Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bits and Pieces for January 2014

The illustration's meaning may appear crass, yet I thought it appropriate because 40,000 new laws going into effect all across our "free" country as the new year unfolds -- or is that unravels? -- indicate that busybody legislators apparently feel the same about us.  I wonder how much legislation was shoved into force because some otherwise irrelevant state or local representatives named laws after dead children (a tried and true vote-getter)?  In New York, this happens like clockwork, and in no small part because grieving parents meet with "compassionate" legislators who, like members of the clergy, promise eternal memorializing of the departed -- in this case, at taxpayer (and freedom's) expense. 

Then there's the California episode, tragic indeed, of a young girl dying during what was expected to be routine tonsil surgery (though she seems to have had other medical issues).  Of course the family is devastated but, even after solid physician concurrences of the patient's brain death status, the family insists she yet lives and have no intention of saying goodbye -- opting instead for a feeding tube and artificial means of sustaining what they assume is just a belated wake-up.  Wha. . .?  Yes, there are rare cases where comatose folk come back, but these aren't routine.  Obviously, all it takes now is a family's grief, a little twist on religion, a half-assed knowledge of technology, a boob of an attorney trying to brand a name for himself, and -- with the help of a useless judicial system which often believes its universal knowledge exceeds that of experienced physicians -- families can be convinced that even the dead don't need to stay dead.  And who will pay for sustaining the brain-dead and family members with hope via expensive machines and technology, apparently with all of this mess destined for NY?  You know who. 

Now a firming precedent has been set in California, and soon no human will ever have to face death again because the bonkers justice system and a goldmine of expensive machinery paid for by taxpayers will keep corpses from rotting six feet under or disposed of via cremation because it's so very kind and considerate just to keep hearts pumping without purpose above ground.  This family?  My sympathies have turned to dismay that a runaway mind-virulent strain of dumb-ass flu continues to envelope this country.  Zombies, we got zombies, get'cher zombies here.  If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance. If you like your dead family members, you can keep your dead family members.  Soon there will be a web site to sign up for that, too. 

Meantime -- and you must excuse my tendency toward gallows humor, because it's just a fact of life that many people who have worked in hospital settings at some point develop a humor sense bordering, to outside observers, on cruelty, but that humor only comes about because it's needed to overcome the daily gloom -- I may consider returning some dried-up carrots to the farm stand where I bought them last year and demand that the farmer stick 'em back in the ground until they revitalize and develop their original taste and consistency.  Perhaps a carrot feeding tube will be necessary.  If the farmer refuses, I've no option but to sue.  That's how we solve all ills, isn't it?
If you love something, it's true that sometimes you have to let it go.  Or it leaves without your consent, and that's worse.  The family in California may learn that the hard way, and so might taxpayers who want nothing to do with this heartbreaking, yet creepily bonkers, situation.

By the way, what ever happened to tort reform?  I've no special love for some of the snake oil pharmaceutical companies bathe us with, nor am I impressed with a stampede of class action lawsuits turning up every time a drug seems at fault for health problems (how one proves some of those claims is beyond me, though I suspect settling things before expensive cases get to court is the norm).  We know, of course, that the people most likely to benefit by millions of dollars in a class action lawsuit is the lawyers.  Where is the tort reform embraced by so many multi-faced politicians, many of whom honed their own skills as attorneys?  Maybe I just answered my own question.

Edward Snowden, still in the news, and because he exposed some pretty odorous corruption in the government, maybe it's time to sprinkle a little good guy dust upon him.  Strange, right now I'm thinking of decades of military folk warned to shut up about their UFO encounters.  How much mandatory secrecy and whose decisions for secrecy roll along in the hush?  One thing's for sure, the watchers don't like being watched back, particularly by the folks they aren't supposed to watch in the first place.

In fact, there's such an abundance of high tech funny business and spying going on that I can't envision a time when detailed UFO investigations conducted by the concerned person or group can ever achieve prominent status again, however I can imagine dedicated organizations to which the average Joe will have no entry -- at least in the USA, which, you may have noticed, has experienced the loss of some greatly informative and rational sources relating to the UFO issue.

Nevertheless, if scientists ever get together on the UFO issue's importance, please don't count among them the allegedly bright dolts who became stuck in the ice of Antarctica as they pursued a quest to shove global warming in our faces.  Notice, as have I, that no major media sources have made the connection here, no way are they going to indict "climate change" scientists now because they've all been singing that tired old song for quite a few years themselves.  As comedic alarmist Al Gore might say, revealing the absurdities of a ship trapped by the inconsistencies of its own on-board environmental clowns would kinda be an inconvenient truth.

Speaking of the mainstream media, all two or three of my eyes almost popped out of my head a week or so ago when all the biggies got together and announced that science has determined vitamins are useless, you may as well throw them out.  Oh -- and then not a week later the same morons, panting like a pack of coyotes elated over the discovery of a nest of squirrels, pronounced Vitamin E helpful in the control of Alzheimer's!  They can't have it both ways, but they do.  Journalism schools must be working overtime to turn out such magnificence, such quality reporting, eagerly lapped up by "news" divisions of major TV networks especially.

President Obama?  Okay, let me check.  Hmm.  Yep, still a big liar, aloof as necessary, lording over an Administration of constitution-chomping termites.  No solution except impeachment for this White House bunch.  Congressional Democrat sheep would do well to deal with this on their own long before November, but they won't and "won't" will result in major November election losses.

Hillary Clinton is not your kindly old grandma, knitting harmlessly in a rocking chair.  She IS, however, part of the same machine currently in charge of deflating USA influence and domestic growth.  Obama voters who choose her are like frat boys being beat with paddles and asking, May I have another, sir?  The media certainly jumped on the latest chance to crown her queen when they brought more controversy into the Benghazi tragedy.  My response:  Well, who the hell was running the State Dept. when that horror show blew up?  Hillary, sweet grand-motherly Hillary Clinton, the female partner of The Amazing Bill and Hillary Act, the deflated medicine show whose moth-eaten tent needs to be folded up and directed toward a landfill at long last. 

The Marine Corps quietly "delayed" a requirement for women to accomplish pull-ups equivalent to their male counterparts because many women cannot do them.  This may sound irrelevant -- but it won't be on the battlefield, when lives depend upon the advantage of heavy lifting and precision exit plans.  Yes, women should be all they want to be, but this is one issue requiring a second look on behalf of everybody braving the front lines.  Physical abilities trump all in this case, and the detached planners sitting comfortably behind desks in D.C., threatened physically by nobody in a war setting, need to realize this.

Iraq:  A predictable mess, and the outrage for us should be thousands of dead Americans.  At what price does one attempt to tame monsters, over and over again?