Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Follies, Social Justice & Other Thug Manifestations

 FERGUSON, Missouri:   No, I've never actually (I hate that useless throw-in word, actually, yet today I can't seem to resist its charm. . .) been to Missouri, but as a kid growing up in New York there was an occasion when I and a cousin were almost kidnapped by some folks whose car displayed Missouri license plates.  Actually,  I've been meaning to tell that story here, but that’s for another time.

Hoo-boy, I'm accustomed to films of UFOs introduced publicly, occasions where the darned things are barely rewound on the reel before debunkers and skeptics shout, "FRAUD!"  Of course, I'm speaking of years gone by when film was film and there was no such thing as digital magic or photo-shop tactics which easily make the unreal seem crystal-clear real.

And now there's videotape and digital photography, and currently there's a camera in a Ferguson convenience store which appears to have captured a few shocking seconds of something that wasn't digitally altered -- a 6'4", 300 lb., 18-year-old young man who allegedly strong-arms and shoves a shop owner as he and an accomplice abscond with stolen cigars.  

Quick release of the shop video did not assassinate the character of Mr. Brown.  Mr. Brown seemingly assassinated his own character by allowing the camera to perform exactly the duty it was installed to accomplish, and until the end of time Mr. Brown will be depicted rightfully as a thug and little more.  He made the choice in life, and death itself is always charged with pounding the final nail into the poster of one’s eternal reputation.

There's never an excuse for criminally putting one's hands on a store clerk or owner, and ditto for threats using guns or knives.  In fact, I think we're very close to a time when any and all robbers, aged eight to 80, who use strong-arm or weapon tactics might be executed on the spot by robotics before they can even exit a store, should they not submit to waiting for police.  When video evidence clearly demonstrates case closed, there's little more to be said in the courtroom in a digital era increasingly used to confirm or rule out crimes.

Turns out that the 300 lb. store bully and strong-arm thug is alleged to indeed be 18-year-old Michael Brown, previously described by various sources as virtue's paragon, a "gentle giant" among young men, squeaky-clean enough to begin college soon.  But Michael Brown, for reasons still under investigation, was shot dead by the -- reportedly -- severely beaten-up police officer Wilson, he and his family now in hiding, as the rabid purveyors of social justice persist in attempting to trump the official investigation while they pour into Missouri from rat holes unknown.

Why not bring in one or two active street thugs protesting the loudest about a cover-up and allow them to observe every detail of the Federal investigation, so when all is said and done they will no longer be able to blather about a cover-up?

Of course, the usual suspects, many of them out-of-towners, rushed to the scene, so concerned with the tragedy that fires must be set and stores must be looted. Among those who wished to protest peacefully appeared the violent who acted out, putting everybody's life at risk.  Seems rather obvious that store owners shot and killed no one, but they had to be held responsible by human street trash and rodents in waiting who, just as the Democrats say a good crisis should never go to waste, knew the moment had arrived to rob stores blind.  A tire merchant alone reportedly lost $100,000 in inventory to those who entertain a remarkable ability to lower themselves to some pathetically vermin-like status in the blink of an eye.

From hell they came, from California, from New York, from every nook and cranny where hatred,, reverse racial prejudice and race-based insanity flourish like bugs from the family Pentatomoidea.  With a single mind they crawled into town, so blind with a lifetime of rage and poor choices that any chance of rational thinking or even a remote idea of what justice really means escapes them today and will escape them tomorrow.  Too intent and too stupid they are to realize their own irrelevance, even as violence is encouraged, fires burn and windows break.  It isn’t that they have nothing, it’s that they are nothing.

Will protestors and rioters be happy when local businesses close forever, rare jobs disappear and shop owners escape, never to return?  Then again, since a large number of violent protestors are known to be outsiders, why would they care?

The initial autopsy confirms at least six bullets, all entering from the front, and some witness testimony claims Brown rushed the officer, who then fired multiple times.  Initial lab reports suggest Brown had used marijuana before his death.

Who wants to be a cop anymore?  Serve and protect what?  Who?  For the frantic mobs to blame all for the actions of one as riot city ensues is just stupid.  The street vaudeville of worthless lowlifes.  Is one police officer culpable for what may turn out to be a murder?  We don't yet know, though evidence in support of the officer is allegedly dribbling in per multiple witness reports.  At any rate, calm heads will wait for the truth.  Irrational heads, incapable of knowing or caring about facts, will not.  It's the sexiness of anarchy, a drug of choice for the powerless who want that special high, no matter the cost to a society.  That the locust carnival momentarily takes place in a town called Ferguson matters not a whit, because the familiar sideshow attraction of Sharpton & Jackson has come to fill a tent that might best be left empty.

The New Black Panthers stir the crowds into a frenzy, chanting death to officer Wilson.  Who will want to work in law enforcement with this as wallpaper?  That wallpaper has an interesting pattern, by the way.  The Panthers survive on hatred of white people, while La Raza (“The Race”) and its sisters feel much the same, when it comes to who’s who in America.  The cops hover somewhere in the middle as whipping boys.

Perhaps a federal law can be passed in the spirit of employing interpreters in police departments, except, under mandate, when somebody badly needs shooting the call will go out to bring in officers of similar color or race to pull the trigger. 

The Molotov cocktails fly like bullets as some decry militarization of the police.  Good point, we never expected to see law enforcement armed to the teeth -- then again, if you have disturbed human beings trying to light you on fire, what's the choice?  Did you ever work with 2nd and 3rd degree burn patients?  I have, and it's no fun for either patients or medical staff, especially when weeks or months of work result in death by infection, or maybe suicide accomplished by the suffering, who tolerate neither pain nor scars.

Meanwhile, government officials from coast to coast condemn law enforcement for "playing G.I. Joe" on the battlefield sprouting in Ferguson -- the same gov folks who fully supported weaponization of the EPA, Dept. of Agriculture and other supposedly (until now) benign agencies.  Oh, and don't forget all those bullets the Obama Admin. bought which can only be used within the USA.  Used on who?

Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, in the meantime, milksops his way through this, allowing hecklers and morons to speak over him, instead of taking charge and telling the loudmouths to shut the hell up and respect his right to speak as he attempts to respect theirs.  How many days had to pass by before leaderless leader Nixon did the right thing and called in the National Guard? 

Yeah, that cop, man, that poor bastard’s gonna be sentenced to attending sensitivity training for the rest of his life if found innocent, just to make sure he remembers. 

Maybe hot-headed folk acting out in Ferguson would just prefer to turn law enforcement over to the always verbose, perpetually entertaining  New Black Panthers and forego official investigations altogether when troubling incidents occur.  Why look for cool heads when chaos can endure and free stuff may be obtained with effort no more strenuous than busting storefront windows?

Over the weekend I caught an episode of the old  Batman TV series (Batman, Star Trek, Lost in Space -- it's all the same bad science to me. . .), and thought instantly of the Ferguson Follies when Gotham City cops dispatched an  Anti-Lunatic Squad  van.  What holds more promise than an anti-lunatic response when people go stark-raving bonkers nuts in the streets, not only refusing to wait for the results of an albeit serious investigation, but getting even angrier because a video surfaces showing the victim up for what he apparently was, and not the clean-cut fantasy some folks conjured up to precipitate media tears.

When investigations conclude, the usual street thugs will care not about the results.  They aren’t in town about a young man’s death, not really.

We look upon the streets of Ferguson and ask:  Is this the dream of Martin Luther King?  Riots, thieves, violence?  Where is black leadership?  Surely, after all these decades, there's somebody more current and take-charge than the laughable Sharpton.  Surely, help won't come from congressional members such as Sheila Jackson Lee, who once told us publicly that the astronauts had planted an American flag on Mars when they visited the planet.   Surely, if black leadership was serious about its task, black youth would be exposed to successful notables such as Dr. Ben Carson, Col. Allen West and Sen. Tim Scott -- as opposed to the foul-mouthed, mind-paralyzing rapper of the day who offers nothing but a future of failure, as his own music predictably disappears into infinity's trash basket.

Where are the charming progressive Democrats who spent years and big money destroying cities all over the country?  They aren't about to dive into this whirlpool, because then they would have to assume the blame.

Word has it that police officer Wilson was beat pretty badly, even involving the bone structure around an eye.  One wonders how much sympathy those photos will summon, unless he happened to be robbing and thuggin' around in a shop when they were taken.  Which he was not.

Um, nice that Attorney General Eric Holder sent in the Feds and insisted upon yet a third autopsy, but -- where is the president on this, aside from a little speech here and there?  Shouldn't he be sitting by the fireside 24/7 to calm this mess down?  Maybe visit the town?   Or. . .

Or maybe the angry folks in Ferguson need to put down their Molotov cocktails and other weapons and take a second, third or fourth really, really good look at their hero / former hero, Barack Obama.  Remember him?    He golfs, vacations and does other stuff.  But, hey, move in closer, readers, particularly if you call yourself, as some say, African-Americans.  Closer. . .closer. . .

Psst!  Hey, while the throngs are out there raising hell in Ferguson, there's a really, really good chance that Mr. Obama and his lovely political  machine will do everything he can do to make border-jumping illegal aliens just as legal as you folks.  That means less jobs for African-Americans and their kids, a situation already catastrophic under this Administration.  Don't think the events in Missouri don't present the perfect opportunity for Obama to Get 'er Done, because, again, the working motto is never let a good crisis go to waste.  Interpretation?  You minority-type folks invading Ferguson, keep doing what you're doing, keep the media and police busy, and while nobody's noticing, a non-stop parade of instant Americans trampling the Southern border, ready and willing to take your jobs, your children's jobs and your public assistance payments, is being welcomed by the Hope & Change faithful and other communists -- even as you sweat or bleed in the streets.  Cops and corpses aside, that’s some great deal for you, eh?