Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Season's Beatings, 2013

The most effective thing President Obama has done for the country is to bring the races together.  Not. Unfortunately, the races often seem to have gathered into their own focus groups, intent upon fulfilling culture-specific goals which have nothing whatsoever to do with blending into the American melting pot.  But I guess the president's praise of multiculturalism means I should stand up and cheer.

Black-on-black male youth violence is nothing new, and if I listened to the hate-filled music infiltrating the black "community" day after day, coupled with Obama's euphemisms of sweet socialistic nothings, maybe I'd be intent upon kicking some butt myself, but now the virus of violence, as many viruses do, has altered into new form called "the knockout game" by some.  That is, cities from coast to coast regularly report instances of black youth beating into submission or death white males and females.  Hate crimes?  Of course not, how dare you even think it!?  I realize "Obamacare" appears to have death panels imbedded within its evil pages, but I never would have guessed gangs of primarily urban black youth would initiate some form of the Adorable  -- oops, I mean, Affordable -- Health Care Act even before the government could start the machine.

While threats of prison sentences and warnings backed up by nothing will be the inevitable result, the truth is that until troubled / impoverished / angry black youth choose their heroes more carefully -- and how that will happen, I've no clue -- and substitute black role models who became successful through hard work, as opposed to thuggish music "stars" of the moment who ultimately contribute nothing but racist hatred and really, really bad choices, there can be no rest in the streets, and violent young cowards without a cause will continue to invoke mayhem cloaked in blood behind the harmless word, game.  Yes, just like on the "playing field," the altar of worship to anything called a sport, a game.  Just a game.  With virulent videos often a bonus.  It only took a few years to go from Candid Camera to the killer-cam.

The only funny part of this ongoing outrage, if that's even possible, was an article in USA Today by a vastly misinformed, if not subconsciously self-misinformed, reporter claiming "the knockout game" to be only an urban myth.  A quick review of numerous "knockout" news reports all over the country easily proves otherwise and, of course, the prez says nothing to help.  He didn’t help the Iranian people with firm words of support when they took to the streets, so why would we expect anything better in this instance?  This Administration is a knockout game.

Wasn't LBJ's "Great Society" program supposed to solve inner city problems and make life a bustling paradise for city residents?  And if immigration “reform” goes forward, black youth unemployment and frustration is bound to increase substantially.  Wasn’t there a news report a few months ago about Hispanic gangs literally terrorizing and chasing black families out of Oakland, CA? 

STARTING EARLY:  People magazine, certainly a paragon of hard-hitting journalism (if by journalism one means mindless celebrity revelations), has selected NY governor Andrew Cuomo as its sexiest 55-year-old man.  I beg to differ.  What People has done is to help put a Cuomo image contrivance out in front to aid Democrat aspirations for the presidency in 2016.  As Queen of Benghazi Hillary Clinton's VP, of course.  Thanks to NY City, and to hell with the rest of the state, Cuomo's popularity may be on the rise -- mainly because NY City folk love being endlessly regulated by government, and this couldn't be more true since their recent overwhelming selection of a proud socialist variety as mayor.  The thing about Cuomo is, like every good progressive, he wants to control every hair on our heads, as he's already proven with extreme gun legislation, plowed through by his willing accomplices in the dead of night, with no public discussion or input.  Cuomo as president?  May the party faithful come to their senses quickly.

IRAN ALL THE WAY HOME JUST TO SAY I'M NOT SORRY:  So hasty is Obama for something to crow about in the midst of a second sorry-ass term that he instructed willing minions and lapdogs to whip up an agreement for peace in our time with those in Iran for whom peace is a crime.  Looks as though Iran doesn't really believe there are any limits on nuclear material production or use, despite the secret Obama/Kerry negotiations which pretty much told Israel in no many words to take a dirt nap.  In fact, Iran and North Korea reportedly still labor to put their dangerous little heads together to come up with a radioactive glow sufficient to light up the world one day.  Obama and reluctant state governors everywhere should just allow citizens to own any and all the guns we wish, because the incompetently cunning Obama bunch just gave Iran -- and by default, North Korea --  permission to blow up anything that moves, including us.  Impeachment and prison, please.  No annoying filibusters required for that.

And speaking of filibusters in the Senate, what a hoot to hear sound bites of the recent past from all those filibuster haters on the progressive Democrat side who originally extolled the virtues of the filibuster.  These multi-faced liars of convenience need to be booted next election by voters whose brains aren't tied in pathetic knots by whatever distractions are taking place on playing fields.  Fans diverted from national scandals by sedating fields of dreams should instead be exposed politically to fields of screams.

Now, the Pope?  He's up with God, but seemingly down on capitalism.  I knew this one appeared too good to be true.  Why does socialism hide behind every corner?  Okay, he needs to insist that the Vatican divest itself of all wealth, including gold and silver thingies, and no more pope-mobile, either.  I'm not Catholic, but Mr. Pope I'll gladly accept a few of those solid-gold Vatican chalices, should you wish to send 'em along, and that way I can do my part to help separate wealth from the truly wealthy -- and the truly wealthy is and always has been The Church.

Obama delays another deadline for Obamacare until, conveniently, after the November 2014 elections, this time for small businesses -- the same people whose employees are poised to lose health care by the millions.  Again, I suggest -- because 100 percent of those who voted for Obamacare in the House of Representatives were Democrats, then 100 percent of those requiring election-time replacement in the House in 2014 are these ladies and gentlemen, for they've no excuse whatsoever for the expensive agenda they perpetrated upon the country.

Lara Logan takes the fall at Sixty Minutes on CBS-TV for less than a truthful (?) report about Benghazi.  Was she ganged-up upon and suspended for the sins of higher-ups?  We don't use those words unwisely, recalling her experience of utter horror and rape in the Middle East as a reporter.  Some ponder if this punishing action was taken to actually protect Obama, or the presumed presidential candidacy of queen of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton.  Logan's critical comments about Obama's Afghanistan policy, Benghazi and radical Islam terrorism -- the words which nobody must utter -- are these a major factor in her suspension?  The name of the rose, by any other name, is still jihad, and when we at last depart Afghanistan Al Qaeda will move back in, obliterating all traces of any possible effective rationale dictated by America's favorite would-be on Pennsylvania Avenue.  When the history books finally get it right someday in a less cluttered political future, this president and his policies should be categorized as equivalent to a pathetic fungal blight on American society, and his associates as intellectual buffoons or dangerously misguided progressive lunatics intent upon centralizing maximum power in Washington.  Historians may also ask why none went to prison, though drooling admiration and protection by the corrupt Fourth Estate, invited to those suspicious "off the record" meetings with the president, may be suggested as a factor.

A PRESIDENTIAL THANKSGIVING:  I can't remember the last time a sitting president spent Thanksgiving visiting a gaggle of criminal aliens enjoying a hunger strike in order to gain sympathy for their cause.  Why didn't Obama (more of a hovering president than a sitting president) spend the day with veterans and other good citizens instead?  Didn't he take an oath to protect us from invaders?  I don't believe the oath suggested that he embrace the enemy, no matter the situation. Politicians of any party who persist in directing these folks toward amnesty -- and one assumes the 11 million figure is vastly in error -- need to be, not thrown, but electorally rocketed out of office on Election Day.  This nonsense is all about votes, nothing else, and all the activist clingers such as Lord Zuckerberg and other idealists who think their wealth, youth or brains somehow give them a right to undo what generations of citizens built before they dropped out of the womb need to consider the legal, not the illegal.  Current immigration laws and the concept of self-deportation should be music to any true American's ear buds.

A CONGRESSIONAL GOOSE-COOKING:  As millions and millions more Americans discover – long before next year’s elections, we hope, whose lords from hell have temporarily hidden the true horrors destined to rise up like mad zombies until after November, ’14 – how expensive and/or disastrous their new health care will be, one’s only recourse is to remember and remember and remember that 100 percent of the Democrats in the House voted for Obamacare, with not one Republican joining in to burn Americans alive. Anybody who believes that physicians of all specialties and other health profession members will put up with lower payments and loads of inevitable new Medicaid patients is dreaming.  At the very least, the quality of medical care will suffer, even as Dems help redistribute the wealth, a major ingredient of the Obamacare heap.
Meanwhile, the Senate seems very much poised for change, as potential candidates with a decidedly anti-Democrat fever prepare to take action.

THE VOMIT COMET isn't just a NASA training device, it's also what happened to comet ISON as it neared the sun last week.  More than four billion years old, scientists desperately hoped the stunning cosmic jewel would pass around our sun and then fling itself back into space, thus providing invaluable data regarding secrets of the universe's creation.  Regrettably, the comet approached the sun too closely and seemingly vomited a major portion of itself into disintegration.  Obviously, our local star tempers no love or respect for elderly cometary dignitaries.  Dead comets tell no tales and dead comets leave no tails, so one can only hope enough remains out there to leave a clue or two.  Sorry, science.

Veterans of the Korean War probably should think three or four hundred times about journeying to North Korea to revisit the old digs.  Retracing old memories can be important and self-therapeutic but, really, nobody can guarantee safety in a lunatic asylum when the administrators and staff are more dangerous and cunning than the inmates.

PRISON COLONY:  Regulators and legislators continue to control and defeat the human spirit and inventive essence, probably because these folks administering a hard grip aren't good for anything else, and harbor jealousies for those who are.