Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fumes From a Bus

They call it Ground Force One, and it's a big bus, painted mystery-black and cost the U.S. government a million dollars to construct to operational, comfort and security specifications for the President.  Yeah, it's kind of like Air Force One, but it's a bus, a loaded bus.  Actually, actually (useless word, just had to repeat it, next time I’ll have to say as a matter of fact), there are two.

Barack Obama's GFO ruled the roads and highways of New York and Pennsylvania this week, making stops for the President to speak at schools about his dreams of affordable college educations for every child in America -- we assume, even for kids who don't want to attend college.  The problem, of course, is trying to first teach a significant portion of high school seniors how to read and write before graduating.

Appearing characteristically coooooooool and in charge as he woos a Central NY high school full of believers, his speech about, let's call it what it is, more government interference in private business and industry -- and now including the very colleges and universities which spawn an endless succession of progressives and morons with degrees -- Obama's words of wisdom come just hours after United Parcel Service announces to 15,000 employees that spouses who have access to their own health insurance will have to go that route, because UPS will no longer be able to afford to cover everybody under the dreaded Affordable Care Act.  Obama's optimistic speech contains no mention of this latest Obamacare nightmare.

Meanwhile, an Australian teen in Oklahoma is gunned down by, as we now know, young black "hate crime" practitioners, and while much of the U.S. media characteristically go out of their way not to identify the perps by race, the Australian press reports everything in detail and Aussies at all levels warn their people to avoid visiting the United States.

Where is Eric Holder?  Surely, the DOJ wants in on this?  No?

Strangely, the President from the big black bus fails to remark that if he had a son he would look like the Australian boy.

Also, not long before Mr. Obama's school speech, an 89-year-old World War II veteran who served gallantly in Okinawa, is beat to death by two black teens, captured the next day.  Peculiarly, Mr. Obama likewise lost an opportunity to comment that if his father were living, he might look just like the WW II veteran.

So Mr. Obama's lecture of Hope and Change in the world of educating the uneducable goes on, even as the nation buzzes with the revelation that a black government employee of Homeland Security has a Web site warning of a race war and condemning white people -- and his own boss, the prez.  Still, Obama says nothing about this during his speech. 

One can almost put one's ear to the ground and detect sounds of the hooves of racism out there, but instead of inane comments issued by the Klan, they come from angry black youth, and one wonders if their motivation is simply This is for Trayvon.  Or at least that might be the excuse.

And I wish I could be Billy Mumy in that old "Twilight Zone" episode for two minutes so I could wish useless dinosaurs Sharpton and Jackson into "the cornfield" and replace them with Allen West and Dr. Benjamin Carson as real black teen role models. 

The President, speaking in Central NY, laps up applause from the young and unsuspecting audience who will pay dearly for his screw-ups until the day they die, and steps down from the podium, accompanied by several Secret Service agents.  I can't help but wonder if any of these agents are from the old crew, and ponder whether some will be out paying for hookers whilst the prez sleeps at a hotel in Auburn, NY Thursday night.  How much could Auburn hookers cost? Probably not much.

Then local TV media get into the act, several members gushing over the President's visit and, instead of acting as journalists, some of the TV anchors turn into fan club members, approving and thus editorializing their views on his proposals.

Friday, somewhere on major highways through New York and Pennsylvania, Ground Force One will continue its journey, its star occupant rested and ready to endlessly deliver speeches of hope as he publicly ignores and speaks nothing of the darkest clouds which threaten us all.  Maybe because some of those clouds were seeded by his own refusal to help make them disperse.

This president needs to explain his love for the Muslim Brotherhood, because it certainly appears evident.  A former Muslim appearing on Michael Savage's radio show accuses Obama's brother of explicit ties to and efforts for the Muslim Brotherhood.  True?  False?  Relevant to the President's ongoing love affair with the MB? 
David Axelrod -- are you really all that certain this prez doesn't deserve impeachment?  More congressional eyebrows seem to be raising over that issue.

Give me a #15 blade scalpel, a hammer and a lemon squeezer and I'll perform the surgery myself.  Bradley Manning, you freakin' transgendered loon, when I supported the idea of gays in the military, I never had somebody like you in mind.  But forget you -- it's your military chain of command which needs surgery, all the people who let a nut case such as you consistently have access to intelligence information.  Well, what's done is done, and while you sit in prison actually believing that Obama awaits the day to pardon you, better work on that wig and makeup in the years ahead, dude lady.  I suppose, since you've apparently honored the Clintons by choosing to call yourself Chelsea, that when Major Hasan over at Ford Hood decides to don a burka and declare himself a female during his remaining time on earth, he'll be forced to take on the only name left -- Hillary Hasan.  What the hell is going on in our military?

A giant thank you to the military deliberators who determined that Major / Doctor Hasan is "eligible" to die for his crimes.  Too bad it took four absurd years to reach this point.  Now we’ll see if anybody has the guts to terminate this murderous parasite.  Perhaps a little anti-psychotic lethal injection would help.  I remain incredibly skeptical that this Islamic cockroach will ever see anything but a natural death, and should that occur it's because it's all in the game for Obama Administration sympathizers determined to convert the military from a lethal force into basket weavers and (grrrrr!) nation builders.

It's a shame that historians require decades to accurately write about historical figures, because President Obama will be looked upon as one of the worst U.S. and world leaders in history.  His continuing affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood has helped cause insurmountable tragedy in the Middle East, including the destruction of Coptic Christian churches and the murder, torture and rape of Christians.  Why has this president not said one word about the Christian slaughter?  Be grateful for the Egyptian military, probably the only entity able to maintain something akin to sanity among the chaos in Egypt.  When will we start sweeping the U.S. government clean of Muslim Brotherhood associates?

How easily diverted are an alarming percentage of America's young people?  While the world burns and the country agonizes over dangerous politics, they spend their energy condemning Ben what's-'is-name over being chosen to play the next -- FANTASY FIGURE -- Batman in a movie.  Already there are at least a couple of petitions posted to the White House Web site signed by throngs of  fans asking Obama to do something about this carnage.  One suspects the politically unaware and gullible would even believe a carefully contrived rumor that Obama plans to pardon and release Pvt. Bradley "Chelsea" Manning from prison to portray Robin in the next motion picture.