Friday, January 17, 2014

The Long Goodbye?

UFO sightings come and go, and so do UFO organizations, Web sites and magazines, but over the years we've come to expect the strong to survive and the weak to fade away.  The pattern seems to have reversed.  Bad omens in the wind?

With the termination of Errol Bruce-Knapp's highly informative UFO Updates page, part of his vast Virtually Strange Network, those who take UFO research seriously, except for rare exceptions, are left out in the cold.  Yes, good sites remain, and out of touch though I am with the current status of many aspects of the UFO phenomenon, rational thinking can be found.  But the crazy, sky-high bonkers poop is out there as well, internationally, and a disturbing number of newly inquiring minds often have no way of separating the informative gold from mere fools' gold.  When Budd Hopkins died and his Internet contact site went dormant, another valuable connection (regarding abduction cases) went away.  Now we discover that the skeptical RRR Group -- frequently, truth be told, the bane of UFO researchers' existence -- has also ceased operations online, depriving the curious of another viewpoint.

To this end, I've recently had to delete some links, and wonder whether I'll soon need to remove the link for The Debris Field, which hasn't been updated by Lesley G. since August and September.  It used to be a daily, ongoing event.  I found her site valuable because she has a knack for rounding up the latest news about UFOs, Fortean events and other enticing subjects, just click and you're there.

Soon, so many drones will rule the skies that folks below will yawn and think every mystery above is merely a drone of various shapes and sizes.  This dangerous and ill-conceived belief will be one more kiss of death for legitimate UFO research, it would seem.

At this stage in the game, unlike some, I'm not consumed with adding new links, because those which remain here often provide links to other good sites.  While some of these deal exclusively with UFO history, I do encourage you to stay in contact with blog articles by (linked) journalist Billy Cox (Blog de Void) of the Herald-Tribune, because Billy works primarily from the here-and-now aspect, digging for UFO-related nuggets as well as the all too common nonsense.  Real journalism, like comedy, isn't always pretty.

FIRST, UFOS AND NUKES. . .THEN DRUG DEALING. . .NOW CHEATING ON TESTS. . .OH MY GOD. . .  What the hell's going on with my Air Force?  Officer ranks from lieutenant to captain cheating on tests, and a little illicit drug dealing on the side with both foreign and domestic ties?  Hey, we've always heard that duties at the nuke sites where you sit and wait to push buttons of doom are boring 24/7 -- but has it come to this?  Maybe somebody should let these guys blow off a missile or two now and then, just to show a little love and appreciation.  And while we're on the subject of nuke bases, specifically Malmstrom, Warren and Minot in general -- wouldn't it be great if the mainstream media would cover dramatic UFO issues reported at these locations?  No, of course not.  Instead of pursuing the potentially most disturbing story in the world, it's easier for the MSM to stick with anything malleable enough to make the entire military look bad via guilt by association.

The Queen of Benghazi remains the Queen of Benghazi.  No dethroning here.  A U.S. Senate report on the Benghazi, Libya tragedy places the blame on several agencies, and the State Department -- Hillary Clinton's State Dept. at the time -- is as guilty as the rest, if not more so.  Perhaps she and NJ Gov. (and clueless fairytale troll under the bridge) Chris Christie would best combine their talents to perform together on "Dancing With the Stars," hoofing their dance number, "The Sidestep," rather than entertaining presidential aspirations.  I smell a new TV series starring these two:  Dud Dynasty. 

Fascism through Executive Order:  The most outrageous presidential failure in decades, B. Obama, has reinstated his faith in Executive Orders and in his buddies, brain-fried university intellectuals and Internet manipulators who haven't spent a day in the real world since childhood.  Because members of the timid who populate Congress haven't taken steps to impeach this White House freak show (and many will likely pay dearly on Election Day in November, as they should), count on more than two years yet of this particular excursion into the land of continuing despair.

The Screaming Horse Slaughterhouse, should there ever be a corporation with a name so obvious, may be put on hold for a long, long time because of at least two far-reaching pieces of legislation intended to stomp out once and for all both U.S. horse meat production and the export of horses to other countries, where foreign folk drool for horse burgers or the like.  I'm always a tad curious when a representative of some nebulous corporate entity insists we need to thin out a herd of something, blah, blah, blah, and the horses surely have to go because blah, blah, blah.  Sorry Jack, I grew up with horses, and the critters are probably far more intelligent than the marijuana-worshipping teenager currently getting blissfully wasted  in your basement.

Obamacare needn't be touched this time around.  You already know its bitter taste, though a taste is just a prelude to the big swallow.

School shootings continue.  Schools have always had that faint prison-like atmosphere, so I can understand why some of the "inmates," ill-suited for the world of authority and control, think in bonkers terms and take matters horribly into their own hands.  Here's betting that many among the troubled are already drugged by medical "professionals" who offer pharmaceuticals as the cure.  I don't think the kids will feel any better watching teachers all over the country going bonkers themselves as they come to the realization that "Common Core" standards are attempting to change their role into something they never imagined in the classroom.  Evil comes in many forms, and, again, may I emphasize that, to me, evil these days oft wears a digital face.  Life isn't Star Trek and Star Trek was fiction, not a recipe book for how our lives will evolve in some plotted future.  The young go nuts and the teachers follow, that appears to be the only "plan" currently in force.  The Department of Education is not the way it sounds and should be terminated by government leaders, next time we have any around.