Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bursting at the Screams

Long, long ago I knew that the UFO was a legitimate scientific mystery -- not because I'm either brilliant or crazy, but simply because the evidence speaks for itself. Now, I, we, wait, we just wait.
In the meantime, all sorts of things other than UFOs concern me, stuff in the news. You've already noticed my frequent rants. Here are some recent snippets:
Israel and boarding that vessel: Hey, good for you, but next time just drop a bomb and sink the damned thing. The video clearly shows your people being attacked on a ship which, supposedly, was cruising along peacefully but was not. And were I you, I'd stock up on a few more nukes (which you never claim to have), too.
A 13-story mosque is being built -- compassionately -- near the site of the World Trade Center, which Islamofascists non-compassionately destroyed with some 2,000 irrelevant people inside: Well, I don't mean to be rude, but when this new thingie is built and requires an address, maybe the Post Office could designate it as #1 Predator Drone Plaza? Impressive!
The World Health Organization: Why are they considering taxing us to use the Internet, send e-mails and conduct financial transactions online? Who do they think they are? You had better call your member of Congress about this one, because they're looking for funds right out of our pockets.
The FCC is screamin' to make the Internet equivalent to a public utility, after the Obama Administration was already defeated in attempts to put more government control on the Web and your freedoms. Beware.
The Federal Trade Commission wants to get into the journalism business, even going so far as to "license" journalists? Oh, this is reallyyyyyyyyyy bad. Caution.
Finally. . .the U.S. is sure itchin' to have Gary McKinnon as a dept. of prisons guest. I wonder if he can avoid that dreaded voyage across the pond by reminding American officials that, even though he lives in England, his hacking activities are nothing compared to British Petroleum's cute incompetent antics, as aquatic life dies by the mega-score. Or shall we be bombing Great Britain shortly over this?