Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pregnant Pause President

Computer glitch?  How about an entire Administration built upon a glitch supported by lies?  Okay, I've reached the point -- if the American people don't seriously consider running and electing Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for prez and VP with just a touch of Rand Paul, then we're finished as anything but a disconnected socialist society of worthless tech-savvy boobs  from coast to coast.  My advice for the wide-eyed youth currently in love with being digitally zucked by Zuckerberg, playing endless video games and bathing in other computer-spawned charms:  Wake up and experience reality before reality experiences you into disaster.

Oh, how appropriate, that televised "glitch" speech by President Obama.  First, above all, he wasn't speaking to the nation simply because he felt obligated to calm American fears over signing up online for "Obamacare."  No, he was there because he's in trouble, his extremist ideas are in jeopardy and there's little to do but continue throwing fairy dust at Americans starting to catch on -- even if just a little -- to the coarse identity of the fabric of which the emperor's new clothes are spun.  In the end, he sounded like any common door-to-door salesman, hard-pressed to impress anybody with his New And Improved Acme Fart Slicer.  Nobody who thinks twice wants a sample of that.

Best of all?  The poor woman standing behind him, pregnant and ready to faint where she stood, only to be "rescued" by the president -- the perfect symbol of an ideologue's pregnant intentions, teetering and in danger of collapse.  But no matter, the cursed ACA thing is law now.  Maybe a good old class action lawsuit will materialize when we least expect it and take the monster out? 

It all comes down to powerful people who aren't about to sacrifice the goodies with which they have blessed themselves.  They do whatever it takes, and regarding Obamacare -- you just know this creature was written page by devious page, years ago, just waiting to pop out of its deceptively handsome shell.

And still, small business owners and employees of all kinds of businesses throughout the country come forward with outrageous reports of unexpected health insurance cancellations, dramatic cost increases and outrageous accelerations in co-pay rates -- all as a consequence of the Affordable Care Act monster. 

I may be just an old guy who refuses to embrace Facebook and kiss up to Our Bright Digital Future, but my opinion will always be that the digital revolution is more likely to destroy than save us.  There likely will be something else down the road, but it won't be remotely digital.  It can't be.   Now, as far as Obamacare is concerned, isn't that just the greatest thing since sliced farts. . .?