Thursday, January 31, 2008

More About the 1956 Movie, "U.F.O."

Readers, as noted previously I do intend to start a separate blog about the 1956 United Artists documentary motion picture, "U.F.O." I still don't know when or where on the Net, but I'll certainly keep you informed here.

I do have a lot of correspondence from the late Tom Towers, who played the role of Al Chop in this obscure film, and I hope to post all of that, in addition to letters from other key participants. Finding things is half of the work, of course. To my amazement, under Towers' name on the IMDB Web site, additional personal information has been posted by somebody about his life. I only posted the blurb about his involvement with the movie on this page which at first offered no other information whatsoever besides Towers' name, and I haven't been back to that page for a year or so. However, when I checked it about a week ago I was surprised to find updates by a person or persons unknown. Somebody obviously close to Towers added his birth date, place of birth, date and location of death, his Army entrance data -- and even noted how tall he was! I left a message, hoping that the updating person would contact me, because it almost seems certain that a surviving family member included the additional data base. But I wouldn't be surprised if a one-time entry occurred and that the mystery updater is long gone.
In the meantime, should you wish to read more about this motion picture, there are still links over at (see link in margin), and all you need to do is type in my name into the NICAP search engine and two separate articles on the film may be accessed.