Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This Failed President and "Gun Control"

 First off, unless Americans sweep an abundance of true conservatives into office next election, the current mix of do-nothing Republicans and the radically-infiltrated Democrat Party will almost certainly finish off the United States a few more degrees as the land of freedom and opportunity.  Having once embraced the Democrats as if they were warm and cuddly bunny rabbits with all the answers, I later discovered one basic truth about many of them -- they want zero to do with exploring what the conservatives have to say on major issues, hanging tough instead on agendas which have no relationship to facts or common sense.  They aren't much on a sense of humor, either, when the joke's on them. Nor, I suspect, will they acknowledge brand new re-calculations by climate scientists indicating that statistics and predictions regarding global warming / climate change were vastly in error.  And as Senator Ted Cruz expressed a few days ago, when he confronted and virtually shredded the climate change argument in front of the head of the Sierra Club (the man could barely answer a question without assistance from a minion) who appeared before Congress, satellite data provides the most accurate information -- and that information proves that warming has not occurred for the past 18 years.  Nevertheless, watch the man-made climate change hysterics continue as major corporations and governments stand firm in the face of documented opposition and attempt to make billions (at least) of dollars off victimized world taxpayers over what might be the hoax of the century.

Speaking of hoaxes and bad science, President Obama strangely comes to mind.  Frankly, his ongoing and now louder calls for "gun control" should disgust anybody remotely familiar with this fraud's actions.  Let's make no mistake, whether it's Obama, Hillary or other progressives, the ultimate goal is to take away guns, and for the first time ever we're in danger of becoming like England, France and Australia, where firearms are confiscated and denied.  What a great gift for international thugs and common street criminals!

Mr. Obama's pleas for tougher gun legislation can be dismissed as absurd when one merely looks to the Southern border, where members of the criminal and terrorist element have been crossing into the United States with their deadly gun possessions throughout the years this presidential role player has been in charge.  He apparently cares little about that -- but he does care about you and your Second Amendment rights, and he wants to take them away, a little here, a little there, until nothing is left.  In fact, it's just incredible how focused this president is on attacking American citizens' rights, while simultaneously praising the hideous functions of other countries.  Hello, Cuba?  The fact that he's all ready to implement an Executive Order regarding gun purchases is disturbing and craves an instant lawsuit.

Dr. Ben Carson and others are correct about gun-free zones.  Common sense dictates that responsible college students have the right to pack protection, if that's what it takes to stay safe on those gun-free campuses.  And theaters.  And everybody else in jeopardy in a society racked with increasing dangers.  Mr. Prez, why don't you use your pen and outlaw gun-free zones?

Further, law enforcement officers must condemn Obama's efforts because he is currently in the process of importing so-called refugees from Syria and other Islamic hell holes who are destined to bring hatred and crime with them, particularly among the many young men in the mix.  None of this will assist in making cops' lives easier on any level.  Heck, isn't it bad enough that we have to worry about the Obama bunch slowly initiating something like a national police force?

But there are places where an absence of guns is a wonderful thing,  and that involves any place where elephants are gunned down so poachers can take and sell ivory tusks to, primarily, rich Chinese who wish to flaunt their wealth with wretched ivory displays or enhance their sex lives with bizarre compounds, whatever.  That's why we should all be thrilled with the takedown last week of a Chinese woman who orchestrated a major poaching operation for years which devastated elephant herds.  May her punishment fit the crime, now that she's been removed from her "ivory tower."

The Democrats debated  or whatever that was Tuesday night.  Bernie Sanders may have thought nobody cares about Hillary Clinton's "damned e-mails," and he's right to the extent that voters in the far left pocket don't care.  The rest of us do and should, because when national security is threatened, we are all at risk.  I was also enraged, but nor surprised, by -- at least from what I saw, and I did not see the entire televised thingie -- the use of the word, "immigrants," where the participants find it impossible to put the word, "illegal" in front of the designation.  It's not immigrants, Democrat folks, it's illegal immigrants.  Didn't your parents teach you anything about the facts of life?  Great idea, too, that those who reside further and further to the left want Obamacare for all those illegals.  With what shall we pay for THAT?  With the federal deficit ticking up to 17-18 trillion dollars, we're already in substantially deep dept manure.  Anyway, I guess the CNN stage play was successful, with actual ratings, but nothing the candidates said was new or inspiring.  Hillary will probably get her wish to be top dog (sorry if I've offended dogs in any way with that comparison) at election time, unless she's indicted or honored in some similar way, well-deserved.