Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cynthia Hind's African UFOs

Like so many others on a growing list, UFO researcher Cynthia Hind is deceased (2000). Her major influence in UFO history was to make the world aware that her native Africa is as rich a place for UFO sightings as the rest of the planet. I did review her book for Pursuit, though the review's original destination had been a great little magazine called Frontiers of Science, which folded whilst the review perched on the editor's desk, just weeks away from publication.

Cynthia's letters from 1982 and 1983 will offer a little of her background and accomplishments, though a few typos will give pause (for instance, that one entry should be Arcturus Books. . .). Her reference to my reference regarding women in UFO research arises from my mention that their prominence in UFO research at the time seemed far outweighed by men, at least in the literature. I appreciated her skepticism about the long-time "contact" story (I never saw the book), and the few words she offers about the African workers' UFO encounter is very interesting.

If not for a narrow band of dedicated UFO researchers scattered amongst the lesser anticipated places of the world, UFO history would truly thirst for knowledge proving that the UFO is a universal and legitimate phenomenon.