Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thoughtfully We Feast Upon Our Own Entrails

Intoxicated into dependence upon the planet's oil reserves? Yes, and here we are, and rare is the man, woman or child who would willingly forfeit daily products of convenience brought into existence via petroleum's wonders.

Look at us. We've finally done it, the big one. Easily accessible oil pockets are all but gone, so now we're into the really deep stuff. We blame British Petroleum -- heck, some simply blame the British, period -- and we blame the industry itself. Well, we're not all British, but we are all BP. We are all the industry. One way or another, we bathe in petroleum every day, and now a world of sea life and habitat is gone, many important aspects probably banished and petrol-euthanized forever. Who is responsible? "They" are. We are they. We are responsible. Who are we? We are the movers and shakers who make things happen. Even these things. Even this Thing of things.

I'm sick to dearth -- yes, dearth -- of talk about alternative energy. It's on the horizon, it's right around the corner, it's here. Okay, so it's here, be it solar, wind, nuclear, water, geothermal or hydraulically-induced cat flatulence. So what? The world will still be gobbling oil up generations from now (assuming we survive our actions, which is always a poor bet).

The current buzz, so reminiscent of decades past, is that we either have or need a BOLD NEW ENERGY POLICY. Is that what we want? Guess so. You know what I want? I want my government to come clean about UFOs with the American people. I want officials to 'fess up about what we know or don't know. Or just admit there's substance to thousands of reports squeezed out over the years with integrity by folks.

Let's acknowledge that some kind of energy is associated with the "phenomenon." Confirm the mystery of the energy, assure the scientific community that the UFO is real and important, and encourage those of appropriate education, intellect or plain old common sense to get out there, consider well-witnessed UFO maneuvers seriously and determine the science-- and the energy forces behind this remarkable enigma. Maybe we'll learn a few things along the way. In the meantime, we just sit by and allow perhaps the best alternative possibilities to go unnoticed.

Imagine all the brain power going to waste among scientists merely because nobody's stepping forth officially to alert a wealth of uninformed government or non-government personnel to concentrate their efforts on the UFO -- a legitimate issue whose hidden charms may benefit us in terms of energy alone. Assuming we haven't brought a UFO to the lab -- or assuming we have -- there remains a lot of known evidence out there, and all those years of meticulous documentation didn't arise out of obscure tales of wow.

Meanwhile, the oil leaks. Too bad truth doesn't do the same.