Monday, April 1, 2013

My Country 'tis of They

Welcome to New York State, poised to be the new fascist capitol of the United States, and just determined in a national survey to be the least "free" state in the country.  While NY City's mayor Michael Bloomberg prostitutes a significant and steady share of his wealth and power in attempts to ban or modify a laundry list of Things He Doesn't Think You Should Decide About As A Formerly Free American, the state's governor Andrew Cuomo laughs off concerned gun owners as extremists while he and fellow usurpers of common sense and the public good forge ahead with the strictest and likely most unconstitutional firearm legislation in the U.S.  No doubt about it, the masks are off now and the charade is over.  Bloomberg even spends his fortune to influence elections out of state.  And Cuomo?  Funny what depths some folks will plumb to become president, even turning against one's own people with the stroke of a pen to facilitate a self-journey to official Washington Oz and its elite.  May the nation know him for what he is, long before the 2016 elections.  Megalomania is never pretty.

It's little wonder that guns have become all the buzz among members of the nation's political class, already beholden to an agenda of control.  They don't take kindly or comfortably to a Second Amendment intended to sort out protections for those who serve, and for those who are served, from those who merely rule and dominate.

Meanwhile, as all the special interests attired in sheeps' clothing are out there, blaming and condemning law-abiding Americans because they can't get their hands on so much as the ghosts of Adam Lanza, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold and a host of others who checked out after completion of their grizzly actions,  yet another series of homicides is about to take place within the classrooms of schools all over the country -- murders of the mind.  Common Core, See-Scope and other "teaching tools" approved by members of  both political parties hover in readiness to invade schools and the learning process.  The dangers of  this New School are said to include technological monitoring (with high-tech equipment literally spying on young brains) and data mining of students and their families, and the choices -- the real choices -- will no longer be decided at the parent-teacher level.  Almost before children can do math -- and it is our understanding that "math" will hardly be the same again -- an electronic file springs into existence, damned nearly noting their every everything, and a digital identity will conceivably track them indefinitely, providing enough data to determine an educational and employment fate over which they may have no control.  This is not the U.S.  This is China.  This is Russia.  Is it not?  Critics say this wild curricula might be stopped, but the time is short.  This year.  School PTAs and state and local legislators at every level must heed these potential changes with extreme caution because, according to some, this is the situation that will determine how free our country will remain evermore.

And the battle over guns?  The cart-before-the-horse crowd, even as polls show the public has become bored with the whole affair, continues to focus upon firearms, seemingly caring barely a whit about why, why, why society grows increasingly violent, crazed and disconnected from what used to be a sense of reality one could almost touch and feel.  No more.  Thanks a lot for laughs from the other side, digital world.  The worst may be yet to come, for the young.

We were advised years ago, not that many, never to fear the computer. Instead,  we were to embrace its marvels and be set free from our cares.  That was then.  Now, we wake up every morning with a fair amount of dread, or should.  Who will hack our computers today?  Who will shut down our electrical or water supplies?  Who will steal our identities today?  Who will track our every move today and take photos with tiny objects too diminutive to see?  How many hundreds or thousands of dollars will it cost to repair a digital catastrophe in the automobile?  How do we know our digital votes at election time aren't being hijacked and changed?  Why is it that personal information authorities promised would be impossible to steal is stolen on a regular basis?  Who can we trust?  Who should trust us?  Maybe your heroes include Gates, Zuckerberg, Google (yes, which owns and carries this very blog) and all the other familiar names, but they are not my heroes.  What they are is inventors and inventions, but perhaps more for the moment than the future, and that's a good thing -- but when inventions morph into structures to be feared, fostering the emergence of supremely technical people with more knowledge and influence than our own governments or societies can contend with on something equivalent to an equal footing, that's worrisome.  Some may prefer technocratic rule over the votes of a congressman from some farming district, but therein lies the danger.  How can common people share in and drive the destiny guaranteed to them within a government when computers intrude, fail to enable freedom and instead enslave those who dwell far outside of the digital kingdom whose hardware ultimately prefers obedience and sameness over ingenuity of the individual who desires a computer-less existence?  Nonetheless, not even computer technology may survive the next wave of uniquity splashing over an horizon of chaos.

IN THE NEWS -- WET NO MORE:   I think most of us can agree that the term, wetbacks, a vulgar term applied primarily to Mexicans who enter the USA illegally, is rude, crude and unfathomable in today's society, so I, too, was appalled at the government representative who used a word he grew up with without giving its utterance a second thought.  Indeed, people of any culture and any nation who come into the country against our laws, as already written, should more accurately be referenced as illegal border-jumping criminal aliens.  That sort of encompasses everybody, don't you think?

GAY MARRIAGE:  Hey youse, when I jumped up and called for gay folk the privilege of serving in the military, no way did I see the marriage thing on the track.  Are you crazy?  Keep this up and I may well address the courts for my right to marry a dog -- though I reluctantly confess I've never known a dog that would have me.  Then again, loose tongues admit that there's nothing like a nice bouquet of dog biscuits, rabbit scent, road kill fragments and Ken-L-Ration to attract the very best.  Trouble is, I don't think they make Ken-L-Ration anymore.

FORT HOOD:  Please, somebody get Major Hasan's court-martial and trial on course.  Anybody who thinks his religion doesn't have a bearing on a nearly four-year delay -- I have a bridge high over the deep crystal blue waters of Saudi Arabia I'd like to sell you.  13 dead, dozens injured, and none were allowed the carry a firearm in that "gun free" zone on an Army base that day.  Are you kidding?  And why is Obama's Justice Department in on this mess?  So goes the JD, so goes the Administration, and thus the roadblocks in awarding The Purple Heart to the victims.  Any moron knows these folks were shot because of a jihad-headed Islamic terrorist wearing a U.S. military uniform, not something relating to "workplace violence."  Hasan will be found guilty for all that is "alleged," and he should receive the deadliest of death penalties for it (too bad a little water-boarding can't be administered first, just for old times' sake), IF anybody still has the courage to do the right thing in this increasingly wussie-fied country.