Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Islamic Roulette: Don't Define Invaders as "Refugees"

 As "immigrants" flood Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Algeria and certainly other countries in the region, it goes without saying that the Obama bunch and the United Nations with which the bunch always conspires will do everything possible to assure that the United States, no pun intended, drowns in an excess of these “refugees.”  After all, liberal Democrats and the power-mad know prospective voters and slave material when they see them.  Pardon my noticing, but a good many of these “refugees” appear well-dressed, happy and far from starvation.

Unfortunately, a furthering of our cultural destruction won't mean a damn to the D.C. gang, for their agenda is set in stone and the eruption of all the worst aspects of the refugee situation is now in season and ripe for the picking.  Never let a good crisis go to waste, you will recall.

Germany, England and European Union – What the hell is the matter with you??? This is it, the ISIS dream, the perfusion of Islam all over Europe, and then the USA.  Who are these thousands allowed to migrate so easily, so completely?  Who among a seeming preponderance of young men are the extremists, just waiting and planning to construct mosques, firm up Sharia and breed enough young radicals to take over European countries, one by one?  As if pre-planned?

A major question, unanswered -- Why aren't Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other wealthy nations in the affected area stepping forward to accept all the refugees?  They have the money and the means to do so, but no, it's obviously easier on them to let the stupid Europeans and Americans absorb immense human problems upon shores where economies and social trauma already fester and boil.

Are there too many people in the world?  Here, I'll answer that:  Yes, and the next global billion is well on the way, destined to hang around and stink the planet up even more as science continues an insane quest to save everybody from every possible illness, accident and chronological age.

These are not the 1940s, nor the 1960s.  The refugee platter on this occasion does not constitute Jews fleeing from the Nazis, nor South Vietnamese peoples avoiding the communists.  This time, it's thousands of Middle Eastern Muslims, practitioners of Islam’s religion of death, and think what you will -- ISIS couldn't have had a better day than this, a rare opportunity to disperse its potential, if not established, followers all over the place.  Have these extremists not already told the world, again and again, that it is their intention to send disciples all over the planet to facilitate a Caliphate?  What madness greets an arrogant religion honoring death over faiths which cherish life?

Remember, only months ago we learned of a boat filled with Middle Eastern refugees, and along the way on a cursed ocean journey the Islamists literally threw all the Christians overboard.  So, three guesses what's coming to dinner now?

I hate to sound so monumentally crass, probably a result of securing only a bachelor's degree instead of going on to become one of the progressively enlightened with something more academically cherished among the smarty pants crowd, but, as the Clinton not currently facing prison might say, it is what it is.  And, indeed, here's what it is:

The Western world is poised to take in a whirlwind of Islamic reinforcements, and before long there will be new mosques and new calls for Sharia law to engulf society.  Many -- who knows how many? -- of the new "immigrants," by virtue of the religion, which tells them bluntly to either convert or kill  "infidels," are almost guaranteed to cause immense trouble for cultures in which they refuse to assimilate -- the same problems we in the USA currently face, and will likely find ourselves even more engulfed by as our current criminal government leadership in suits and suit pants continues to pursue anti-American decisions with U.N. advice.

As recently as August, the FBI admitted that all 56 of its field offices were involved in tracking ISIS-related activities within the United States.  And we want more of this invading the Western world and our country?  Even years after 9/11, we haven’t learned that what happens badly in and from the Middle East must stay in the Middle East?  How long before those 56 field offices become tied up in knots, unable to perform at all?

And oh no, It must never be forgotten that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are especially responsible for the current deluge of immigrants.  From Iraq to Egypt to Libya to Syria and beyond, their magic mutual imbecilic touch and perfumed incompetence left doors open aplenty for the ISIS "JV team" to enter and set up evils the modern world has scarcely imagined until witnessing horrors on You-Tube.  This, not "Obamacare" or other tarnished legislation and executive orders, will be the real legacy of the Obama bunch, dutifully recorded by every honest historian, once the dust of this era settles and the flesh of  hope and change  rots away, leaving bones of failure, lies and orchestrated divisiveness behind.

I fear we have not yet begun to know the meaning of  overwhelmed.  These are not simply refugees, not even immigrants in the traditional sense.  Many nice folk individually, no doubt, but collectively they bring the potential, initially, for a sweet-scented hell on Earth, a hell we won't tackle until it's too late.  As usual.  Charity?  More like sympathy for the devil, to quote a movie title.  Current events aren't strictly a human tragedy -- they're an invasion, and surely misguided Christian kindness and backdoor United Nations-inspired maneuvers will unwittingly tempt the perils of Islamic conquest.  Multiculturalism's clash with established laws and standards does not hold a society together, and there are no better warnings to be heeded in deadly sobriety than the ones currently coming over the horizon by the unmitigated thousands. 

The 21rst Century Trojan Horse is now open for business in the West, and anybody who sees something angelic in the faces of children whose arriving families nevertheless look upon Western ways with contempt is deluded.  Be not swayed by tragic, yet agenda-ridden televised images of dead drowned children or adults who unsuccessfully attempted a sea journey.  Instead, beware the future, and beware the lies of radicalized Islam, whose teachings condones lying to reach desired results.

The Iran "deal,"  meanwhile, steamrolls forward, and we know from experience that the Iranians are lying about everything.  At the earliest opportunity, somebody -- whether Israel, the U.S. or other Middle Eastern neighbors -- needs to destroy Iran's, um, peaceful nuclear energy program.  If not now, just imagine 10 years down the road, when Iranian technology will likely be too far advanced to risk messing with?  There is no good ending here -- unless the majority of Iranian citizens who detest their fanatical religious leaders can arrange one.  Unlikely.

Cars, cars, cars.   Auto companies, listen up -- No more doors, windows and troublesome door locks controlled electronically.  If people can't get off their lazy butts and use keys and handles or cranks to unlock doors and put windows up or down, maybe those people shouldn't be walking the Earth?  Here, enjoy a nice deployed airbag sandwich filled with nutritious deadly chemicals. . .

Hey, thanks Jeb Bush, for speaking Spanish when you should be emulating the English-speaking American presidency.  Now that we've heard  La Raza  (that means "the race," and probably not my race. . .) is paid for by the federal government, we really love the beauty of the language.  Not.  Okay, I'll take the great music of Freddy Fender and Flaco Jimenez, but beyond that I want English spoken by my representatives here in the USA. 

The pope who fell to Earth:  Mr. Pope, I ain’t Catholic, but were I you I’d be making an attempt to re-join reality and make more waves about Christian and Jew-murdering Islam than about the scientifically faulty theory of human-made climate change.  I know it can’t be easy growing up under Marxism like Obama did, but if you really intend to pursue the climate thing whilst simultaneously condemning capitalism, and begging the USA to accept even more freakin’ phony Islamic “refugees” with questionable intent, the only conclusion I can reach is that during your early years as a bar bouncer somebody slugged you over the head with a bottle that failed to shatter into harmless little pieces.  That must have hurt, and the concussion alone probably affected your . . .

And Hillary?   Yep, lady, you are one brilliant expert about laws of the land.  What’s it got ‘cha?  Apparently, as of today, a little love from CIA analysts.  But what’s reportedly a couple (at least) of highly classified e-mails today when the chicken coop was left open years ago?  I doubt that an  Elect Incompetence in 2016!  bumper sticker will make your case, though you certainly have your devoted fans, yes you do.

Still at it:  The Black Lives Matter crowd will turn out to be their own worst enemy, but beyond that we suggest its cult-like followers redirect their vision to the White House and Dept. of Justice, institutions currently held hostage by the most astute race-baiters in the country.  Just what have the Obama bunch and DOJ done to improve race relations in seven years?  If you  BLM  screwballs can't even get it through your heads that  Hands up!  Don't Shoot!  were words never spoken in Ferguson, MS on that terrible day, then you truly are beyond either hope or truth, and truth is that rare quality these folks apparently can't burden themselves with, as they pursue and almost own a copyright on the fineries of practicing racial hatred.

One more notation:  If impoverished black people think it's bad now, just wait until their hero, President Obama introduces an even more significant Muslim refugee / immigrant element into the USA, pretty much guaranteed to swallow up jobs like Pac-Man -- your jobs, American jobs.  Who pays?  You pays, homie.