Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scraping Bottom

Everything was said and done for me when Obama's minions closed down the World War II and Vietnam veterans memorials -- yet allowed, encouraged and praised an assembly of illegal criminal border-jumping illegitimates on the National Mall.  With several Democrat members of Congress in the mix, of course.   If ever a reason existed to defeat the Obama bunch at the polls, this was it.  How much different could it be to have a flock of communists running the country, rather than progressive terrorists who don't give a hoot about what American citizens think or want?  These intellectual frauds dictate the stuff of which dictators are made. 

Then two more military generals were fired, or is that "removed."  For what?  Poker chip scandals and for acting. . . how?  I think this president has even less respect for the military and veterans than I suspected.  His "fundamental transformation" of the country is the very nightmare, the two-ton elephant in the room that goes unnoticed because a nation prefers to ignore it.  My political party, right or wrong, do or die.  All or nothing.

One hopes that the country's young people soon come to the stark realization that they are the ones stuck with a quickly growing bill lovingly known as Obamacare.  Some polls are said to suggest their continuing love affair with this president, but as the expenses roll in over the next several years, and people discover that the Affordable Care Act is a personally costly venture, the name Obama may be destined to become a new epithet, a curse word for the generations.

Yet, we live in the Here and Now, and we wonder, will young folks otherwise engaged in electronic entertainment pursuits and lies taught in universities eventually comprehend that the Tea Party attempted to save them from a bureaucratic health care nightmare?  Will faithful GOP members embrace the Tea Party instead of its hoary and moldy elite of  far too many years?

Meanwhile, somebody out there really is getting free health care right now:  The terrorist just brought to New York from Libya.  Bringing this cockroach to the USA was incredibly stupid enough on the part of this consistently dumb-ass Administration, but it turns out he has hepatitis (hepatitis-C, according to early reports) and you can bet he's receiving the best health care a radical Islamic insect can get anywhere from coast to coast.  Seems that a little interrogation  followed by a lead bullet cocktail and a deep ocean swim would effect a suitable cure for this mass killer.

Halloween passes by in a few days and I've written a story appropriate for the season.  As always, it's free for the looking, so that relieves me of any need to endure critical comments.  By the way, it's copyrighted, so be sure to invite all your director and producer friends to stop by and read the thing so's they can offer me giant money and gain permission to adapt it into a TV or motion picture production.  Yeah, oh, and remember to get them drunk first, too.  We'll post it in a few days, and the title is "Indeterminate."