Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Guns of September

His name sounds like a car.  Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the showroom as we unveil the 2013 Alexis. 

But Aaron Alexis was not a car, just another human monster in a world going increasingly mad without permission.  Crazy used to mean talking to yourself in crowds or walking nude down the street.  The good old days. 

12 people dead, older folks working as government contractors on a Washington, D.C. Navy base that doesn't seem much like the Navy bases most of us remember.  Kinda depressing to watch a Navy commanding officer relate how he went into hiding to avoid getting shot.  Funny how the upper echelon doesn't much want military people carrying weapons anymore.  Guns, you know.

General George Patton, I wish you could return from the dead, visit Congress and every legislative body in the United States, and slap the crap out of the people determined to neuter us all.  Um, I think you might need to make a quick stop at the White House, too.

By the way -- and I've not heard this discussed anywhere yet  -- while microwaves and voices and violent video "games" were ruling the mind space of one Aaron Alexis day after night after day, what did those voices tell him to do to the Navy computers with which he was intimately familiar as a trusted computer technician?  Did he add any goodies to spread among hard drives without end?  Did his work entail any "adjustments" intended to screw the digital pooch someday soon?  Did he download any sensitive information, remove it from the Navy installation and offer it up to the voices as a peace offering on some devious Web site?

And now the investigations begin.  12 innocent folks are still dead, but the government will explore post-disaster to see if anything went wrong with security.  If.  Meanwhile, Sen. Feinstein (big scandal about her husband selling post offices via a no-bid contract right now, and the far left media are burning hot about it) and the usual debasers of constitutional freedoms scream for more gun control -- joined also by celebs such as Henry Winkler, whom I thought was too busy taping those heartfelt TV commercials where banks try to sign up senior citizens for reverse mortgages.  Creepy, just creepy.

President Obama, currently the most impeachable commander-in-chief a rational mind can imagine,  loves his Executive Orders.  Indeed, he just violated U.S. laws (primarily the Arms Export Control Act) by allowing some heavy weaponry to be sent to the "rebels" in Syria -- you know, the ones recent estimates claim to consist of at least 40 percent Al Qaeda.  Members of the bonkers Islamic faithful  who hate the United States and want to kill us all.  The prez sent weapons to our own enemies.  My opinion:  This man might do better to rule from a federal prison cell, where, incidentally, extravagant vacations at taxpayer expense and frequent golf outings are rare.  We consistently smell the essence of impeachment.  When will Congress do its job?

The "Executive Order" president should, right now, get serious about something else -- go before the national TV cameras, swallow really, really hard and tell the nation that he approves of all law-abiding, apparently stable adult citizens and active military personnel to carry firearms for personal and public protection, whether they work on military bases, other government institutions, or in the mom-and-pop store on the corner.  AND there will be no lawsuits against businesses which end up in the middle of firearm protection actions.  Doing more to deprive citizens of firearms is increasingly a very bad, short-sighted and dangerous idea.  From coast to coast, Americans find their daily lives confronted by the possibility of life-and-death decisions formerly unfathomable, and obviously there can't be a cop stationed on every square foot of America.  Why should we all not have the same opportunities for self-protection as the president, celebrities and others of influence?  Answer:  Those with the power have no intention of sharing it with you.

But, of course, our president won't do that.  I think he's too busy right now watching the progressive world collapse around him, so many of his plans unlikely to fly, while so many others did indeed take wing, but the wings are of wax a la Icarus and a major melt may be in store.

Did we learn nothing after Fort Hood?  Why are the frauds and schemers in Washington, sworn to defend, rather than twist the Constitution and the country, not in prison yet?  No, not just thrown out -- prison and nothing less.  The reasons are surely legion.  The latest reasons encompass 12 dead on American government soil, a place which should rightly be the safest in the country, if not the world. 

Ultrasound Update:   I read that ultrasound is now used to treat anxiety and cause pleasurable feelings when applied to specific brain areas.  Not only does this beg the question of its possible use during UFO abduction incidents -- now I'm curious whether Aaron Alexis may really have been exposed to microwave invasions.  Seems nuts, I know, but look at big government's quickly rising wealth of technological interference toys.  If we can invent a gay bomb to render enemies gay and (passionately) sexually active with one another on the battlefield -- and the Air Force has, though, we are informed, the bomb never went into production --  why not microwaves to the brain?  This is my ELF weapon is part of what Alexis etched into his gun, perhaps to signify extremely low frequency.  Or maybe it just means ELF and nothing more.  We sometimes like to add mystery, bells and whistles to chaos and tragedy, but sometimes perpetrators are just mentally going, going and gone, nothing more.