Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bits and Pieces for February 2014

Hooray!  The 2014 Super Bowl is history, silly hats and emptied beer cans litter surfaces from coast to coast, and now de-energized throngs can return to normal lives of either loving or semi-loving Obama, many genetically unable to even name their own senators or congressmen.  Statistics indicate that some 111.5 million viewers tuned in.  Imagine if all that testosterone went toward changing bad government.  The game is everything today, authoritarian rule and whimsey can wait until tomorrow.  Meanwhile, we ask -- considering all the security surrounding the game, tell us again -- who is winning the domestic war on terror?

UFO news here, today:  The earliest years of this blog were ALL about UFOs, and I posted numerous document scans, so if you visit this page for UFO information, be sure to spend some time with the older entries.  Otherwise, I did want to take a few lines to mention that Robbie Graham (see link to Silver Screen Saucers) has a book (see picture) coming out in September -- yeah, long time yet -- entitled,  Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood's UFO Movies.  The publisher is White Crow Books. Graham regularly explores the UFO phenomenon's relationship to film, government, social interaction and other areas, and he'll at last get an opportunity to reach a wide audience appreciative of book-length writing.  Check his current blog entry for more information, and be patient because September seems as distant as the stars. 

Also, I've been remiss about mentioning Curtis Collins' Web page, Blue Blurry Lines, which you may wish to check particularly because he's performed extensive research into the controversial 1980 Cash-Landrum "UFO" incident, in which injuries occurred.  I recently submitted a few long-forgotten documents regarding the case myself, and Curtis kindly put up a few scans.  The Cash-Landrum event, whatever forces precipitated it, was a bizarre encounter in every respect.  Maybe you know the history -- now explore the updates.  Go to:  http://www.blueblurrylines.com/

Stage lights extinguished for actor Philip Seymour Hoffman :  Drugs claim another.  Ponder the tragedy of it all later.  Trading your life and three young children who need you for a police report documenting forever that you checked out at age 46 with a hypodermic needle stuck in your arm, well, the brilliance of that privileged acting career is not looking so bright now.  Hollywood will mourn, tears will flow, the celebrity ego reset button will be pushed, and friends and relatives of other celebrities on the edge will ignore clues leading to tragically inevitable consequences.  Next?

Amanda Knox is either innocent of murder in Italy or she's Lady Macbeth with a very handy weapon.  Either way, Italian courts found her guilty before they found her innocent, and now the justice system there is like, oops, and wants her back and imprisoned for years.  Maybe the judges just miss having her around.

While the GOP strives to put up all the wrong and unelectable people for a presidential run, seems as though that's Rand Paul over there, sitting in the corner, hoping somebody will ask him to the dance.  Instead, as Chris Christie flounders like a, um, like a flounder, Jeb Bush keeps popping up, scaring rational people leery of family-run kingdoms.  On the other dark side, Democrats still prefer Hillary Clinton, apparently comfortable in realizing they thus far possess no other suitable prez ammo for 2016.  Joe Biden who?

Fukushima Follies:  One detects a palpable uneasiness, even amongst those who kick most conspiratorial mutterings to the curb, that the terrible things we aren't being told about Japan's radiation are piling up faster than what governments are reporting.  Just how is death and horror defined in the world of ocean ichthyology these days?  Hell on earth, and it's all ours.  Sleeping with the fishes might take on an entirely new meaning for humans.

And speaking of deadly: Republicans -- singing along with Democrats and communists regarding some need to have a pathway to citizenship for millions of overwhelmingly uneducated, unskilled and blatantly criminal people who could not care less about our laws and culture -- may as well be dropping the hangman’s noose over what it means to be an American. Add this nonsense to Obamacare, a lack of jobs for non-phony citizens and a society paying more for less and less every day, and the total impact is unaffordable and disastrous.