Monday, January 7, 2008

You Said WHAT, Congressman? - Part 2

In June of 1980 I again contacted Congressman Gary Lee, hoping for new information about his surprising revelation concerning a possible new Air Force study on UFOs (see copy of my typewritten letter). His response proved something of a letdown, for he seemed to back off considerably from his original statement, and now referenced the University of Colorado study and other "ancient history" regarding official UFO interest.

However, I did note with interest his comment about "if" the Air Force has conducted another UFO study (it wouldn't be available yet).

Thus, what started out as a potentially dramatic prelude to a new Air Force conclusion about UFOs ultimately ended up as yet another postscript to a lengthy list of could-have-beens in the UFO arena. I was hoping for more. You were hoping for more.

I intend next time to show you the 1979 response I received from the Air Force when I queried them about their current UFO interest. This, of course, I had done because of Congressman Lee's initial comments, without actually naming him as my source. The 1979 response really doesn't vary that much from previous postings of Air Force UFO "fact sheets" offered on this blog, as you will see, but as an historical reference the USAF response really should be reiterated here in its 1979 version -- and, again, this was a time when they were apparently up to their ears in UFO inquiries from the public (even the cover letter was a photocopy with my name typed in, no personal replies here!), perhaps because of a wave of UFO sightings similar to what we experienced in Central NY. I'll probably offer these pages in three separate blog entries (I have problems when I try to post too many pages at one time), so stay tuned.