Friday, January 31, 2014

The Staged of the Union, 2014

The State of the Union stage play?  The American people (we're talking about the legal ones) would have been better off focusing instead upon Rand Paul's and Mike Lee's response to this predictable failed casserole.  While Obama spoke, disseminating a predictable line of crap, anemia and threatened Executive Order proclamations fit for a king, as if coughing fairy dust infected with a deadly flu virus upon an already effete Congress and weary viewers at home, I harkened back to that popular image of Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball -- and my mind substituted Barack Obama, swaying to and fro, chipping away at the country’s fragile masonry with intended actions and money we don't have.  Yes, past presidents have implemented Executive Orders, but this one loudly embraces them with a pretend dictator’s glint in his eye. 

I longed for the crazy South African sign language "interpreter" who stood just feet away from Obama at Mandela's tribute, confident that a crazy person doing meaningless sign language in harmony with the words of a fraud would provide the perfect setting, as the state of the union speech lumbered on and on.

The prez talks a mean streak about the disadvantages of being female in the USA, yet his very best buddies in Hollywood burn the candle at both ends, trying to conjure up new ways to torture, mutilate and murder women in motion pictures upon which such themes are the very (pardon the uncomfortable comparison) lynchpin.

He wants pre-k available in schools from coast to coast, essentially providing taxpayer-paid babysitting services for parents who happily send their offspring off to institutions of political indoctrination, some of them still young enough to be pooping in their pants.  Meanwhile, Obama cries for those strangled by college loans, as if individual students had no choice in attending educational facilities more in keeping with their financial abilities (and of course there's no mention of generously accumulated university endowment funds which sit and grow tremendously, used for anything but relieving student debt).

Congress applauds as Obama the Great promises to usurp their abilities with multiple waves of his magical Executive Order wand.  Applause!  Morons, we elected a gaggle of morons.

He-Who-Sees-All stands before the TV cameras and insists that the climate change argument has been settled, and he's darned well going to do something about it.  Meanwhile, the sun continues to go through changes which may affect the earth more than any other factor -- and now new concerns have arisen that the earth's own magnetic poles may be shifting much faster than anticipated -- and those theorized consequences could dwarf anything involved with the politically endorsed climate change vision.

The supreme liar tells us tales of a great economy, a Utopia in the making, a declining deficit and a wonderfully revised health care system to die for (and patients will).  Jobs are so plentiful that we crave and must welcome millions of illegal immigrants who will become Just Like The Rest Of Us.  Except they aren't like the rest of us.    The president left out the large percentage of illegals hosted by our expensive prison system, and the financial destruction of hospitals, clinics and schools overwhelmed by sheer numbers of illegals crossing into the border states.  The president should have had attorney general Eric Holder, keeper of the frauds, beside him, defining the term, illegal immigrant, by the book.  Not that Congress would care, complicit as both parties appear to be as each rushes to put on a pretty face and shower illegal aliens with flowers, candy and eventual voting privileges.  It's the real life Invasion of the Body Snatchers, sans pods, but with the twist that the snatchers ultimately receive amnesty from government personnel guilty of national treason. 

But -- you say you're an American, legal and the like?  Too bad, you don't matter and your kids don't matter.  They matter.  The they who will take jobs Americans won't have an opportunity to do.  Jobs that won’t even exist anymore, in many cases.  They, those who aren't in prison, will have their educations paid for while your children worry about paying back onerous college loans. 

Amnesty?  Americans do NOT want amnesty, despite politically-driven assurances.  Does your congressional representative care about what you want, any more than he or she cares about what you don't want?  Utterly disturbing is talk that GOP congressional members plan to wait until after primaries and even after elections before they come forth to support immigration "reform's" worst ugly face, otherwise their constituents would drive them out of office like roaches swatted off a fat cake.

Disappointed as some in the mainstream media were, Obama's still their reason for brushing and flossing every day, and one assumes, with extreme boredom, those folks will continue to kiss the dictator who would be king's feet to the bitter end. 

The First Lady's birthday party:  Oh my, how extravagant, how star-studded, how -- how lacking of your presence.  Were you invited?  I wasn't.  You had to be somebody -- the elite class, those who, well, who belong.  You and I don't belong in real time; we’re just occupants in a doll’s house of their own making.  The influence of power and money in this White House, extending throughout Washington, is just dangerous.  Oops, speaking of. . .

Hillary Clinton admits that the Benghazi deaths were tragic.  She doesn't actually take responsibility for her State Dept. shortcomings, but she expresses regret.  Families of the dead who were promised answers and action long ago by she and the prez likely feel a different kind of regret to the current day. 

Hillary for president?  The last time Hillary debated for presidential gold, she didn't do very well, and was certainly no stand-out.  A one-on-one with Sen. Rand Paul probably would clear the room of "Clintonomic" aspirations.

A Nobel for Snowden?  Rumblings about nominating Edward Snowden for a Nobel Peace Prize are circulating in foreign lands (Norwegians).  I guess anything's possible if they can give one to Al Gore for being wrong, and to Barack Obama just for showing up, before he destroyed anything of the American spirit, but awarding Snowden the prize would seem a bit more rational if the world didn't carry Russia, China, North Korea and Iran on its shoulders.  I still vacillate over Snowden's actions, aware that the U.S. intelligence community would cure his indiscretions with a bullet to the head.  The Nobel joke should probably instead be given to somebody as deserving as Obama.  Surely, some banana republic dictator awaits his or her nomination?

The Syrian opposition includes many who would kill Americans as easily as Assad's soldiers.  We need to stay out of Syria, out, out.

But I feel terrible for people of the Ukraine.  They rightfully wish to maintain relations with the West and not be confined under Putin's brutal Russian thumb, but their leaders, worthy of execution, double-crossed them.  Once you've experienced a certain freedom, there's no going back willfully.  One would think the American mainstream media would report extensively on this tragedy -- well, until one thinks twice and recalls what a disturbing faction of so-called media has become in the USA.