Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hillary and the Obama Bunch -- The Termites Continue to Chomp

And still we wonder if the usual suspects among the progressive political class will ever  abandon fantasies of grabbing absolute power and actually admit that each and every individual in the United States has the right of self-protection, with very, very few alterations along the way.  But don't hold your breath on that one.

Hillary Clinton, drinking from the same trough of hysterics the Democrats slobber over every time multiple shooting deaths and injuries occur, demands action and intends, if president, to hold gun manufacturers liable for mayhem (and drive them out of business, the real goal) caused using their firearms.  Nowhere, it appears, does she mention holding suspects, dead or alive, responsible for their actions this time around on the political trail, as if they have nothing to do with their actions.  Instead, blame the equipment, not the perpetrator.

Similarly, megalomaniac New York governor and fellow progressive bonkers Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who probably continues to harbor fond, yet utterly and laughably hopeless delusions of presidential aspirations, thought it would be neat and keen if congressional Democrats held the budget hostage until something was done about gun control.

The Obama bunch?  Hey, what d'ya expect from something uncomfortably Marxist-like?  Old story there.

Despite my gun-related blog chatter over the years, I'm not big into firearms (believe it or not) -- but I fully appreciate why they exist and why a free society needs and craves them.  Most mass killings by guns in this country in recent years seem focused upon the pride of the Democrats known as "gun-free" zones.  These are college classrooms, movie theaters and the like where primarily Democrat leadership has determined that such places shall be clearly labeled as such, even though there is always a remote possibility that they will become shooting galleries, and indeed they have morphed into that very thing.

As victims' families cry and grieve, progressive lawmakers always materialize with words of sympathy and promises that "something" will be done, and that "something" may consistently be interpreted as taking away guns a little at a time until there are no more guns in the hands of the people and the Second Amendment's intent becomes twisted and perverted into oblivion.  The result wished for is to give government more power over us as our own guaranteed rights fade into a very, very red sunset.

While one demonstrated and proven ass of a president bathes endlessly in what he believes to be his high ruling intellect, ripping the country apart with Executive Orders and incoming hordes of questionably deadly refugee populations and illegal aliens of unknown ilk, Hillary plays the gun card, alluding in the long term to deprive Americans of the weaponry we may desperately need at some future time. Hillary, the president and even wannabes like NY Governor Cuomo play dumb, but even they must realize that the purpose of the Second Amendment has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting in the woods.  It is about maintaining a state of readiness in case one's government turns on the people -- and if you think that's nuts, I remind one and all that World War II and the Nazis' murderous genocide of the unarmed and unprepared happened only a few decades, not hundreds of years, ago, and the ability of leadership to go rogue or collapse into chaos is as real as ever.  Never, never sacrifice something as deceptively simple as gun rights to legislators anywhere.  They won't stop there.  They never stop there.

Two separate tragedies fell upon that small community college in Oregon.  First, the dead and injured.  Second, the Democrats' race to national microphones and TV cameras to make political hay, blaming everybody and everything except the shooter, who conveniently removed himself from the story merely by exiting the scene in a blast of cowardice.  Maybe Hillary should campaign instead for laws to require individuals bent upon a suicidal rage to shoot themselves in the head first, before they take the lives of others.  Since many of these lunatics appear to harbor some allegiance toward the liberal (not, not, not the Tea Party) side of politics, laws of that nature might just work.

Saturday Night Live starring Hillary Clinton:   So, was anybody surprised last Saturday?  News, entertainment, theater -- it's all the same beast, folks, the same beast from a global hive of beasts.