Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robert, Why Do You Do That Thing You Do?

A question has been raised: Why do I label most scans appearing here with the words, "From the Robert Barrow Collection?"

Well, in basic terms, I do that because I'm arrogant, egotistical, possessive, jealous, self-centered and just crazy about planting my name on everything. It's sort of a male-dominance thing, I suppose. I'm even thinking about putting a tattoo of that little announcement on my forehead, and eventually seeking out all my readers and insisting that you, too, inscribe those words permanently on your faces (yes, they could appear in other areas, but I really want them to be visible at ALL times). I once worked in public relations, and I know all too well the value of publicity and its ability to make the slimiest person on earth look like a god -- um, not that I'm comparing myself to a god (Robert Thor, Robert Zeus, Robert The Goddess Diana. . .yeah, well maybe that wouldn't work so great... ), or necessarily suggesting that I'm out there with the slimiest, of course.

Beyond all of that, I'm simply branding my stock. I have absolutely no problem with anybody showing it off, as long as permission is requested. Some of you have been kind enough to ask, but others -- such as some notable twits in Germany who have seen fit on at least two occasions to reproduce my entire entries on their own blog, translated into German with my name changed to whatever-the-heck-that-means at the top (they will recall that I had "a word" with them twice, leaving the future of their blog in question, depending. . .) -- have not.

But truth be told, I really must thank veteran UFO researcher, historian and author Wendy Connors (see her Faded Discs link), who once sent me some compact discs of material she had converted into digital format from old tape recordings I loaned her. Wendy, whom, incidentally, makes the best-looking CD labels on the planet for the superb historical discs she offers, had labeled them with the phrase, "The Robert Barrow Collection." Thus, I shamelessly admit now that I merely stole the idea from Wendy, offering her no words of gratitude or just compensation at all. Hmm, I guess it's time to say, "Thanks, Wendy!"

So, yes, it's the (okay, make that The) Robert Barrow Collection. Today, it signifies UFO-related documents. Tomorrow -- an entire line of annoying perfumes and after-shave lotions on a skin patch to allow a more direct path to the internal organs, or maybe I'll just put 'em on a stick. Really, the possibilities are endless. First, gotta get that tattoo. . . and thanks for asking the question, I hope this settles the matter :) :) :)