Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wordsmiths of Convenient Denial


(As the photo suggests, Jihad among both sub-aquatic bottom feeders and Islamic extremists is never pretty.)

Yes, even as I commit these words to some digital phantom world,  I'm more than aware that the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is taking place in Washington, D.C. this week, and I beg your sympathy and understanding as I hide under a desk until the affair ends.  Despite one's best intentions, when I see these unofficial little UFO-related soirees occurring in D.C., only one word comes to mind:  Greer.  The name which may, but need not be, present to win amongst the gems and the clutter.  But best wishes and good luck to all. Enjoy.

Anyway, some members of the mainstream press assigned to cover the week's proceedings were surely present at the White House Correspondents dinner this weekend, hee-hawing over zingers and guffaws barely two weeks after a little boy's murder by terrorist explosives in Boston.  Barely two weeks after three adults were sliced to death while body parts of survivors were torn asunder due to instantaneous traumatic disarticulation.

Barely two weeks after our society was again put on heightened alert from coast to coast. 

But no matter.  Glitter counts, and decades after its inception, The Big Dinner in D.C. attempted to outdo itself.  A star-studded gala, indeed, populated by members and embers of the Washington press corps and associates, both Democrat and Republican notables and, not to be forgotten -- many of Hollywood's familiar faces, be they actors, directors, producers or other denizens of the celebrity realm.  Yes, the movers and shakers of the country, those who make the news of irrelevance and those who report the news as if the irrelevant were relevant for the rest of us.

Take a good, long look, America -- in that room were some of the folk who dictate public policy and plan our daily lives.  A mainstream media enveloped by and intertwined with a profoundly corrupt political system, Hollywood, money, excess, power and control -- and the rest of us don't matter a damn except as pawns.  Unfortunately, many pawns willingly accept the role.

Jokes flew like airborne virus droplets as the crowd roared, and an eight-year-old American boy and others, intent only upon watching a marathon of runners in Boston, remained dead, gone and forgotten by laughing and grinning human masks attending the exclusive press dinner, and whom, after belching, wiping their mouths with luxury napkins and probably exuding a fart or two, would return to their lairs to execute a continuing barrage of articles focused compassionately upon two young men and their gutter-trash family.

Yet, even as Boston's mayhem loomed fresh and the correspondents' dinner "progressed," President Obama still couldn't use the words, Islam extremists, nor radical Muslims.  Nor will government agencies, having been instructed to tone down the truth.  Boston's tragedy, like Fort Hood’s little incident, might ultimately require an official designation of workplace violence, to avoid hurting the feelings of groups who sympathize with the perpetrators.

Obama doesn't get it?  No, Obama does get it, but he refuses to publicly detail that connection between Muslims who live in peace -- and the rest of them.  He can only do that with the proper words, and when one witnesses an Administration which, until a few days ago, couldn't even excavate the word, terrorism and certainly won't semantically implement that old chestnut, war on terror, particularly when the Islamic element must be implicated, there's a problem.  How can our intelligence agencies function effectively, when real terror and its practitioners are downgraded to bogeyman status?  Instructions and manuals used by government intelligence agencies are said to have experienced extracted references combining Islam with terror threats, as if by word surgeons.

So yet we wait. 

Maybe we wait until before or after the next correspondents’ dinner, or maybe nobody will notice because some drug-infested Hollywood starlet will break a fingernail and head off for pampering and rehab -- but no matter, it will happen.  More terrorism in the USA.  It won't be the Tea Party, nor a gang of organized psycho-Christians. Whatever the format, it will occur on behalf of radical Islam.  Again, the press will meow and swoon, political leaders will insist upon more control over us all and, after the usual routine of tearful speeches by government representatives who won't dare utter the words, extremist Islam, we'll bury our dead and return to a willing embrace of short and long-term memory loss.  What a society -- influential media wordsmiths and a president who refuse to accurately use the valuable cache of dictionary tools arranged conveniently before them, so all the rest of us can do is continue whistling in the dark, all the while building coffins in sizes big and small.

You say Syria, I say Shariah, it’s all the same to me, and the almost incoherent whisperings, the thought of putting American boots on the ground, is abhorrent.  If the Syrian government falls, the story will be the same.  Radical Islam will take over and the United States will be hated more than ever.  With the kind assistance of President Obama’s foreign policy, whatever that is, extremists have claimed one Middle Eastern country after another as our military people sacrifice life and limb.  There is no winning here, and while I’m not keen on saying a good word about Russia – which isn’t about to watch its Syrian government allies fall – we do need to back off and back out.  Obama’s non-existent Islamic terror is the only other potential winner in the region.  By the way, if O hadn’t shot off his big clueless mouth and promised consequences if chemical weapons were used, and now finds himself dumbfounded and probably as anxious as a child who just urinated in her party dress, forging ahead may have been a bit easier.

And it appears that several government people who know the truth about Benghazi may testify, even after claims of threats by the Obama Administration regarding their careers.  All I can say is, don’t forget to invite Hillary Clinton, far from loquacious on this matter – Hillary, whose legacy as Secretary of State will historically be regarded as dead in the water, to put it mildly.  Word is, those who testify will assert that an attempt to save our people could have been made, perhaps successfully.  
Danger lurks from within.  May we be comforted by three little words of hope, though bordering on impossible because the Equal Justice Railway apparently lost its glow once the far spiffier Social Justice Express breezed into town:  Impeach, impeach, impeach.