Monday, October 7, 2013

RB's RB Awards for October 7, 2013

Life apparently handed me a quirky twist of fate, because my initials are also those of the term, rat bastard.  I prefer not to make routine use of words bordering upon the profane, but since fate seems to have awarded me the usage of r and b -- and I suppose I'll have to claim rhythm & blues for myself at some other time -- I want to take full advantage of the term by offering my own awards this week.  Thus, this week my Robert Barrow's Rat Bastard Awards go to:

1.  The Obama Administration.  Surprised?  Of course not.  The president who repeatedly professes a willingness to negotiate with Congress lies because he won’t and often says he won’t.    Who decided up front to shut down the Word War II memorial in D.C. and various parks?  Obama.  Who punished military academies by shutting down travel to the Naval Academy to watch the Air Force vs. Navy?  Obama.  Who (tried to) put a stop on allowing military folks overseas to watch football from Armed Forces TV?  Who prohibited military clergy from ministering to military members during the shutdown?  Obama.  Who did everything possible to close down, especially and specifically, things that would hurt Americans – and children -- and make them suffer, though not closing down his own golf course?  Obama.  As one park ranger was heard to say, they were told to make things as miserable as possible for visitors.  Enough said.  A rat bastard Administration if ever I saw one, constructed and maintained on lies.

Last week, I phoned a congressional office in Washington, D.C. and spoke with a staffer.  After explaining why I thought the hell-and-damnation stuff firmly belongs in Democrat laps regarding the shutdown, I mentioned my outrage at the WW II memorial being barricaded.  He interrupted me by reminding me that yes, but the barricade had been taken away "so that World War II veterans could visit the site under their First Amendment rights."  At that point I replied yes, I knew the barriers were down -- and also that I heard on one news program after another that the vets were able to see the memorial under First Amendment rights. 

Given that, I said, if First Amendment rights belong not only to veterans, but to every American, how come everybody can't visit the memorial now?  The stunned congressional staffer responded that this was a good question and nobody had asked it before.  Well, said I, maybe it would be a good question to ask his boss, the congressman.

So -- if I'm nobody's political genius, but can ask a question that stumps a congressional government staffer. . .how much trouble are we in?

2.  The President and Harry Reid.  I've rarely heard such a succession of snotty speeches from government officials.  Obama's talk-down-to-you lectures are just rude and hateful, and Reid's are simply rude and stupid.  They and their supporters are obviously in such a snit over the fact that few Americans want "Obamacare" that they'll do anything to get their way.  The president is obligated to negotiate, and campaigned on negotiating, but won't negotiate with anybody except foreign folks who may not be acting in our best interests.  Rat bastards occupy the White House.

3.  Governor Jerry Brown.  His decision to allow illegal criminal rat bastard aliens in California to have driver's licenses, topped off with his proclamation that this is "just the beginning," qualifies the governor as a true violator of American constitutional principles and a generally all-around genuine rat bastard.  When will these renegade government officials and romancers of "sanctuary cities," all of whom have taken an oath to defend the Constitution, go to trial and see considerable fines and prison time?  The only remedy on the horizon may be the Tea Party, growing in popularity and not nearly as "extreme" as White House rat bastards, scurrying in fear, would have us think.

4.  The Mainstream Media.  I'm thinking particularly of ABC, NBC and its cable affiliates, and CBS, and don't forget PBS, but they're hardly alone.  I used to dismiss those who claimed the network news departments and large city newspapers were in the bag for the Democrats -- until I started paying close attention.  Desert vultures would die of thirst waiting for kind words or stories complimentary to Republicans, Independents, Libertarians or anything that isn't Democrat.  In the bag?  You bet.  Probably the biggest rat bastards in the nation.  As major newspapers and commercial TV networks continue to suck and die all over the country because of the outrageously political partisan lies and kisses they keep feeding to a public which may indeed slowly be catching on, we only hope political rat bastards keep their hands off the Internet -- where at least some truth yet lies.

5.  New York City Democrats.  Heck, they've always been rat bastards, but they have a mayoral candidate who is truly  a communist and actually wants to rule beyond mere communism.  This guy wants even higher taxes on wealthy New Yorkers and his goals are sure to push many more businesses out of the city.  If you entertain plans to move to NY City because it's "exciting" or "fascinating" or something, may we suggest that you go elsewhere (Hell might be nice)?    The state itself is a bullet train wreck, and since the Democrat candidate almost seems assured (per the polls) to be elected by a majority of NYC morons who crave both socialism and nails in the coffins which used to be their lives of economic and entrepreneurial freedom, they're likely gonna get what they want.  Between rat bastards and characteristically giant NY City rats, I wonder how they can tell one from the other. 

6.  The Perpetrators of Gun-Free Zones.  We already know that most of those with firearm evil on their minds purposely seek out gun-free zones because the risk to their lives and intent is negligible.  However, there's word out there that, of all mass shootings since the 1950s, all but two occurred in gun-free areas.  If true, this is shocking and makes advocates for gun-free zones even bigger rat bastards (and negligent homicide proponents?) than they already are.  I'm no NRA member, but even I realize that this country was born at the end of a gun, and it can only perish with the absence of guns..

7.  The United Nations.  Since I was a kid I've heard how the UN is the world's greatest hope.  Anybody notice the world lately?  The UN is much too costly at our end and populated by rat bastards who look upon the United States as nothing more than a conglomerate of fools passing out taxpayer money.  If they really want to be useful, have each delegate take a million or so of our illegal immigrants back to their home countries, and don't forget the extremist Islam crowd.

8.  School Boards.  Some of these folks, not the students (and in many cases, probably not the teachers who have to enforce this absurdity), need to be taken to the woodshed.  For one thing, shame on them if they didn't lift a finger to fight Common Core, an idiotic "education" and testing system obviously  developed and instituted by both academic and government rat bastards.  Further, any school board members who think it's just fine to punish a child playing cops-and-robbers or making a "finger gun" -- or making something vaguely resembling a gun out of a breakfast pastry -- need to be removed at once.  From coast to coast, my oh my, what an established effort grinds forth to make kids fear and hate firearms.  Rather than teaching kids to respect such weapons, the concerted drive among progressive rat bastards infesting the public school system is to shame, punish and remove any thoughts that firearms can be one's best friend.  My suggestion:  Of course, the best thing would be for outraged parents to get together and sue the school boards so they'll, we hope, get an expensive message.  Otherwise, whenever these little punishment incidents regarding play or art over non-existent weapons pop up, parents at the involved school should consider banding together to encourage all their children to repeat the "offense" in unison on a particular day and time -- and make sure to have press coverage standing by at the school so the shame factor can be properly directed to educational rat bastards who seem more concerned with punishing than educating.
9.  Me.   No specific reason, I simply wanted to award myself an RB before somebody else nominates me.