Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Vortex of Lies, A Blizzard of Frauds

For some peculiar reason, my first thought is of those popular UFO disclosure petitions brought to the attention of the White House.  My second is, do you understand why nobody at the White House cares?  The place is up to its knees in distortions, lies, seemingly impeachable demons, targets possibly worthy of lengthy federal prison sentences and horror stories sure to come out before the elections.  Who has time for UFOs when there's a country to run into the ground?  All they want to hear about on Pennsylvania Avenue is climate change is your fault and illegal aliens are your friends despite their inherent criminality and exotic untreated diseases.

Okay, so I'm no political genius, just a guy writing a blog, like so many thousands who busy themselves at the keyboard.  I'm also yesterday, pensively, yet often unsuccessfully, trying to be tomorrow, a classic symptom of "senior citizens" losing relevance.  But I know some things, those petitions for instance.  To the best of my recollections, I did not sign any of them, but here's what I did do:  Since the mid-sixties I wrote and wrote and wrote letters to all manner of government officials, expressing my concern that both congressional and scientific inquiries of the phenomenon should be undertaken in earnest.  In response, I frequently received long letters typewriter-inked with either sweet nothings or just nothings.  If you've followed this blog since its early years, you know that I've posted some of the responses.

In recent years, confronted with boxes of old files, I weeded out carbon copies of just my own letters to various officials and other individuals, and took the insignificant portion to a shredder for destruction and recycling.  To my surprise, I stuffed two standard large-size grocery store paper bags with old paper copies.

All that paper, all the postage costs -- and all those years of effort.  And what did it get us?  Surely not an ultimate solution to the UFO issue.  Nevertheless, I certainly received a lot of responses from folks telling me what they thought I wanted to hear -- or what they thought they knew, even if they knew nothing of the subjects they addressed.

Which reminds me once again of the extensive correspondence I conducted over the years with the late WW II veteran and intrepid UFO subject inquirer, Russ Reardon, who colorfully narrowed everything down simply by asking, "What does it all mean?  It don't mean sh**!" 

From my blog entry long ago, you may recall that Russ, an inveterate cigarette smoker, experienced a horribly disabling stroke, and when his physician asked why he hadn't visited his office prior to experiencing a stroke, Russ merely replied, "Because I'm not psychic!"  Sounds pretty logical to me, considering the inane poop coming out of Washington every day.

And speaking of Washington, former defense secretary Robert Gates reportedly filled in a few nasty spaces with his new book, soon to be released, taking President Obama, V-P Biden and Hillary Clinton to task.  If anybody had any doubts about how Obama relates to the military, Gates seems to have answered that question, though of course the White House was quick with denials regarding Gates' unpleasant, make that damning, assertions.  Obama's leadership abilities appear as solid as a gingerbread house, Biden is wrong on everything regarding foreign policy and Hillary plays the political game.  Yes, Obama ordered a farewell party for Osama bin Laden (carried out by Navy SEALS) but, beyond that, Obama's detachment from many aspects of the Middle East war puts his questionable actions in Gates' line of sight for the book.   Gates' published treasure chest may provide some input for the 2016 elections.  And maybe now we have some insight into all the high-ranking military officers who lost their jobs or "resigned" their commissions under this embarrassment of a President.  Gates should have blown the whistle on the Obama Administration's Middle East faults while he was still part of the war effort because his -- expressed in writing --  outrage then might have saved many a military serviceman's life.  Instead, the politicians bickered and worried about their own political futures.  For me, this is all too reminiscent of the late former defense secretary Robert McNamara's belated second thoughts and tears over his own actions during the Vietnam conflict.  Shame on Gates for shutting up when he shouldn't have, and shame on the whole Obama bunch and others, apparently painted in Gates' book as exactly the tyrants and undesirables many of us assumed they are.  This may not be helpful for Hillary, either, despite some faint praise by Gates.

The currently headlined scammers in New York City are, unfortunately, retired policemen and firemen who responded to the 9/11 tragedy.  With the assistance of allegedly corrupt psychiatrists, physicians, lawyers and other facilitators, a number of apparently dishonest and dishonorable members of the NYPD and NYFD faked various disabilities in order to garnish huge sums of money from the Social Security Disability system.  Obviously, NY cops and firemen who follow the high road during their daily heroic activities have expressed outrage over those who scam and make their departments look bad.  The "bust" of these folks should reverberate across the country, as other "disabled" scammers in high or low places are investigated, arrested and punished.

Are Independent voters and the Tea Party starting to mesh into a single organism?  Disgust with both GOP self-preservationists and big government Democrats  -- and outrage at the worst of both parties currently striving to legitimize illegal aliens in some fashion -- is causing a continuing mass exodus of people whom either of the established parties depended upon in previous elections.

The man-made global warming herd continues to tilt at windmills of ice, predictably insistent that the Big Freeze is part of the whole human-caused phenomenon.  Like far left university intellectuals (Pol Pot comes to mind) rabidly convinced that they know what's best for everybody, Chicken Little-style members of the scientific community just naturally assume ownership of The Answers, and any deviation from their intricate pre-ordained calculations is strictly forbidden --  even when their ship gets stuck in the summer ice of Antarctica and starts to break apart, and people with better things to do need to inconvenience themselves by coming to the rescue of loony scientists who derive incomes by worshipping at the altar of thermostatic gods.  How lucky indeed that they continue to keep Obama on their side, as he strives though any weather event to impose green taxes on all.

That rules out another job choice for me.  I can't be a diplomat with the Dept. of State because I would simply tell international thugs to go to hell, and I can't be a climate scientist because my lack of credentials in that discipline would take me no further than the realization that, yes, the climate changes.  It never stopped changing..  So what?

Chris Christie probably needs to go away, far, far away from the national elections.  His administration – yep, that’s Christie’s name on it -- inconvenienced and “dissed” its own people, and if the revenge aspect of the bridge slow-down incident isn’t a clear reincarnation of Nixon’s enemies list intent, I don’t what is.  Even if Christie isn’t directly responsible for this fiasco, he chose the staff which reflects his own calamitous definition of integrity.  Presidential aspirations?  Crashed and burned, could be.  Christie, disturbing from the get-go, even makes Queen of Benghazi Hillary Clinton appear reasonable.  Because I’m about to make a brain death notation, may I leave this paragraph by suggesting six little words of relief and rescue to the brain-dead GOP?  Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul.  As if.

Brain Death Update:  The attorney and mother for a 13-year-old girl declared brain-dead by multiple physicians following a disastrous surgical procedure claim the girl, moved in secrecy from the hospital to another location, is “improving.”  Will she be one of the fortunate few?  I remain skeptical, as “improving” can mean anything.  Nursing homes and hospitals throughout the country are already filled with people kept alive by machines, no matter their hopeless prognoses.  If one looks forward to a society keeping everybody declared dead alive through technology, birthing centers will be forced to accept machine-assisted bodies and a whole new definition of newborn.  What does hell look like?  This is what hell looks like.