Monday, August 11, 2014

Rise of the Obliterators

Leave it to President Obama to blame the intelligence community for failing to alert him to the dangerous materialization and approach of Iraq's fresh hell called ISIS.  Since when has he ever taken responsibility for anything on his watch?  Even Hillary Clinton now criticizes Professor Obama's foreign policy -- not, however, taking the time to outline her own complicity and misguided actions which helped to set the Middle East ablaze politically and militarily.  But one can't really let trivialities get in the way when a presidential bid hovers just offstage, can one?

The extra bonus hell is that representatives of radical, irrational and throwback Islam likely reside right here in the USA like serpents in wait, just as they do in many other countries, and while your kids, nieces, nephews and grand kids have their brains all wrapped up in the latest electronics, sports, TV shows and teen heartthrob videos, ISSA's friends are gearing up to build a new caliphate using those potentially dead young bodies as landfill.  Now that our Southern border features an invisible, though somehow colorful welcome mat in place, even Muslim prayer rugs have shown up among discarded items, and we can only assume the worst as both drug gangs and jihad psycho jobbers no doubt continue their journeys north.

As heads in Iraq roll (literally), sacrificed by the blade, and Christians and the faithful of other religions are either tortured and shot above ground or buried alive in unimaginable horror below the surface, there is little for the world to do but wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth, even as, unfortunately, other sects of crazy Islam move in to assume a role.

The great Obama, master of illusional and delusional decisions, cannot easily back out of this situation, neither by continuing to blame George Bush, nor by claiming ignorance -- for it was his constant call to get out and stay out of Iraq completely, and it was he who claimed peace had befallen that country and it was truly free.  Surely, intelligence agencies must, by now, be tired to death of taking the hit every time Obama and co. blunder and need a whipping object to place before their (up to now, at least) forgiving and accommodating same-minded media darlings.

Meanwhile, in addition to those troublesome victims of ISIS mass murder in the Middle East, we have ISIS destroying history as effectively as Al Qaeda and the Taliban ever did, and if the very concept of book-burning thrills some to the bone, the methods of destruction radical Islam's obliterators plan for the United States should create a gigantic warning shiver throughout the land. 

So, the police are overwhelmed, the military is downsized and essentially, absurdly, instructed to be more understanding and a bit more feminine -- and a lot kinder toward the religion of peace that really isn't a religion of peace, depending upon one's interpretation (tell me again -- why hasn't the Fort Hood jihad murderer Major Hasan been executed yet so he can live in Eternity with 37 old male virgins?).  What to do when love isn't the answer?  Don't ask the academics currently enjoying a second term White House sit-in.

I suspect a militia movement is growing all over the country, armed to the teeth, with multiple players involved, and I really don't want to reach a point where I have to determine whether that's a good or bad thing, or choose sides.