Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demand the AVOIDable Health Care Act


 The heartbreaking result of addiction to hope and change?  Even the squirrels have had enough of the Obama bunch.  Save a squirrel today by voting out evil politicians (non-credited photo from the Web).

Psst, hey kids -- just about now, or maybe a few weeks ago, you started catching on to the fact that President Obama needs your money to get the devious Affordable Health Care Act rolling.  That's probably one reason why he wants the minimum wage increased dramatically, so's you can make more and then pay more in taxes to inflate this failing dirigible.  ' course, it's kind of hard to know how that would work out, being that businesses burdened with super-high wage difficulties and faced with customers who can't afford to buy their stuff anymore would have no option but to lay you off and then close their doors forever  Heck, the prez already classified you as a minor until the age of 26, allowing you to remain on your parents' (disintegrating) health insurance plan -- but now the truth is out.

So polls show that your confidence in Obama is quickly going down the drain, as it should have five years ago, but at least the progressive history-altering crap you're being injected with in colleges and universities by mad-dog, America-hating socialist professors is being called into question by whatever remains of inquiring minds.  Just consider yourselves fortunate to be, as yet, mentally unencumbered by the Common Core freak show currently invading public schools from coast to coast, making even the best teachers irrelevant.

You might be in shock, actually, realizing as you should that the mainstream media currently exists in large part to be Obama Administration cheerleaders and butt-kissers, and despite your own potential aspirations to enter the world of journalism as a career, perhaps you understand that you first serve your masters -- and then you impart either the truth they allow or the truth they manufacture for public consumption.

Perhaps you're also raising a bejeweled eyebrow at another astounding revelation -- that both the Democrat and Republican parties --and don't forget the labor unions -- are uncomfortably populated by progressives, a word that sounds harmless and wonderful but, historically, leads to nothing but communism in the quest for a Utopian fantasy.  Workers of the world unite -- into slavery. 

You young folk even embraced the Environmental Protection Agency, since pumped up by Obama and his regulating minions into a hulking monster intent upon fining and suing into extinction great American corporations, small businesses and individuals.  Maybe even your own family.

Yes, you're young, but, my oh my, how you're starting to mature!  Now you begin to see how those in government consider themselves in charge of you, fully.   And that's not the United States we used to know.  Obamacare?  The ultimate insult, and you damned well know it.

Were I a superhero, and I guess I could call myself Eraserman or something, I'd obliterate those thousands of absurd health care act pages devised over the decades by evil, progressive nanny-state lizard people, and then I'd make things simple.  Like this:


 1.  Allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines, forcing hundreds or thousands of insurance companies to compete for customer dollars by offering appealing and wildly affordable health insurance plans, unencumbered by government control except for minimal provisions regarding pre-existing conditions -- and coverage for pre-existing conditions should become affordable once rates decrease and the patient load is spread out all over the nation. Less people enrolled in Medicaid-style state programs because of decreased insurance rates for all should result in significant taxpayer savings as well.

2.  Allow neither the vast pharmaceutical industry, nor the American Medical Association to dictate how Americans spend their health care dollars.  Wasn't it just a few years ago when medical professionals and patients were encouraged to have a compatible relationship, instead of one side force-feeding the other regarding health care?  With all the drug commercials on TV, one might think there's intent to control every part of one's anatomy with medications.  Obviously, too many among us can't function without obligatory drugs anymore.  Just say no. . .to big pharma and the big health care industry, and have the choice to do so without being penalized by government regs written so somebody could be paid off or whatever.  Freedom to control one's medical destiny is really a libertarian thing.
3.  Don't tax the medical equipment companies as per Obamacare.
4.  There is no number four, but somewhere there's a bureaucrat wishing to write a number four right now.

Well, it's a start, kids -- and far better than the bureaucratic nightmare those rats in Washington just put on your backs.  My suggestion?  When you vote, seek out "Tea Party" candidates.  That seems to be where honesty and integrity flourish these days, and the apparent hatred by the lackluster GOP for Tea Party people just shows the need to get the old guard progressives out of the Washington rats' nest.  What other choice have we?  Isn't it bad enough that Obama's techno-serpents are monitoring everything you do on the Internet -- right now?  Oooh, I know how much you hate that.