, I wonder what religion
predominates amongst mental institution residents?

Jesus rose from the dead. This revelation somehow gives license to the country's
faithful who slobber over the Pope's presence as he insists that we in the USA
must open our borders and let everybody in because it's our obligation and our
duty to match his concept of God's will. He thinks he's herding sheep, and he
is. These men of so-called peace and assorted alleged religions of peace
routinely cost us dearly, particularly as we fight wars of peace. Deadly
religious wars of peace. We wander aimlessly in a planetary mental ward and the
crowds love it, they eat it up. For the industries of religion and insanity it's
a constant fight over which shall gain the upper societal edge.

Jesus rose from the dead and he loves borderline religious fanatic broadcasters,
otherwise they wouldn't be on the air. However, these people trip over
themselves to instill in their children that Jesus rose from the dead, but when
confronted with some pretty intriguing UFO evidence, the issue is nonsense!

Jesus rose from the dead, but Travis Walton, Hickson & Parker and Barney & Betty
Hill experienced nothing. Jesus rose from the dead, but Lonnie Zamora was wrong
at Socorro, New Mexico. Jesus rose from the dead, but hundreds of documented UFO
physical trace cases mean nothing. Jesus rose from the dead, but the mere
thought that UFOs exist and interfere with automobile and aircraft electrical
systems or have the ability to disable missile defense installations is too
incredible to believe. Jesus rose from the dead as convincingly as the morning
fog, but everybody at Chicago's O'Hare Airport was deluded when they reported a
what's-it that shot upward, blowing a hole through the clouds two years ago.

Maybe Jesus really did die for our sins, and maybe he rose from the dead. But he
never flew a luxury aircraft or dressed like a million dollar model, flying from
gig to gig in opulence. Seems, too, like there might be plenty of room on that
plane to carry tons of condoms around the world to provide some real help to the
hungry masses.

Look, I respect age and wisdom as much as anybody, and I truly never wanted to
bash or condemn anybody's religion, but an alarming number of those folks of
numerous religious persuasions strive to change my daily life by either imposing
their beliefs on me or dismissing my own, and I dislike them immensely for that,
and if I won't buy what they're selling they take the coward's way out and
influence my government's bonehead politicians behind my back, undoubtedly
making promises of paradise after death to the biggest givers.

With that said, I'll be glad when this icon of faith of the moment leaves my
country soon, and may I kindly add: Don't let our invisible Southern border
fence gate smack you in the butt on your way out.