Friday, May 28, 2010

The Mutilation Merry-Go-Round

In a recent entry highlighting Jimmy Durante's 1964 novelty song, "We're Going UFO-ing," I said that humor is often a routine human response to way-out issues such as UFO evidence. In fact, before humor even enters the race, the skeptics and debunkers usually climb aboard to discredit or explain away bizarre incidents and the people who report them. We can look at this kind of response as not a cover-up, but as an all-knowing, fatherly or big brother take-charge attitude among those who absolutely feel it their obligation and duty to get out there and reassure, soothe and calm an anxious public. Whatever seemingly plausible instant explanations can be thrown and are able to stick on the wall of public inquisitiveness -- ANYTHING to anesthetize inquiring minds of the masses -- are fair game.

I don't know if UFOs (or unlikely government experiments) have anything to do with mutilations of cattle and other animals, but a number of investigators have curiously embraced or contemplated a UFO connection since the sixties. Thomas Adams of Texas was on the trail years ago and churned out some interesting documentation, and international researchers have followed mutilations closely, especially in South American countries. However, the person most quoted about mutilations in the U.S. is probably journalist Linda Moulton Howe, who has exerted a firm grip upon these incredibly strange events since the seventies. Yes, she has her critics (you might check out the UFO Watchdog Web site -- see link -- for a few comments about her), but overall I think she has performed some worthwhile work regarding some very creepy things -- mutes being high among them.

The headline shown here hails from a November, 1975 UPI story, and looking at the mutilation situation 35 years later I believe it's accurate to say, wow, look how far we haven't come.
I say that because the article, in a predictable attempt to quote "experts" who suggest or explain away animal mutations as normal, draws heavily upon theories about disease processes and natural predators causing disfigurement, and novice law enforcement personnel too inexperienced to interpret mutilations accurately are also conjured. Even cattle ranchers receive a thrashing, accused of manipulating animal death information in order to fraudulently obtain payoffs from insurance companies.

The peerless jury may still be undecided about mutilations, but one component apparently remains rock-solid 35 years later. The 1975 newspaper story referenced a number of rewards being offered in several states for information leading to arrests and convictions of "witchcraft" cultists or others responsible for animal mutilations. Well, the decades have passed, mutilations continue and their bizarre qualities have heightened -- and still, not one person, not one reward, has been claimed. If those responsible are apparently untouchable, the reasons why lead us to some extremely interesting and alarming speculation. Or, to quote the familiar, some nights just aren't fit for man nor beast -- the latter in particular.

NAUGHTY WORDS FROM A CRANKY AND IRRELEVANT U.S. CITIZEN: Yeah, I know, I'm just a legal citizen and my opinions don't matter a lot to Congress or White House minions and other high-ranking government "representatives" harboring their own untouchable agendas. Nevertheless, I just want to NOT thank the president of Mexico for coming to my country and insulting and condemning Arizona's legislation (essentially mirroring U.S. laws already on the books but, pathetically, not enforced) in reference to illegal border-jumping folks who come here from (and through) his country at will, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and jobs. Hey Jack, we don't need your finger-pointing -- we in the USA already have a president and his associates who criticize and apologize for our country every chance they get, particularly during overseas travel, in order to please world leaders by representing us as a nation populated by buffoons, racists and inanimate douche bags. Further, Mr. Mexican prez, you already know that your country's illegal immigrant legislation is brutal and many, many times tougher than ours. Amazingly, your comments also seem to indicate that we shouldn't be sending your own people back to you -- you don't want 'em, either! How dare you! Well, I just hope you enjoyed the extravagant hospitality and dinner my president gave in your honor (had I catered, the bill of fare -- commonly known in America as a menu -- would only have included soy hot dogs, Spaghetti-O's, string beans and marshmallows for desert) because the American people shelled out considerably more for the festivities than they enjoy in their personal lives so that you could go to bed un-hungry and idiotically outspoken via what delicately remains of First Amendment rights in our land. True, I want my country to help you clean up your country and assist in helping the kind and wonderful citizens of Mexico to find a better life south of our border -- yet, I wonder, just what national U.S. riches did my president promise to give you toward that effort? Surely, you didn't visit the White House -- and Congress -- just so's you could eat and run, did you? And here's more. . .

BEWARE, ARIZONA: I know, it seems like a miracle -- President Obama is sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the borders. . .but wouldn't it be funny (just a thought) if he's sending them to hinder the legal process once the Arizona illegal immigrant law goes into effect? If it does. Seems to me that political Washington geeks of both parties have gone out of their way to do little about the border -- why now? Why now is because "they" don't want the Arizona law put into force. Watch out, Arizona -- there's no agenda like a political agenda. And here's even more. . .

AWASH IN OIL: Before directing fire, brimstone and utter condemnation toward BP and other oil companies, we need to step back and realize that pretty much each and every one of us makes use of petroleum-based products in some manner -- so, in a way, we're all at fault for the Gulf Coast horrors. This doesn't negate the scope of the tragedy, nor lessen the profound meaning of animal life lost, but face it -- we humans are what we are, and that's not a compliment. By the way. . .

TERRORISTS DOING THEIR THING: Our government appears ever more intent upon trying to divorce the word, terrorism from the terms, Muslim extremists, radical Islam or Islamofascists. Distortion of the truth seems to be an ever-sharpening tool used by this Administration, by this White House, and that's just plain dangerous. Just ask the victims of Islamic extremist law -- including Muslims themselves -- who know better. Bad enough that the FCC wants the gov to take over our Internet by decreeing it a "utility," but to try to "re-educate" us into believing that radical Islam just doesn't exist puts us at ultimate risk. Radical Islam is already taking a toll on Europe (incidentally, take a look at Holland), and if our open society ever becomes similarly accommodating, we're finished. As always, beware the lies and beware the enemies within.