Tuesday, September 15, 2015

From Anchors Aweigh to Anchors Away

 >>>Side Notes: UFOs.   Controversy rages on, but the April 25, 2013 video of an alleged UFO leaked by a whistle blower sort working for an offshoot of Homeland Security boggles the minds of those with boggle-able minds.  Was it a UFO with the power to split into two separate objects via some high-tech mitosis?  Just birds?  Digital tomfoolery?  A government project involving submersible drones?  Like a Bob Dylan song, the answer's blowin' in the wind, but the fact is that something was tracked over Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 2013 by a Customs and Border Protection aircraft equipped with thermal imaging capabilities, something traveling fast & furious and thrilling the casual viewer with several minutes of video evidence, the climax being its apparent (?) ability to convert one bogey into two.  The video is Internet-accessible now, as is at least one lengthy .pdf report prepared by scientific image investigators, so if you've not yet witnessed the wonders of a real flying what's-it mystery, be sure to check it out -- and also consult the fine work of reporter Billy Cox (see link) and Frank Warren (see link to UFO Chronicles).  They and others have offered documentation and links regarding this most interesting case.  Whatever the video depicts, nobody checking after the fact has found any evidence of obvious propulsion components for the thing or its eventual companion.

Also -- Robbie Graham's new book, Silver Screen Saucers  (see link of the same name), was published this month.  I've not seen it yet, but knowing of Robbie's detailed writing regarding UFOs and the subject's relationship with motion pictures, Hollywood and government entities, I'm sure his extensively researched book will be a fascinating and sober addition to every library, private or public.  A movie or documentary based on the book is reportedly in preparation as well.  Amazon currently sells the book, and surely many other outlets carry it.<<<

"People who need people are the luckiest people in the world."   With apologies to Barbara Streisand and her lyrics from the "Funny Girl" musical's feature song, "People," gotta disagree.  Anybody coming to the United States either by hook or by crook, and actually making it here in violation of every ignored violation in the book, those are the lucky people -- and they don't "need" American citizens for anything except paying their welfare bills, which we do because we're a nation of suckers, of compassionate fools who know not when to say NO MORE.

It's not just border-jumpers -- or is the politically correct term  wetbacks?  This gets so confusing. . . -- from the South who cross boundaries just to reach U.S. territory so they can drop an automatic citizen baby out of the womb:  It's also Chinese women and others who fly in and take up space in hotels and illegal safe houses so they can give birth to on-site American citizens, with all the instant benefits and free citizenship tickets for other family members that money or no money can buy.  Congress could have stopped this Constitutional Amendment chestnut long ago, but chose not to.  If anything needs to be done right now, it's addressing the anchor baby travesty and, indeed, it's time to toss this baby out with the bath water  birth water.

Wherever you go, people are just people.    Good grief, how many times have we heard  that  piece of advice from others whom you just want to pounce upon and strangle?   Not all people are created equal, at least not according to their religion.  Take all these "refugees" flooding Europe and, coming soon to your town, the United States.  If you haven't watched videos -- the ones they aren't showing on mainstream media news -- showing waves of young Middle Eastern men, angry and arrogant, you've missed the boat.  Scrambling over fences and across countries, they scream F*** you! to the established citizenry as they invade countries and cities, sometimes throwing feces at onlookers -- and on one occasion young men dragged an old woman from her car so they could use it for their intended trip to Germany.

They arrive not with starving bodies and hands out in gratitude.  Instead, they come well-attired, shouting Allah's name and regarding those whose lands they invade as infidels, as lesser people, and in time they will build schools where their children are taught to hate and perhaps kill anybody who won't kiss Allah's butt in a certain way.  And mosques, yes, mosques will rise, towering higher than competing religious institutions.  If they can, they'll probably buy up or simply take abandoned Christian churches and either destroy them or take them down and build a new mosque where faithful followers of Jesus used to pray in peace.

Of course, many arrivals with Islam in their hearts and minds will go about their new lives quietly, but others of the radical bent will never, ever be content to live in a land not yet violently conquered by Islam, as dictated by the Koran, and there is nothing native governments and security forces can do to change their minds.  To reinforce their vows to murder Christians, Jews, atheists and other "non-believers," the new arrivals,  a significant portion of whom will never assimilate into the American way, will do what they have always done in the course of bloody conquest throughout the centuries -- they will produce large families, many offspring with malleable minds, brains poised to learn hatred for the infidel as they are taught everything within the walls of their own madrasas. 

Don't tell us to take pity on Muslim children's faces as they come streaming like parasites across Europe, not any more than we could be coaxed to pity the cockroach or the viper!  Ingrained among them will be hatred for us and the centuries-old promise not to assimilate among the infidels.  When you treat those who take you in as enemies, subservient to you and as dirt under your feet -- baby, that ain't assimilation.

Anybody who anticipates some miraculous reformation of Islam in the years ahead into something harmless is more than likely deluding himself or herself.  In this case, as has been demonstrated consistently, people are not always just people -- a lesson the West will soon learn dearly, as it rolls out the welcoming carpet of compassionate stupidity amidst societies populated by the lazily detached, stupid or ignorant.  We can still choose, but we will probably choose unwisely.  As we said last time, the Trojan Horse is back in a spanking new Middle Eastern model, and its compartments of death and evil are greater than ever.

Have we learned nothing since 9/11/2001?  Just who pulls the strings to destroy the West?

The new TV season:   Whoa, what a load of televised poop slowly winding its way to TV-friendly homes across the USA this season.  We predict a high level of cancellations among shows which fail to feature zombies, particularly when we've read of extreme conflict among producers, directors and writers desperate to rewrite or put a fix on new shows already destined for the corpse bin.

Kim Davis:   Her job requires issuing marriage licenses to gay folk, and if she can't handle the specs she should resign and find a way to celebrate her religion in other employment.  Or maybe she could explore jobs working as a zombie in the new TV season.

Planned Parenthood:   Conservatives and just plain embracers of the GOP need to stay out of the bedroom.  These attacks never go well for Republicans, come voting time, but darned if they aren't immersed in the abortion quagmire all over again.  To paraphrase some wise advice, the road to polling place hell is paved with good intentions.