Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Grim Red Line

Nerve gas in Syria vs. the nerve of a president to say something stupid about crossing a red line that put us right where we are today.  Now what?  A three-hour air war?  Something far more devastating to U.S. ground forces?  And later? There's a "chill wind" blowing, said actor Tim Robbins when George Bush held Office, and now with Barack Obama in the Oval Office there's a hot red line advancing right up our butts.  Great Britain wants nothing to do with this mess, most of the American people feel the same and Congress is going to waver and waffle on a decision until they determine what it means for elections.  Boehner already caved, no surprise there.  Will this be a line of bureaucratic red ink, or a line of red blood spilt by American soldiers?

Flashbacks. . .of liberals who condemned George Bush. . .as they should have. . .but who now feed hungrily at the war trough of Barack Obama. . .and Internet postings by members of the all-volunteer military services, wondering why they're being asked to support Al Qaeda and other terrorists in Syria as we lean toward action in support of these (including cannibals) so-called rebels.  The true answer can only come from the Muslim Brotherhood-loving Barack Obama, and he's not talking that talk. 

By the way, where is the "red line" when people such as Robert Hastings and former Air Force captain Robert Salas consistently come up with current and ex-military personnel who watched UFO activity over nuclear missile bases, invasive activity sometimes reported to affect numerical missile codes?  Now that's national security territory!  I would suggest that's the sort of "red line" that should have White House personnel screaming from the rooftops.  But, oh, silly me, we aren't supposed to pay attention to that kind of news, only the pap fed to us by our government-friendly TV networks.  Anyway. . .Syria. . .

Pardon my immense cruelty, but if we rush off to destroy something on a continent every time a dead child's face shows up on the evening news -- and TV performs exceptionally well at showing such inflammatory images -- often jeopardizing thousands of our own young military personnel sooner or later, we will never get out of the jams we currently endure and pay big money to operate.  In the meantime, poison gas or not, the U.S. military has undergone severe cuts and more are coming in the weeks ahead, and I think we know who to thank for that.  Treaties and poison gas and death and destruction -- it's always been left up to us, but "us" can't continue attempting to solve the world's nastiest problems anymore -- and there's seldom anything but more trouble in store for the U.S. and its economy now.  Yes, our valiant efforts were nice while they lasted, for us and the world, but the reservoir, the bank and the bag of good intentions are almost fresh out of goodies to fight the planet's human ills, which continue to thrive and infest societies ruled by dictators, poverty, illness and ignorance.  The right thing to do may already have taken a back seat to just do something. 

Yes, Syria's Assad is a monster who gasses his own people, and the rebels are composed significantly of Al Qaeda and also cannibals who have been witnessed to rip out and eat the organs of Syrian soldiers whom they've killed.  Now, if John McCain, Lindsey Graham, the president and his supporters wish to put their children into uniform and send them over to Syria to deal with this living horror movie, feel free. 

Discovery of sarin nerve gas in Syria -- and are we really certain exactly who released it, and did we help faceless antagonists along the way? -- caused Obama to specify the situation as "a menace which must be confronted."  We might suggest that, indeed, Mr. Obama's entire fraud of a presidency is a menace which must be confronted in terms of economic failures, invasion of privacy to an extent almost beyond comprehension, increasing use of the IRS as a billy club, health legislation guaranteed to strangle rather than heal a system which was already working pretty well, an expensive and cumbersome energy policy of sorts, environmental legislation seemingly crafted by lunatics, executive orders prepared as if Congress doesn't even exist, and regulation after regulation peppered at all levels throughout government which serve to oppress, depress and obfuscate via extensively required paperwork and agenda.  Our stateside menace is Obama, and he needs to be impeached.  Meanwhile, he'll focus our attention on other matters so as to remain squeaky clean and unnoticed regarding what he has done to the American people and to the American spirit.

And he's going to do everything he can to keep his word about that damned red line, in hopes that history will regard him wisely for keeping his word.
Some wonder whether Saudi Arabia is pulling Obama's strings here, while others suggest an agenda from Israel. 

Mr. Obama -- and Hillary Clinton, let's never forget -- were significant influences upon the "Arab spring" and all the hideous domino effects which sprung forward as a result.  Panic over death caused by sarin gas in Syria?  Lots of murders?  Well, one logically supposes we'll perform "limited" bombing in Syria and then move on to North Korea, Iran and China, other geo spots known for indiscriminate killing?  Hey, whether nerve gas or bullets, death is death.  So where to after Syria?

Jesse Marcel, Jr. dies:   President Ronald Reagan declared, in response to the Challenger space shuttle disaster, that the dead astronauts "touched the face of God."  We might say the same about Jesse Marcel, Jr., who, at age 10, recalls holding what he consistently and staunchly believed was a shred of alien technology -- a strange piece of something, some peculiar material imprinted with symbols akin to an unknown language.  Extraterrestrial evidence?  I confess, Roswell was never my "thing," but that's only because I had zero to do with researching the case.  To those researchers who pour their hearts, souls and money into establishing the who, what, when and where of it all -- though the journalistic "how" remains elusive to this day -- we must offer our sincere gratitude, for otherwise the story and its historical legs might have remained buried.  As for Marcel, whose military father brought the material straight from the alleged crash site so his family could see something likely never to be observed again, his credentials as both a physician and military officer clearly portray him as somebody who knew. . .something of note.   Dr. Marcel, 76, was found dead in his home on August 24.  His loss will be keenly felt by those who knew and worked with him.  It's sadly true, time waits for no one.