Monday, December 18, 2017

The Rise of Bitchcoin

Breaking. . .broken. . .crashing news:  The New York Times, Washington Post, TV network news shows and other sources are abuzz over a revelation that the Pentagon spent 22 million dollars over five years (beginning in 2007) to fund a secret UFO study.  Well now, if the Pentagon admits to that degree of interest, be assured that far more than 22 million bucks have been thrown at the enigma and this amount, taken together with "black budget" funds, should pretty much nail the belief that government UFO studies have been continuing for decades.  How could they not, considering the possibilities AND pilot-UFO encounters taunting intelligence system capabilities?  For anybody following the UFO issue for years, familiar with inescapable evidence of a scientific mystery of possibly incalculable value, the only "secret" part here is the waker-upper.  Why, oh why must every government UFO research project slip into the secret mode, depriving the American people of knowing about our government's work on this issue?  Maybe the fact that the University of Colorado's $300,000 ("chicken feed" in scientific terms) UFO "study" was a fraud and disaster from the start has a bearing, but please, really, it's 2017 and we suspect U.S. citizens and much of the world can handle the truth -- even if the truth reveals only that governments are trying to take a look at something which seems intent upon looking at us. 

At least one former study participant admits the project was continuing even when he departed, so we further note, therefore, that the assumed five-year window is nonsense.  Indeed, our government has never stopped following the UFO issue.  Nevertheless, we're curious about what investigators learned during the five-year period.  Because military pilot films and photos apparently received the attention they deserve -- with some seeing public release after decades of withholding or "gone missing" status -- it's more than obvious that we've reached a tipping point of sorts.  Then again, how many times have some perched precariously on the cliff overlooking "disclosure," only to fall off and see their assumptions smashed on rocks of disappointment below?  We're pretty sure the main military interest here is weapons intelligence value, as opposed to a friendly alien discovery per the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

The real promise here?  Watch for TV networks to again drag out re-edited or new "documentaries" regarding the UFO subject because the time is right, and these will follow the usual established broadcast recipe favoring debunkers over science, evidence and apt questions.  In the words of the street, they will truly suck.  From ratings to rat-ings?  Get ready.

Bitcoin isn't the only new currency on the block (or on the block chain, for that matter), but some parts of American society currently embrace another device of intrinsic value -- we'll call it "Bitchcoin."

The observant among you will gasp right away, believing that this offensive term might have something to do with women, and you are correct, but Bitchcoin treats men and women equally.  Isn't that what everybody, or some everybodies, want?  Bitchcoin currency, like Bitcoin, continues to trend upward in value, particularly because its growth depends upon the psychological destruction of women, girls, boys and men by people of either established gender -- or, we suppose, by those of contrived genders.  Gender flavors of the day.

In other words, Bitchcoin is about bitching, moaning and complaining to extremes, involving male, female and, yep, revved-up gender benders who mysteriously choose surgeons' cold steel scalpel blades over mental counseling by "professionals" whom generally are a little less mind-conflicted than they.

On several occasions we have asked, what happened to the boys?  Attention overwhelmingly appears focused upon the influence and emergence of young women all over the country.  Just watch the sports segments on local TV stations or, good grief, check out TV commercials which keep the camera lens on females, with boys and men used as backdrops or potted plants.

Our national climate abhors and fears anything masculine that isn't a woman.

That sounds like a joke, but it's not.

Drawing almost from the ranks of utter hysteria, accusations of abuse by men now spew forth from women of all ages.  It's as if a social volcano just blew its top, burning lava gushing forth and obliterating everything equipped with a penis in sight.

OF COURSE there are sexually abused and battered women, but beyond mere accusations are options for gathering evidence or actually progressing to courtroom trials.  Unfortunately, these options are irrelevant in the current atmosphere.  Accusations are everything and fake justice for the accused is manipulated like a fidget spinner.

Whether it is women or men making accusations against alleged perpetrators regarding things that happened long ago, how do the accused defend themselves against what often comprises nothing more than an accusatory word factory?

Yet, it happens.  It's happening.  The value of Bitchcoin is on the rise, and all that one of either gender need do is initiate the bitching.  Get a sleazy attorney of dubious TV-enhanced integrity involved and, well, all the better for Bitchcoin's social value.

Some of us have a lot of time on their hands, life's chores having become less cumbersome over the decades.  We might just be at a point where we're so bored and unattached that any subject which reeks of a group activist mentality quickly and magnetically attracts those who should be part of it -- and those who probably shouldn't.  When flippant and unsubstantiated words instantly effect negatively the lives and careers of folks at every level, something is dramatically wrong.  So be afraid, be very afraid.

The cracked wisdom of Governor Jerry Brown:  Here's a guy who could single-handedly raise the value of Bitchcoin by words alone.  Following Brown's appearance on "Sixty Minutes," in which the governor blamed climate change for the latest California fires, a homeless people's encampment was actually determined to be the source of ignition after carelessness allowed a major blaze to grow and destroy homes, wildlife and everything else in its widening path.  Brown consistently demonstrates that, like horses to water, one can lead a far leftist to facts, but you can't make him absorb 'em.  It's the agenda, you see, always the agenda.

On the same note come the questions that few dare ask -- how many of these fires have the human touch of deadly intent behind them?  Are poverty, border jumpers, Islamic terrorism or any variety of human manifestations possible causes for a majority of these blazing infernos?  Would official sources admit it publicly, thus touching off blind or focused retaliation?

No sonics?  Regarding members of the U.S. diplomat staff and others who sustained mysterious brain injuries in Cuba, there is now talk that sound waves of any nature may have been ruled out as a precipitant.  According to an apparently knowledgeable guest on Clyde Lewis's radio talk show, electromagnetic devices or weaponry currently rank as the presumed culprit, and the U.S. government knows it, demands silence on the part of those affected or investigating, and as usual the American people will be the last to know the truth.  If ever. 

I offered up my old ultrasound theory because this form of energy, too, can cause devastating internal body damage, and if sound can truly be ruled out in the Cuba instances (which seem to extend beyond Cuba?), all the better for determination of the facts.

Omarosa, Obama-rosa, whatever her name, leaves the White House with a little help:  We say good riddance to this scheming staff member who never should have been allowed inside in the first place.  As she throws the terms racist and racial toward Trump, we also see the kind of person who planned all the time to learn what she could in the Trump White House, always intent upon writing about all the "dirt" she could find.  When one undertakes military or government employment, various promises of confidentiality must be signed, so we certainly expect swift punishment, should this disturbing ex-staffer violate her promises.  Hearing what we have of her allegedly disruptive influence in the White House before being unceremoniously tossed out (oh, excuse me, she resigned on her own.  Uh huh.), we anticipate that the value of Bitchcoin just shot way higher.  The only question remaining is, how many lawsuits and how many lawyers will she stack up against enemies she probably helped create all by herself?

Net neutrality exits:  Another temporary victory by the Obama bunch bites the dust.  We calmly suggest of New York's and other states' attorneys general to just shut up, hold your frivolous lawsuits and wait to see if good things really do happen now that government's Internet control has been ripped away in favor of the free market.  If chaos truly ensues as time goes on, that's the time for lawsuits, not now.  The lawsuit thing is all Democrat pap, anyway, for leftists can't survive without the phony necessity to control, control, control.  By the way, during the years before Obama's interference, you may recall, the Internet was working just fine.

Seven dirty words:  The late George Carlin would love this move by the Trump administration in which seven words have allegedly been banned from HHS documents and/or contract proposals involving medical topics.  I vehemently disagree with the Trump folk on this one, if reported correctly, because one cannot simply wave a wand and obliterate dictionaries.  Yes, government-twisted Obama-friendly words such as "diversity" just drive me mad because it doesn't mean what it means when one race is stacked against another or others -- yet banning it seems a fruitless venture.

The word, "transgendered" also requires omission, and I'm not certain of a worthy alternative.  I particularly find the banning of "fetus" interesting, and in this instance alone we surely encounter an homage to GOP evangelists.  With no shame, I have warned again and again that the Republicans need to distance themselves from those who would manipulate government with their personal religious agendas -- yet, here we are.  "Fetus" is a perfectly sound medical term exemplifying an organism growing in a womb, much like a chicken in an egg.  Ouch!  The religious right doesn't want to hear that, instead demanding with obvious calculation that "fetus" be replaced with another word -- and since dictionaries don't offer much of an alternative, one is almost forced to use the word, "baby."  Dunno, maybe the CDC can get by instead with the term, "thingamajig" when the perfectly good word "fetus" is banned by word censors of any political party.  Not the Trump White House's finest decision here.