Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recurrent Triangles

UFOs of an apparently triangular shape are frequently described in reports of recent vintage, but the triangle is not new. In early October, 1975 an area 45 miles northeast of Cleveland, Ohio was reportedly the location where law enforcement personnel and others watched two triangles (according to UPI reports).

Laws of coincidence apply here, as it turns out that the patrolman quoted is named Zachary Space. In any case, officer Space received a call between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m. to check out reports of a roughly triangular cluster of green and red lights. "I was looking for something out of 'Star Trek,'" quipped Space. "Off to the west, you could see this light, a red and green glow, moving very slowly. It appeared to stop and there was a brighter white glow. It stayed for a while and then started moving again.

"I'd call it a triangle of lightning," Space explained. "The top point was one strong point of light. It would have to be awfully large to be seen when you're a mile or two away from it."

Space soon met with witnesses who first called in the sighting to Madison Township, and they were joined by another police officer and a newspaper deliverer. The group intently watched two triangles, one in the west and the other in the eastern sky.

"There are high-tension wires going through town," Space continued, "and one hovered over the towers, about treetop level. That's when it glowed white. Then it started to rise and glowed red and green and it went up like a flash -- whoosh! -- like somebody blew a match out."

The witnesses watched as the object ascended, disappeared and then returned. "We couldn't decide whether it was the same one or another one," said Space. "Then we heard more radio traffic. A Lake County sheriff's deputy saw something." Space retrieved a telescope ("not very powerful") from his patrol car and was able to view the object as a triangular shape.

Of further interest, UPI noted that the village police car was equipped with an aircraft landing light, used as a spotlight, and "we shined it at the thing," Space noted.

An observation of one triangular object can be strange enough -- but two? And just when you want to say, well, maybe they were experimental aircraft, we harken back to the high-tension wires. Particularly in the sixties and seventies, UFO manifestations near and just above power lines were not uncommon. Indeed, low-cruising objects often appeared to follow electrical lines, simultaneously aglow with changing colors, as if extracting power from or manipulating the lines in some way -- and because there are on file instances of power failures apparently coinciding with UFO/power line incidents -- it wouldn't be surprising if this Ohio event remained unexplained.