Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola: The Ultimate in Social Media

While scheming and overwhelmingly incompetent factions among the Obama bunch stubbornly and illegally ride that hazardous train called amnesty into town, consumed by a focus exclusive of America's truly urgent problems, there's a little something about Ebola worthy of mention:  Health care workers.

We can cry, scream and pound our fists over the disease and its victims and, yes, we can panic in the streets, but if Ebola's menace spreads throughout the U.S., the first mass exodus will be composed primarily of doctors, nurses and pretty much members of every medical career.  Believe it -- self-preservation tends to beat dedication when things get dicey, and medical personnel realize better than occupants of a drugged up, media-fed society how dire are the consequences.

I think CDC head Dr. Thomas Frieden knows it, too, but his job is to calm you so you don't storm the currently useless/evil/far left/downright communist White House and the invisible/pathetic/brain-frozen Congress with pitchforks and cans of  Raid.

At least three nations in Africa should have been quarantined and air travel forbidden for any reason until Ebola's current potential is reduced and, we hope, cured via some pharmaceutical magic.  Flights to the U.S. would be curtailed, and damn the economic loss to the airlines.  Alas, we still host the great Obama in the people's White House.  Obama, the community organizer and non-communicator who routinely goes silent regarding issues America's rock-solid legitimate citizens really care about.

By the way, don't we have a Surgeon General milling about somewhere?  Nothing to say? Cat got his or her glossopharyngeal area?

And to think Congress gave the CDC a giant cash infusion, most of which apparently went to prop up Obama's policies instead of contributing to research.  Instead, the Democrats blame non-existent budgetary cuts for the Ebola crisis at the CDC.  Typical.

West Africans must remain in their nations, and President Obama's total lack of involvement in making this happen is yet another reason why this president and his loyal screw-ups deserve a trial and long, long prison sentences.  These folks are criminals, if little more.  What else do we call those complicit in ignoring, murdering or treating as lab rats their own country's population?

Confidence?  No confidence.  And this president dares to send our military folks to Africa to nation-build a society out of Ebola, risking their lives to battle an enemy none of them signed up to confront in their wildest dreams?  Perhaps his wife can go along and suit-up to advise Ebola victims about a proper diet of vegetables to go along with meals of fruit bats and bush meat.

The president initially dismissed the chances that so much as one Ebola patient would emerge in the U.S.

The World Health Organization expects, potentially, at least 10,000 new cases a week around the globe.  For starters, that is.  Latest predictions indicate that Ebola may indeed have airborne capabilities, necessitating respirators for all involved medical personnel.  Good luck with that.

How about our cash society?  Paper money and coins will provide excellent transportation for the Ebola virus as these objects make their rounds throughout the country.  All it takes is a little cough or perspiration left behind.

And there's still the Southern border, potential invasion site for Ebola victims or those merely fearful of infection. 

Never let a good crisis go to waste, remember that one.  A Democrat classic.

But yes, just as in Africa, American health care workers will flee hospitals for their lives if Ebola erupts out of control in the USA.  Why wouldn't -- why shouldn't they?  They're people, too.  Does anybody know for sure that those special body outfits intended to protect health workers aren't hazardously  porous in microscopic terms?  What about pinhole-sized rips? 

Endemic.  A plague.  Darkness. Economic catastrophe and social chaos.  Because our leaders choose the wrong options in an absurd quest to engineer definitions of hope and change.  They'll warn about some vague war on women instead of declaring a war on Ebola, starting at our shores.  Or must we play that always exciting political game,  What’s the Agenda?  The clue to playing the game begins with the words, amnesty and open borders at any cost.  Even your kids' lives, as we've already experienced with Enterovirus D68, most likely a little gift from Central American border crashers.

I think I know now why TV's  The Walking Dead  is so popular.  Maybe, more than ever, art imitates life death.

Fear and hazing in New Jersey:   Bullying and hazing are nothing new in school locker rooms, though apparently things are a tad emotional right now in some educational institution called Sayreville or Sayerville high school, whatever.  The sexual aspects of the situation shouldn't surprise anybody familiar with the Internet, because the Net is one big how-to reference, a fact which government officials have yet to fully appreciate.  The current "sexual revolution" via the Web precipitates some strange bedfellows for young onlookers, and one's observation that sex as hazing or torture in the locker room is just some peculiar phenomenon -- an "isolated incident" -- misses the mark.  Like it or not, this is the modern disturbing successor to "horseplay," towel-snapping and playing "grab-ass." 

The real surprise for me was watching some TV news reporter interviewing an actual psychologist whose specialty (per the screen title) was bullying and hazing!  Is there no end to these one-trick-pony experts!?  For every psychologist a specialty and a specialty to one and all.

Know what I want?  I want to see a psychologist versed in presidential idiocy and the horrors of Marxism visiting the White House to have a little session or two with the current chief occupant.  Of course, he or she would need to force their way through a room already filled with behavioral psychologists employed to make Americans see life through Mr. Obama's eyes.

Frauds, nothing but frauds enriching their own lives, using sleight-of-hand magic while they put our lives in jeopardy with incompetence or personal agendas, the only services they have to offer.