Monday, December 9, 2013

All I Want for Christmas is Two

Readers:  Winter presents occasional or seemingly perdurable obstacles to many of us.  For me, access to computers becomes hit-and-miss, so I'm sure you'll understand, should there be lengthy interludes between blog entries.  However, as always, if you keep in touch with many of the links listed on this page you'll be way ahead on both UFO news AND the real and vital news "they" don't give us via TV's fantasy-drenched progressive "news" spin.

Not to keep you in suspense about the title.  It's very simple, really.  My Christmas wish is that Congress grow a pair and start impeachment proceedings -- successfully -- against the person whose mail received at the White House, if had my way, would merely be addressed to "occupant."

This is hardly my little lonely pipe dream.  National Review Online of December 5 explored the "I" word's possibilities, and apparently there is a spark or two in Congress willing to start some kind of impeachment fire, but the general will just isn't there.  Further, the possibility that the Senate would ever complete the act of impeachment and throw a constitutional parasite out of office is highly unlikely.

Frankly, when you have 100 percent of one party's representatives in the House successfully destroying, despite its faults, the best health care system in the world in an attempt to please a progressive agenda, instead of heeding the demands of millions of angry constituents, what can one logically expect? 

Unfortunately, impeachment wouldn't gut the totality of rot infesting this bunch, because the mantle would simply be passed down one level, but at least it would be something.

One thing's apparently for sure:  This do-nothing Congress, comfortable in its complacency and, all too frequently, contempt (hint:  immigration "reform") for the Americans it's sworn to represent, deserves an appropriate Election Day surprise next year, a time when voters can both send a message and rid the legislative branch of those foolhardy enough to ignore the message.

DON'T DEPEND ON THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION WHEN YOU HAVE A UFO ENCOUNTER:   Many thanks to Linda Moulton Howe's Earthfiles Web site for posting this attorney's press release regarding victimization in a famous alleged UFO incident -- and note that, perhaps wisely, the release makes no mention of a UFO. . . as a UFO.  Click below for the press release, and below that for an extended article:


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate its meaning!