Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Face and I

Some of you, "longing" for a more recent photo than the one I shared during the first few months of this blog, will now have your wishes fulfilled and your expectations tarnished beyond repair. Yes, in today's entry I give you . . .me. Why encourage the curious at My Space to drool over these charming images when I can simply post them here for the world to see? Hey, pretty darned hot stuff, huh? Modesty overwhelms me.

But. . .seriously, in way of explanation: The tiny 1968 image is my Air Force basic training photo at Lackland AFB, TX, smile neither included nor expected. The photo portrait from 1970 was made off base, shortly after I achieved the rank of sergeant at Sheppard AFB, TX, though I had no intention of wearing a uniform for the picture that day. The 1972 photo (for a larger and better version, a product of the base newspaper, see my Air Force blog, linked in the margin) was snapped at Moody AFB, GA, where I operated my own physical therapy clinic as a staff sergeant, a rank I attained with only two years and 11 months of service (yeah, that surprised me, too).

Finally, there's a 1990 photo in which, at last, I look almost human as a civilian -- and, yep, gaze your eyes upon that 2007 photo, R. Barrow himself, older, wiser and. . .well, we'll stop there. Anyway, that was my outdoors look, appearing so in touch with those trees in the background that I'm lucky a critter from the forest didn't carry me off and try to feed me to some squawking thing in a nest.