Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween 2014: Fiction-Free Fright

Under Obamacare, some folks probably don't even know where to go for a fresh change of bandages, though, in the case pictured here it's likely too late to worry about an infection..  The good news?  Fortunately, if you like your mummy you can keep your mummy.

There's a creepy little scene in the original movie,  Fright Night  when the vampire portrayed by Chris Sarandon, poised rather casually, yet threateningly on a staircase, announces to his intended victims who have just entered a house consumed by evil, "Welcome to fright night -- for real."  He, of course, alludes to a local TV show of the same name which features old horror movies starring and hosted by a washed-up movie actor who has reluctantly come to destroy a real vampire, as life suddenly imitates art, albeit satirically.

As the year begins to draw to a close, we're all starring in a  Fright Night, version 2014, slapped with the realization that Ebola no longer dwells in places most of us couldn't care less about. It's October, and instead of just propping up the pumpkins and shaking down total strangers for treats or tricks of previously unimaginable depths, we're aware that viral monsters have invaded our shores -- and if Ebola weren't enough, a proven child-killing enterovirus has come to the USA to marry shock value.  Fright night for real.

Last Halloween I wrote a story for the blog, but the way this year's going I don't know that I could throw in any literary creep-outs to rival reality, and haven't tried.  The dedicated folks who proudly wear the Middle Eastern ISIS label are single-handedly doing head counts by chopping first and counting later, while our Southern borders remain open to both the winds and whim of what appears the criminally negligent Obama bunch.  What has crawled into our country so far is a plague unto itself, with the worst perhaps yet to come.

Not to forget, we in the U.S. still have a Marine trapped in a Mexican prison for several months now, and our patience has run out as Mexico plays this one out to the max.  Under real national leadership, I suspect our Marine would be home now, even if accomplishing this goal meant storming the prison.  The Mexican people are good people overall, but the Mexican government and all of its less than virtuous tentacles are not our friends. 

Meanwhile, teachers across the country have been enslaved by this Administration to welcome, accept and teach border-jumpers from Central America, who speak not a word of English and, in many cases, were already profoundly illiterate as they were "encouraged" to flee their own countries.  And they're bringing diseases, some of them forgotten artifacts from years gone by, killer illnesses we thought extinct, or nearly so, in our country.  Where are the teachers' unions - out pimping for  Common Core?   Without quick action, America's future (we're observing it as a society already) is a nation composed of illiterate, common senseless dumb-asses, the only benefit being a sharp increase in sports enthusiasts who purchase ridiculously overpriced and generously taxed team memorabilia, while wolfing down beer, pizza and wings by the ton, energized and soothed by the melodic sounds of their own  team spirit  farts,  but have no clue about or interest in knowing the names of congressional representatives.

An additional thought about Ebola:  Hospitals across this country wouldn't have to worry about the proper care & feeding of Ebola victims, and medical staff wouldn't find themselves in near-panic or ready-to-go mode if this damnable Administration had done the wise thing that other countries have accomplished merely by cutting off flights from affected countries.  Don't tell us it can't be done or shouldn't be done -- the Obama bunch has whipped the U.S. medical community into an unnecessary frenzy through its own incompetency, and agenda-driven actions which have almost without question resulted in the deaths of children because an aggressive Central American enterovirus was allowed to cross our borders via human "infection mules," the Trojan horse for our age.  Prison cells beckon and crave White House communists for fair and just occupancy.

Yes, there's plenty to be scared about.  Fright Night  for real, sans vampires.  Also. . .

On the UFO front, having had an interest in the subject and being an Air Force veteran myself, I remain profoundly disturbed about two former USAF airmen, reportedly involved with close-up encounters in the Bentwaters (Rendlesham Forest) UFO incident of December, 1980 in England.  Neither of these gentleman has been able to access his complete Air Force medical records via the Veterans Administration, even with the help of U.S. senators, including  Sen. John McCain and the civilian legal process itself.  Yes, there are times when national security dictates the withholding of documents, but the Bentwaters air base incidents appear to be a whole different and extremely bizarre critter than what one anticipates when national security restrictions pop up.  The fact that Great Britain recently "discovered" that there are more UFO files to be released to the public, after assuring one and all that the closet was empty, may result in more information on the Bentwaters case, but past experience demonstrates that the "good stuff" seldom materializes to dance seductively under the public spotlight when government censors have their way.

So this is my Halloween message this year, no weird stories, no black cats, no tricks and definitely no treats.  The night falls on a Friday this year, thus guaranteed to qualify some neighborhoods for a three-day weekend of hell-raising by those tending to be mischievous beyond measure.  A safe Halloween to everybody, good luck to all the black cats and other animals who suffer the night's idiots, and beware of Executive Marxist Orders that go bump in the night.  Or in the day.