Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Yappy, Zappy, Crabby New Year to One and All

When Hell freezes over, don't blame global warming.



Oh yeah?  Well, suppose YOU just sit there and try to be positive and upbeat and warm and fuzzy and loving.  If you enjoyed 2013, the new one's bound to be your really, really hot cup of Fukushima tea.

To the unhappiness of many a UFO researcher, Errol Bruce-Knapp, keeper of UFO Updates and conductor of extraordinary audio interviews and affiliated projects has announced an end to his popular message list - over 90,000 comments have enlightened readers for years.  Thanks Errol, and best wishes for the projects you intend to take on in the future! 

Sadly, UFO-related sites of relevance have been on the decline -- all that history dressed up with no place to go.  We all hope the day will come when our efforts, small or immense, gain proper respect among scientists as well as skeptics.  The debunkers who contribute nothing, of course, as usual, can go to hell. 

Maybe there was a bright spot this week when Egypt publicly got around to labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group.  Fantastic -- now if only our President would find time to do the same and condemn MB sympathizers affiliated with his filthy fleabag Administration.  In the USA, of course, they go by different organizational names, and I long for the politically changed day when each and every extremist Muslim insect is grabbed by his or her rat-like neck and tossed out of the country and/or influence.  Trust me, thousands of dead American military and civilian personnel justify this particular longing on my part.  Egypt's military just tends to be a whole lot smarter about dangers to national survival than the agenda-infested frauds currently scurrying about within the people's White House and Congress.  If only we could turn the Fort Hood shooter over to the Egyptians for some swift justice.

But, yikes!  It's Christmas Eve, and there's "evil Ed" Snowden giving an almost surreal "Christmas message" from Russia via British TV, sort of like a pope or something, and he's declaring victory -- makes you think of President George Bush's Mission Accomplished thing.  Well, um, anyway, there's Snowden on TV, and by the time he wishes everybody a merry Christmas at the end, I'm thinking, this guy's articulate speech sounds more presidential and far more sincere than Obama's occasional oratorical poop fests.  How is that possible? 

So the USA wants to hang Snowden by the thumbs, Snowden already hung the USA by the . . .well, by something else by waking us up to spies, spies, spies everywhere, and we now know the NSA's initials better than the rest of the alphabet.  The intelligence community is outraged still, and there's reason for that.  Nevertheless, while it's conceivable that Snowden might turn himself in to U.S. authorities, it also might make really good sense to promise him roses and forgiveness if he keeps (and can keep) the other 97 percent of secret what’s-its to himself and comes back home.  You see, no matter what side one takes, it's still a rotten, nasty world, and you can't solve it by a squeaky-clean trip to Disneyland because eventually you have to return.  An Administration plagued with such crowd pleasers as Fast and Furious and Hillary Clinton's adventures in Benghazi-land is hardly in a position to conquer Snowden's actions by throwing out a halo of self-perfection. 

In fact, some folks who remain honorable still get slapped around by officials supposedly hovering on the right side.  This seems to have happened to former Air Force technical sergeant John Burroughs, who survived some tricky cardiac surgery a few days ago.  Burroughs, reportedly intimately (as in in your face) involved in the alleged Bentwaters (Rendlesham Forest) UFO event of December, 1980 in England, could not get the Veterans Administration to release his Air Force medical records.  The information they hold might have been vital to his surgery and the questionable way his heart disease progressed following close-up contact with a bizarre object, along with another U.S. airman.  Unfortunately, not even U.S. Senators McCain or Kyl of Arizona could wrestle the records from the VA, not even by the time of Burroughs' surgery, and the official excuses of sorry but continued to ebb and flow.

One would almost suspect the records could be the final indictment against the world's biggest government secret, the one everybody suspects, but nobody at high levels admits publicly.  Lack of disclosure is the word some prefer.

Which is merely to say the UFO phenomenon is real, and to people such as Burroughs and military personnel who came long before him, its effects appear to be tangibly and dangerously real. 

This writer, a former Air Force staff sergeant, wishes the retired Air Force tech sergeant a speedy recovery and a basket filled with the answers he desperately needs and deserves regarding the long and winding road encountered in England 33 years ago.  War stories among military personnel -- of the strangest variety -- don't always occur on the battlefield.