Thursday, October 30, 2014

Election Enhancement Does Not Require Viagra

Tricks and treats associated with Halloween will easily become dwarfed by the horrors of Executive Orders and other actions anticipated to be vomited up by the Obama bunch following Tuesday's elections.  I don't necessarily favor impeachment for alleged executive crimes, both old and imminent -- but I do suggest arrests, trials, convictions and imprisonment in the afterglow, even as illegal actions are being fought in the courts of (we hope) constitutional rationality.

Minority political parties aside, it's really the same old diet of choices this year, Democrats or Republicans.

Vote Republican and take a chance on getting little in return, though this option at least offers some possibility that increasingly dangerous national problems can be solved.  Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised if these folks listen to their constituents and remain accountable for their decisions.

Vote Democrat and re-inspire radicals, Marxists, communists, fascists and greedy unions, and get tons more of what you're getting now, including bold-faced lies, tempered hatred of military services whose members are seen as little more than busboys, bad climate science, less personal freedom, more taxes, inferior education, an economy stuffed with low-paying jobs, multicultural terrorism, open borders accessible primarily to untalented welfare wannabees who contribute nothing but crime and expense, a policy of international butt kissing as your own country is trashed in public by America-hating congressional representatives -- and expect more of a political empire fed by corruption far beyond our wildest dreams.  The sad truth here is that "blue dog" Democrats I grew up admiring are all but extinct, and their ongoing disappearance opened the door for folks such as Obama, Reid and Pelosi to squeak their way into the national government wiring to start gnawing away.

It's not merely that voting offers a choice this year.  It's more like an obligation to travel a one-way street.