Monday, September 30, 2013

Bits and Pieces for September 2013

When one party (Democrats, performing their best imitation of utter socialism) and one party only in the House of Representatives passes a major health care bill affecting a commanding portion of the national budget. . .when Rep. Nancy Pelosi tells what she assumes is a gullible public that we have to pass the bill to know what's in it. . .when a president lies to all by promising we can keep our same doctors and health insurance. . .when a president considers granting exemptions for various political friends and associates and donors. . .when special legislation allows congressional staffers to have 75-percent of their health care subsidized by taxpayers. . .when the employer mandate is delayed for a year, but not the individual mandate. . .when James Hoffa, Jr. and other major union leaders start screaming like hell about how the Affordable Care Act will destroy health care plans for, not thousands, but millions of their members. . .when Supreme Court Justice Roberts twists, turns and gut-churns the definition of what a tax is in order to give the president what he wanted. . .when a society suddenly realizes that the Internal Revenue Service will be given license to lord over them like a jackbooted team of thousands to assure that you and your health care money are spent the way the government wants it spent and directed. . .when you come to the understanding that some 2700 pages of legislation did not get written overnight, but took years for primarily one political party to write. . .and when congressional staffers making six figures demand exclusions and taxpayer subsidies because they don't feel they can afford Obama's Affordable. . .you have Obamacare, so shut up, accept it and like it.  Nice, huh?  Things could have been so much easier with American-style competition over state lines, perhaps warranting a grand total of one or two pages of government legislation.  As things stand, both a shortage of medical personnel and a wave of experienced medical folk jumping ship may complicate this mess all the more.  As mental health problems worsen in the country, I think doctors and nurses might be counted among the newly-crazed class.

I'm no political genius, but when I see Democrats, Republicans and the mainstream media absolutely hating Ted Cruz (a former prosecutor, by the way, who never held political office -- refreshing. . .), Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and ridiculing the Tea Party in utter terms of non-endearment, I know wha's up:  The old guard is scared to death, fearful that its power, wealth and god-like self-image could indeed be sacrificed on the altar of public opinion come election time.  Meanwhile, typically, the media and the Dems predictably throw out the only tattered and nearly mummified cards they have left -- Clinton hags Bill and Hillary.  Notice how, at least, the Republican ex-prezes usually go away after they leave office and not pretend they still rule?

Things could change, but at this moment, frozen in time, I would much prefer to see Cruz and Paul as presidential and vice-presidential candidates, and #$@^%$# Chris Christie and #$*&$%  Marco Rubio as far as I'm concerned.  Of course, chances are Hillary will try again, as she tried previously (Remember?  She wasn't particularly impressive during previous debates), but this time she'll have the well-deserved baggage of Benghazi and consistent failures clocked up as secretary of state as her ball-and-chain.  Will America remember?  Will nitwits absorbed in little more than electronic this-pads and that-pads, bad movies, games and sports (where fans are too busy murdering one another) even notice?

A NO-UFO ABDUCTION?   Why does ol' Robert (that's me) back off from so much of the  contemporary UFO, etc. "scene?"  Well, this sort of thing helps -- Various accounts suggest that when Dr. Steven Greer and his bodyguards arrived to speak at the "Contact in the Desert" symposium in August, they locked the doors and refused to let anybody out during the session.  Kinda hot in the desert, too, we're told, even in the room.  You can get further details on the Web, but for my money I doubt it would have been a bad thing if the whole building and most of its occupants had been abducted and propelled far, far out into deep space.  Why would I write something so cruel?  Because I hoped the "New Age" claptrap went away with molasses-thick hair gel.  If one wishes to use the term UFO and the word science in the same sentence and expects the media and world to take you seriously, it isn't likely to happen at something called "Contact in the Desert," nor did it happen at Giant Rock.  So-called UFO conferences often become little more than meet-and-greets with a carnival atmosphere, prettied up as clowns galore sell and impart their wares, all dolled-up with artistically haunting images of wide-eyed aliens used for background decorations. 

HOMELAND INSECURITY:   Why is a Homeland Security higher-up a proud and active member of the internationally and deservedly condemned Muslim Brotherhood?  This is starting to make some news in the states.  For those who need to know, the MB despises Western values and wants you, your mom and your kids to either convert to strict Islam or die as they rebuild the empire -- the Caliphate.  In no way have these folks been neutered in world influence, and it's right here in our front yard.  This White House has a funny way of showing trust.

Thanks a lot, John Kerry for signing a new %$*&#$% United Nations arms treaty, which I'm not about to believe won't affect American gun rights somewhere down the road.  Fortunately, the U.S. Senate tends to defeat these sweet little U.N. dictums which often seem intended to interfere with our constitutional rights, sooner or later.

Just wondering:   If enough military personnel become disenchanted with the Commander-in-Chief (you know, the one who thinks corpsmen are pronounced as corpse men) and bail out when their service comes up for renewal -- would the military draft be reinitiated?  I guess then we would find out how much young people "love" their president, to say the least.