Friday, August 22, 2014

Wingnut Theater: A Grumpy Old Man Responds

Dimitris Hatzopoulos is one of the good guys in UFO research, last time I checked, and his efforts and contributions deserve our appreciation.

Seems I'm a little late here, but he last updated his "Best UFO Resources" Web page section entitled  List of UFO Blogs -- RSS News Feed About UFOs  in April, 2012, and you can access it here:

To my  amazement  amusement, when one scrolls way down that page to my name and blog title (well, I just changed the subheading, but access remains the same), this is what we find:

Robert Barrow "not your grandfather's UFO blog" (warning: visit only if you can handle hateful wingnut rants; I could stand the rantings of a grumpy old man, but proposing that Israel should have dropped a bomb and sank the humanitarian aid ships to Gaza on 1-Jun-2010 was the last straw for me)

Wow!  Old, grumpy  and  a wingnut dropping hateful rants -- truly, I am blessed!

First, I would remind Mr. Hatzopoulos not to forget the UFO field specifically, which boasts not only dedicated and often impressively credentialed folk of best intentions, but also "wingnuts" aplenty who survive to the current day to stink up the whole subject with every action they take in the name of investigation and public information.  No, I will not mention names.

Second, the "disclosure" and UFO information many seem to expect from the Obama Administration, which pretty much fraudulently promised to provide the most open and accessible government ever, is the last thing which will ever come forth from this White House, and if my "rantings" about this lawless bunch / gang and national and international events in general make me a wingnut (and I realize each person holds close to their heart a certain preferred definition of this word), I'm guilty.

Those who read my main blog (the one depicted here), if I'm lucky, realize that many of my comments are tongue-in-cheek or satirical and not always what they seem, but of course there are occasions when I'm deadly serious.  Regarding the "humanitarian" Gaza boat lift -- as we now know with crystal clarity, Hamas is the primary beneficiary of such humanitarian efforts and, in fact, has taken millions of dollars of "humanitarian" aid and built elegant death tunnels to Israel and acquired pricey armaments instead of  putting funds into building schools, hospitals and a better life for the Palestinians whom they dominate -- and let's not forget that the Palestinians originally chose Hamas to be their security force.  Some security! 

Now, about that wingnut thingie, I think I'm being placed in some far-right political cage here, or maybe Dimitris has chained me to the world of crazy -- or both, I don't know.  At any rate, oh yeah, I am one hell of a grumpy old man, becoming grumpier with each passing day filled with complicit and lying government officials and (speaking domestically) a failed national leadership whose every maneuver brings us closer to war, misery and creeping "trophy wife" socialism.  Ergo, yes, these are the pitiable rantings of a grumpy old man, and may I take this grumpy opportunity to say,  Go, Israel, go!  Oh, and to paraphrase from the old military language -- go ahead and sink 'em if you got 'em.

(Lots o' love to you, Dimitris, and keep up the good work!)