Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kissing the Dung Beetles of Islam

Seems as though the American melting pot isn't melting its contents so well anymore.  Oh yeah, it's plenty hot in here, but some of the human components aren't impressed with those rare American flames of individual freedom.  Or, some would say, with what remains of freedom.  Whose fantasy stories?  Whose truth?  We've gone from vampires to hell fires, from werewolves in dens to lone wolves with friends.  Two brothers and a Saudi man with burned hands, an order for deportation and then a cancellation, and so much more.  Heads spin.

Last week, Boston.  This week, Al Qaeda’s foiled plans to wreck a train on a very high bridge between New York and Toronto, orchestrated by Iran.  And who would have guessed that two non-citizen Canadian residents with Middle East-sounding names, the intended perpetrators, were arrested after being watched for some time by the authorities, as they conducted their deadly planning in Montreal and Toronto?

Does anybody understand?  We’re at war, and the enemy is crawling up your leg.  This isn’t a 3-D movie, it’s reality.  They’re here.

Have ours and other nations not been warned repeatedly about the dangers of multiculturalism?  Assimilation isn't, um, exactly defined by what just occurred in Boston.  The religious interfaith thing isn't doing too well, either, unless you don't mind inviting in people intent upon converting you by force or, failing that, killing you.  There is no room for negotiations in radical Islam.

And I would like to take this opportunity to "thank" religious organizations, perhaps especially the Catholics, who assist all sorts of interesting "refugees" and various global detritus in entering the USA.  Even people so valuable to this country that they need lessons in how to use a toilet.  At this time in our history, we need brains and talent imported, not simply the huddled masses -- of which there are no end, by the way.  Some of those huddles contain enemies, willing to be fed, clothed and housed by kind people and nations whom they would sooner kill and destroy.  Then they have kids whom are schooled with a certain extreme agenda.  Good intentions and the road to hell, and we pay for the paving with money, life and limb. 

How ingrained is Islamic terror?  Bad enough for Russia's Putin to converse with President Obama and promise assistance.  Russia knows Islamic terror, and most of that comes from the area of Chechnya.  I remember when Chechnyans invaded a Russian movie theater and started killing children and adults -- and Russia barricaded the doors and gassed everybody inside, even the innocent, because they knew none would survive the well-armed Islamic men and women inside anyway.  Then there was the school invasion by Islamists who killed, tortured and mutilated a school full of Russian kids, barely tall enough to look into the eyes of the radical strangers who determined their fate.

Yet, the USA overflows with hearts of human kindness and those whom, even after Boston, will not see the damned nearly invisible war in which we are engulfed right here on our shores and within the heartland.  Nor is our government telling us what we need to know.  When I posted for readers my Halloween story, "More Than Anything," a few months back, I had thought particularly of Chechnya while conceiving identities for the mysterious two.  Strangely, Boston encountered a mysterious two as well.  Two who were palpable, at any rate.

News reports indicate the younger brother ran his vehicle over his wounded sibling, thus killing him off.  Did he do so to keep his bro from talking?  Did they have an agreement that one would end the other as a mercy killing before detainment and questions could occur?  Did the younger brother snap and have some realization that the radical poop his brother was feeding him was nonsense?  Or did he just hate his brother for orchestrating him into this mess?  Most likely, he was just frantic to escape, no less guilty and no less cunningly radical than the other.

Dunno, maybe I just need to undergo government sensitivity training today, because I'm not doing very well putting up with the Islamic fascist thing, what with Islamic terrorists, radical mosques in my country, the Wahabi sect, the wars and brutality of jihad, Chechnya, radical Muslims, Saudi Arabia's death grip in the USA, C.A.I.R., the determined quest at any cost for a world Caliphate, the freakin' Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, the ongoing murders of Coptic Christians in Egypt indirectly supported by our tax money -- and, you know, here in the USA we sure have a lot of weeding out to do, because the influence of the religion of anything but peace has even, according to some, infected our government and military, top to bottom.  Regrettably, political correctness and compassion have allowed it to happen.  Isn't it just about time to cure this nuisance infestation, starting with the political rats who encourage its existence? 

The late radio talk show host Larry Glick offered a great evening program on Boston's WBZ years ago.  I remember listening in October of 1978 when young Australian pilot Frederick Valentich disappeared somewhere over the ocean in the dark, after expressing puzzlement that he apparently wasn't alone out there, and the last thing air traffic controllers heard was a metallic scraping sound.  Glick delved right into this, a still bitterly unresolved UFO mystery, phoning an Australian journalist for the latest details.  Larry Glick was a real treasure for WBZ, always willing to dial up a competent UFO sighting witness, and he treated his guests and callers fairly.  Away from the studio, he entertained and amazed Bostonians with his other talent -- as a hypnotist.

I wonder what he would have thought about Boston's mayhem?  No doubt, he would have inspired Bostonians to look beyond the chaos to capture the perpetrators, and he may well have encountered callers who knew all about the whom and the what.

Boston's annual marathon holds no interest for me.  All I see are throngs of people clamoring to become first in line for artificial knee replacements, sooner rather than later, and each and every one would say that's overplayed -- but I can only go by what I've seen.  We're not made for such joint abuse  If we did more thinking and less running, we might benefit.  If God had wanted us to engage in frenzied runs, we'd have been born with horse legs.  But I shouldn't complain -- prosthetic knee manufacturing creates jobs. 

So the carnage and terror are over in Massachusetts.  For now, at least. Did terrorism win in Boston?  That requires a yes-and-no answer, and I'll leave it to the faithful to continue arguing the "no" side.  I think "yes" because terror successfully shut Boston down for hours, and it could have been longer.  Additionally, though we may not have noticed, freedom became instantly less free and spying on all levels will become even more ingrained, both in personal terms and technologically.  Two brothers, two bastard brothers did it.  And not alone, not by a long shot, whether via travel or by Internet.  Even the darkest parts of our world have eyes capable of a panoramic view.

Meanwhile, President Obama and his merry bunch prefer to concentrate upon the Second Amendment and all the reasons they can concoct on why Americans should find it increasingly difficult to get guns.  Yes, far better to worry about folks who crave guns for their own safety than to fret over Muslim radicals with bigger ideas.

And, again meanwhile, not a word from the Obama Administration about the long, long delay in the trial of the mass-murdering, jihad-crazed Major Hasan at Fort Hood. 

I'm not sure what we need more right now -- bomb-sniffing dogs, or Obama Admin-sniffing dogs?

Boston.  I'll put my confidence in the good citizens, the cops, firemen and instant-response medical personnel who saved what was left of that horrible day.  Then (groan...) there was the case of the mainstream media who got things wrong over and over non-stop during the dog-eat-dog quest to be first (Twitter is said to be the hands-down information hero of social media during the event). . .and then the "national security" talking heads showing up on TV, who congratulated each other for being on the job after the grim reaper of death and mayhem achieved success and wrote its own history accurately. 

Media giants and government representatives who work for us.  Things they know but won’t tell.  Shameless.  Criminal.  Iran wants nukes, we hear it over and over -- but not a word about Saudi Arabia injecting our society with toxic beliefs and poison people.  Must keep the Saudis happy, and universities sure love the money imported with the thousands of Saudi students who come to the USA, both to learn. . .and to engage in other activities as well.  If they look upon us as morons, it's because we are morons.

Shadows of Benghazi flitted unnoticed across the land just hours after a blustering President Obama threw a nationally publicized tantrum because he didn't get his politically motivated wish to control guns and control us.  Background checks?  Who can predict the future based upon the past?  Who can know everything?  I'm betting there's a ton of highly liberal Bostonians ponying up the money to buy firearms as we write this -- people who never entertained a single thought of A Gun In The House.  That's the variety of gun "common sense" the president should have referenced, not his hysterical milk sop plea as he, with the same vocal cords, refuses to utter the words, Islamic terrorists or radical Muslims.

The FBI screwed up on tracking the older brother?  No, it didn't.  It merely followed instructions from the top, where the Obama bunch has done everything it can to make sure our intelligence agency capabilities are watered down while he praises Islam and would have us all waving and kissing mosques as we pass by.

President Obama needs to be impeached.  Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder?  Persons of interest.  The mainstream media, the Republicans and the Democrats have screwed us to the moon.  The bankers are cozy with the Saudis?  What's up with Glenn Beck and The Blaze (see link) now possessing iron-clad documentation -- along with members of Congress who might care, rather than  C.A.I.R. -- about others involved or at least present during the Boston events AND the (no surprise) Saudi Arabian link to damned nearly everything radical in this country?

We need to find out who did this, promised Obama.  We need to find out why they did it, promised Obama.  Except everybody knew who did it, and why, though maybe Obama himself was truly incapable.  He's into Islamic peace and love and a world which cooperates for the common good.  Meantime, there's a crop of former Muslims out there who know otherwise, and they have written books (such as They Must Be Stopped) to warn the infidels that there is no escape from the Caliphate.  You convert or you die.  The instruments of Caliphate are here and all over the world to see it through.

Boston is cooked and done and liberally progressive, do or die.  Who's next?  We're all next, and next time the perpetrators might know better than to appear like bait before public cameras, and pressure cookers may well be so-o-o-o-o old hat as they proceed with cunning and caution. 
While we anxiously await a follow-up to a lengthy list of foul-ups, the boneheaded immigration bill -- worse than we knew -- makes its way through Congress, and the point is made that we need to know who is here in the country before we grant citizenship.  Well, Boston taught us that we know who's here, and even then we're in danger.  It didn't matter. 

What's it going to take, a nuke?  Bio-terror?  Well, staring those events in the face, at least we can make sure our pals, the Saudis, leave the country safely, as George Bush did after 9/11. 

So now there are calls to ban or limit gunpowder availability, and of course this comes from the usual congressional and gubernatorial mouthpieces wishing and willing to deprive us of personal protection and rights.  Perhaps increasingly unpopular NY governor Andrew Cuomo and NY City mayor Michael Bloomberg will consider banning boats, obviously the convenient temporary lair for terrorist brother number two and potentially for all future terrorists.

A major question is, how long can law enforcement agencies at all levels -- staffed by people with far more integrity than anybody running things at the top -- continue to tolerate instructions to cover up things Americans should be informed about?  The corruption must be dripping from the ceilings by now.  How is it that Administration officials reportedly tell members of Congress, face to face, that they won't provide answers to important questions?  Who balances the balance of power anymore?  Like wet insulation in the ceiling, there's rot at the top, suffused with a few pages from the Koran, and both House and Senate members need to get off their well-powdered asses and start ripping out the toxins.  Yes, elections do have consequences.  So does the self-perpetuating game of Islamic musical chairs involving the Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R. and who knows what else, and we don’t want to play that game anymore.