Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cheering on the 400 Million Dollar (and Counting) Baby

The 400 million dollar computerized Obamacare sign-up disaster is reprehensible enough, but popping up like willow trees of discontent all over the country are honest, hard-working folks whose health insurance is either being canceled or their rates and co-pays are shooting sky-high.  But not to worry -- 16,000 freshly jackbooted IRS agents will be ready to "assist" Americans in complying with everything that logic, fairness and the Constitution warn should be avoided like pipe bombs.  All of this, even as both Great Britain and now Canada report serious problems with the "single payer" (government) concept  -- which is where we're eventually headed by design.  And because Obama is superb at, and apparently intent upon dragging Third World or Any World  ideology in to fundamentally transform America, we may look forward to similar nausea.

Meanwhile, ABC-TV's Diane Sawyer and the rest of the worthless network TV junk-journalism crowd spent Friday evening figuratively shaking their heads in disbelief over the "glitch" affecting sign-up for the Affordable Care Act.  It seems they could barely contain themselves as they remained awe-stricken, perhaps because they couldn't blame this one on the Tea Party.

Particularly because of the major media and members of the celebrity community who take every opportunity to blame the Republicans for everything, consistently giving their buddies the Democrats a pass, the polls have taken a dip for the GOP -- not that the president or Congress in general are doing that well.  One hopes the public remembers that President Obama refused to negotiate in any way with the House as the days dragged on -- even though it was his obligation to do so.  He and his are likely too busy formulating and writing regulations behind closed doors to handcuff the American spirit.

But who's getting the lion's share of blame, per media efforts?  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, of course -- and they just happen to be probably two of the most decent and honest members of Congress.  They were elected to defeat Obamacare and, say what you will, they did, with fervor, the utmost to satisfy what their constituents elected them to do.  In fact, so dedicated and proper are these and a few other Tea Party gentlemen that their own vile Republican associates condemn them. 

The president's speech following a temporary agreement on the debt ceiling revealed the same old spiteful, arrogant image he carries everywhere, with or without teleprompter infusion.  Aside from his childish comments intended to chide, but not actually name, the Tea Party (his party calls them "extremists" -- hah, they should talk) and blaming Republicans for not somehow corralling them to keep them out of the way, I was particularly amused by his comments berating radio talk shows and bloggers -- hey, that's me!

Now, in today's world of, primarily, leftists who don't give a damn about the military, may I suggest that, as a blogger who also happens to be a military veteran, my right to blog and opine  about Obama's incompetence or deceit (I waver over which is which and which is when) is worth its weight in gold against a former community organizer who got lucky in the world of politics with a little help from his leftist friends?  Oh yes, I say this even as various Dems very much wish to legislate something defining Just Who Is A Journalist And If Not Who Do You Think You Are?  All of this because the "blue dog" Democrats are nearly extinct and the radicals have commandeered the flight.  History indicates that, in the end, there are always prisons waiting to confine thugs like these.

By the way:  Tea Party folks DO have brains.  Yes, a Yale University professor had to nearly swallow his tongue when his research flew in the face of expectations and he discovered that Tea Party members seem to have an excellent understanding of scientific principles.  I assume this study also supports a theory that the only science the Democratic National Committee's public relations people understand is that sh** floats in campaign handouts.

Beware the immigration demons.  Watch for progressive political thugs on both sides of the aisle to rush to "reform" perfectly good but unenforced immigration legislation.  Radio talk show host (you know, one of the variety Mr. Obama seems not to appreciate) Michael Savage, broadcasting from the San Francisco area last week, recounted a scene (see news reports) where illegal folks were blocking a deportation bus filled with border-jumpers from returning criminal aliens to Mexico -- and nobody was arrested by the police. 

Again I ask -- why aren't Governor Brown and other alleged public servants who took a constitutional oath to protect THIS country arrested, tried and imprisoned?  Sanctuary cities are ideal locations for new prisons on all levels for activities either bordering on or encompassing treason.

Speaking of San Francisco, oh yeah,  I'll bet there were people chomping at the bit to see the rescue worker who accidentally ran over and killed a Chinese girl (covered with foam and invisible to rescuers) at a plane crash site convicted, fined and jailed for decades.  Fortunately, authorities found no lawbreaker here, and it was absurd that this case even received a review.

And then there's the Los Angeles Times, and, hmm, that's in California, too.  In a stroke of pure genius, their editors decided not to publish any more letters from deniers of global warming.  Wow, how open minds have changed!   This might be reason No. 274 why newspapers are failing all over the country.  This is one frightening development for anything left of journalism and open public opinion  -- making, logically, those bloggers and radio talk shows (those of a conservative bent only, I'm sure) condemned by President Obama all the more important for daily attention by those who wish to stay truly informed.

I should add that I have no interest in the political beliefs of those whose Web sites I list in the Links sections.  I host those links because they might be of interest to my readers.  The UFO-related sites are reliable, and beyond that I urge readers of any political persuasion to check The Drudge Report frequently.  Matt Drudge's ever-evolving news links might just change the political leopard's spots for those who give him a chance.