Saturday, December 30, 2017

As 2017 Exits. . .

Greetings Russian people:  I know you ordinary citizens still love me, or perhaps I'm wrong and only Russian government operatives and/or prostitute spies constitute my audience.  I make this assumption as I watch mysteriously growing readership numbers from Russia.  I'm sorry that Mr. Putin's main rival for the upcoming elections won't be allowed to run (most likely because of falsified charges from his past, but hey, why should things change now?).  Sorry you can't substitute our wonderful Obama instead, because if you like Putin you would absolutely adore Obama, and he might stand a real chance after going through channels.  The primary advantage:  Obama's vast experience in attempting to run a country like a socialist empire for eight years.

Good luck Iranians:  Your country was dominated by a minority of radical Islamic beasts decades ago, and if your current protests can make a mark in dislodging this murderous collection of global terrorists from the power they wield, maybe some semblance of sanity will return.  It's a long shot, especially when it's likely that allies of Iran's tyranny government are waiting to help crush the people's movement.

Friends of climate change / global warming:  Well, looks as though a volcano in Bali blow its top a few days ago, for the first time since 1963 when 1,000 people died.  I guess you folks on the crazily touched/pathetic side might be interested in fining or imprisoning said geological perpetrator, since one little ol' volcano can spew more than enough violating substances into the air, often surpassing in a huge way whatever you're blaming the rest of us for.  And how about that global warming, currently devouring a good share of the United States with extended icebox temperatures?  Wasn't the world's snow supposed to be gone by now? Where's Al Gore?  Must we be lectured instead by famed climate expert of the day --  today -- Elizabeth Warren ?

The United Nations remains intact, but its U.S. funding isn't quite so united, now that Trump and associates have cut our huge slice of the budget pie substantially.  Will U.N. frauds composing a significant share of the voting bloc vote themselves out of the country in protest?

China gets slippery with petroleum:  Spy satellites have reportedly shown Chinese ships unloading oil to North Korean ships in violation of United Nations agreements more than 30 times.  China denies.  Of course. And the artificial islands China constructs in direct opposition to neighboring countries exist merely for their aesthetic value.  And now Russian tankers have likewise been caught filling up NK vessels?  This is pure insanity.

Love him or hate him, the vacationing Dr. Michael Savage made a brief appearance on his radio program Friday afternoon to announce he enjoyed a  dinner with and a couple of phone calls from President Trump during Christmas.  Normally, we wouldn't bother mentioning this, but because Savage discussed with Trump and White House associates his deep, lifelong concern for wild animals and relating environmental issues we are somewhat inspired.  His remarks to Trump that people generally look upon Republicans as crude and uncaring about enviro subjects surely made an impression -- an important point because true conservatives are also conservationists. 

We remain consistently amazed how Savage is portrayed (mainly by the usual media and political suspects, who purposefully seem to ignore his best-selling books) as some variety of monster, when he actually puts himself out there as politically angered with justification and outspokenness, but deeply compassionate about issues, people and animals deserving of his attention.  Savage, unafraid to voice his strong opinions about radical Islam and other unpopular topics, has long been banned in Great Britain, while Islamic extremists and others of questionable repute have almost been welcomed with open arms as England's government (like many Western European governments) seems to heed few warnings about England's steadily growing Islamic influence -- a conquest, in essence.

UFOs:  Now that the UFO subject has been awarded an official confirmation -- of sorts -- we wish the many deceased researchers and investigators who poured heart and soul into keeping the phenomenon out in front could be here to know their work wasn't for nought.  Oh yes, we are well aware and personally familiar with the ridicule.

Playing a coma victim on TV:  An unfortunate, distressing number of U.S. voters endure a constant coma as leftists, of course, but I've been sampling a few TV shows where this character or that ends up in a coma, and on every occasion when they get screen time they look better than the people around them.  I've encountered people in real comas, and I must say, they don't really look as good as actors pretending.  For one thing, the coma actors are always on their backs, never turned from side to side to avoid bed sores.  Nor do we see catheter bags hanging from the beds, almost overflowing with urine like in some real hospitals and nursing homes.

I'm pretty sure I could go on TV and play a coma actor, and because there are no troublesome lines of speech to learn this could be my ideal (pardon the pun) "dream" job.  Oh, and by the way, the contract would stipulate that my acting coma must end with acting death -- otherwise I'd need to speak and impress others playing hospital roles about how I saw gods or demons while I was conked out, and how I was invited to go into a light or something.  Ewwwwww!

Smoke detectors:  Notice how the Christmas season brings not only tons of TV commercials, but public service announcements begging us to have working smoke detectors in our homes?  I was thinking -- if your wish after demise someday is to be cremated anyway, why would you want a smoke detector?  Nature can do the cremation job for free, true?  I know, there's compassion, and then there's practicality.

At year's end, it's customary to review the year's highs and lows or offer hope or something of substance.  Truth is, you already know what happened this year.  As for 2018, my biggest hope is that Kim freakin' Jong-Un and his fellow thugs fall into a giant Venus flytrap, a plant perfectly suited for insect removal, and far more talented than North Korea's monster arthropod. That would truly create a splendid 2018. 

May all of you have a reasonable 2018, even if that means simply avoiding incoming missiles, alien invaders, mysterious government agents, men in black, frogs falling from the sky, nightmares of Hillary as President or politics.