Wednesday, September 23, 2015


 Like every kid in America, from the earliest age I longed to be the first on my block to build a briefcase alarm clock that looked like a bomb and counted down to zero rather than advancing forward.  Oops, wait, nope, make that a tree fort.  Sorry about my confusion there. . .

At any rate, it appears that Ahmed, 14, wasn't confused when he brought a clockie-bombie looking device assembled in a case into a Texas school and made concerted attempts to make sure several teachers saw the device, before somebody actually took the government's  see something, say something  advice seriously and called the cops (we also learn that Ahmed is allegedly well known to the school district, whatever that means. . .).  No matter that, for now the school is in trouble for daring to follow government guidelines, and no doubt a lawsuit is in the works for violation of Ahmed's civil right to pack any little suspicious thing he wishes as he's school-bound.  You've already read about this curious incident (and don't forget about Ahmed's dad, who hosts a very interesting background involving aspirations to rule The Sudan and an association with the Muslim Brotherhood and C.A.I.R.), so we won't belabor the issue -- but be assured that, had Ahmed's name instead been Throckmorton D. Wellington III, he would already be in reform school and there would be no invitation to meet the White House Marxist-in-chief, who can be very, very understanding and accommodating when members of particular religious and ethnic populations are involved.  After all, Black Lives Matter, dedicated to making a hell on Earth for cops everywhere, just left the White House with best wishes and compliments.

(Please, please, please -- somebody take this president and his willing accomplices into custody, try them and convict them.  Big Time prison sentences, too.  Intellectual criminals, lunatics or (more likely) both, this bunch needs to be held legally accountable for its actions.  And get the Muslim Brotherhood cult out of our government, where it isn't supposed to exist in the first place.)

The Anchor Monster from the Media Lagoon:   Leaks from ABC state that ABC-TV News anchor David Muir has taken to yelling rudely at his subordinates and has become the "anchor monster" ever since his ratings began dropping while viewers flocked instead to Lester Holt on NBC.  Murkying up the situation even more, Muir reportedly insists upon doing his own TV makeup, rejecting the work of ABC's makeup personnel as he re-applies makeup appealing to his own standards -- resulting, according to some, in a yellowish facial hue as the cameras focus.  May we suggest that he employ the cosmetic talents of Caitlyn Bruce Caitlyn Bruce Caitlyn Bruce Caitlyn Jenner prior to future appearances on the nightly news screen?  Besides, that yellow face is sure to produce jokes about yellow journalism and the like.  Muir, who nearly collided with me years ago as he galloped out of a store I was entering, needs a fast facial fix if he wants those ratings back.  Or maybe he just needs to take on the Lester Holt persona.

TV's Lost in Space, 50 years later:  Surviving cast members still get together now and again to celebrate and remember, and now the whole series is available on DVD.  Cheesy sets and mindless scripts, yes, but the series was enhanced by the antics of "Dr. Smith" and the robot.  The robot's  oft-repeated warning, "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" has become a part of our American vernacular, and we wonder if an older Billy Mumy (Will Robinson) still hears himself starting off almost every sentence spoken to his scheming dark-side mentor with the words, "Dr. Smith. . ."  As for Mumy, forget Lost in Space -- I'm far more intrigued by the song, Fish Heads, written and performed in later years by Billy Mumy and a friend under the phony names, Barnes and Barnes.   Exuding simplicity and sparse on words, Fish Heads can probably be interpreted by some subversive minds as a very naughty song.

Trump and Carson on Islam:   Sharia law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  You've heard it, you've read it and it's true.  The question remains, how do you tell the peace-loving Muslims from the terrorists as this population grows?  Imams in this country, some already expert at visiting prisons and converting bad guys into worse guys, will continue their work and we'll be screwed as a society without quick intervention, as the flood of "refugees" continues.  Are there Islamic villages in the U.S., places which worry the FBI?  Yes.  In fact, in travels, I sometimes pass near one.  One doesn't wish to think the worst, but becoming dismissive of the evil planned over and over to destroy one's own nation is as hazardous as ignoring the elephant in the living room.  Carson -- and Trump, despite his other comments -- need to be taken seriously on this one.  Danger, Will Robinson, danger!